Who is Alden Richards Girlfriend in 2022? His Dating History Latest Updates

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Alden Richards

Alden Richards is an actor, TV host, entrepreneur, and also taping musician. Yes, what you check out holds true: he is multi-talented as well as makes every effort in various fields of career. He was born in the Philippines as well as won the 2019 Seoul International Dramatization Honor, which means he won the most effective star in South Korea.

Alden Richards Love Life

That’s quick details regarding exactly how outstanding Alden is in his career, yet what regarding his personal life and also sweethearts? Does it go as efficiently as his job?

Considering his long lists of ex-lovers, we can not aid yet wonder about the detail of his tales. We will dig deeper about that right here!

Alden Richards Girlfriend Kathryn Bernardo

Very similar to Alden, Kathryn Bernardo was a Filipina starlet. She has starred in several movies, such as 3 words to Permanently as well as Hello There, Love, Goodbye. The latter was the movie where she met Alden Richards.

However, when Alden was asked whether he had an actual thing with Kathryn outside of the motion picture, he mentioned that both were simply buddies. Many people hypothesized that Alden, as well as Kathryn, were dating in reality because their chemistry in the film was too genuine.

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Who is Alden Richards Girlfriend in 2021 His Dating History Latest Updates
Who is Alden Richards Girlfriend in 2021 His Dating History Latest Updates

” Kat has actually constantly been warm ever since. Yet when we fulfill the collection, there is even more to her. She’s extremely good, extremely wonderful, and I didn’t have a hard time heating up to her. She allows me to be nice to her.” Alden mentioned in his interviews for the movie Hello, Love, Farewell.

Both Alden and Kathryn concurred that the chemistry that they had on-screen wasn’t compelled at all; it just came normally therefore simple for them. Unfortunately, that didn’t imply that they were a pair in the real world, though both of them will make a fantastic couple.

Alden Richards Girlfriend Maine Mendoza

Maine Mendoza is a Filipino actress and also tv individuality. She was well-known because of her skilled acting, in which she impersonated Filipino famous actress Kris Aquino. Since then, she was acknowledged as a DubSmash Queen of Filipina, a preferred pattern of referring to back in 2015. Her popularity also has brought her into a national television program, Eat Bulaga.

Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza started seeing each other in 2015 when they were among the actor’s participants on Eat Bulaga Program. Maine Mendoza was introduced as Yaya Dub, who worked to do dubsmash.

In one of the sectors in Eat Bulaga, it was after that known that Maine Mendoza was a substantial follower of Alden Richards. Observing the chemistry between both, followers, as well as target markets, attempted to deliver them as a pair. Followers called the pair as AlDub.

The bond between them was getting stronger when they played together as a couple in a film entitled: Visualize You as well as Me. The two actors had wonderful chemistry with each other. This causes individuals to hypothesize the connection between them was not a plain performance on the Eat Bulaga Show.

To name a few actresses that have been reported to be close with Alden, probably Maine Mendoza is one of the most recognizable ones. Why not? The two have actually been captured numerous times by fans and also on the program to have chemistry greater than friends.

In March 2016, a shock for the target markets, also for Yaya Dub herself, Alden kissed Maine Mendoza on the lips. It was a shock for the audience. Not only was it broadcast on national tv, but it was likewise because their kiss is what the target markets have been waiting for, specifically the fans of AlDub.

Since then, Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza have had a number of moments together on cam where Alden was teasing in the direction of Maine Mendoza. Even the chemistry went better past the video camera when a follower caught both of them having dinner together.

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Who is Alden Richards Girlfriend in 2021 His Dating History Latest Updates
Who is Alden Richards Girlfriend in 2021 His Dating History Latest Updates

However, we never ever had any type of official statement from them that they were really in a special partnership. Richard is an extremely personal individual when it pertains to his love life. He rarely discusses the individual that he’s presently dating. Maine Mendoza additionally has a behavior of maintaining her relationship far from the media.

Although both of them had shared sugary food moments with each other on TV for the public to see, we never ever get any type of explanations originating from any one of them. They were so close, yet thus far.

As time passed, the two made less as well as fewer looks with each other, both on Consume Bulaga Reveals or off-camera. The two were busy with each other’s new jobs as well as work.

The rumor that Alden, as well as Maine, were close at some point diminished after Maine Mendoza had been rumored to be close with an additional Filipino Star, Arjo Atayde. In very early 2019, Maine Mendoza officially announced she has been dating Arjo for quite a while.

Although Alden and Maine are no longer seen with each other, Maine claimed she as well as Alden are still friends and workmates. That means, regrettably, we have to cross Maine Mendoza off the checklist.

Alden Richards Girlfriend Julie Anne

Alden Richard’s connection with Julie Anne San Jose is possibly rather challenging. Both were reported to be close at some time in their career, as well as some obvious conflict between them. Julie Anne San Jose is an effective Filipino vocalist. She is the youngest singer ever before to receive Diamond Record Honor for her album that passes her name, Julie Anne San Jose.

It is vague when did both begin recognizing each other. The two were known as friends.

Among the earliest news originating from Alden and also Julie Anne wasn’t a positive one, though. It is found that Alden Richards unfollowed and also unfriended Julie Anne on her social networks in 2013. It is hypothesized that there have actually been some conflicts between them.

As time went by, individuals and the media began to doubt their current relationship with each other. In a meeting, Julie Anne stated that both of them were ‘alright.’

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Who is Alden Richards Girlfriend in 2021 His Dating History Latest Updates
Who is Alden Richards Girlfriend in 2021 His Dating History Latest Updates

It is likewise verified that Alden Richard, as well as Julie Anne, are absolutely okay by collaborating on a program called ‘Full blast Sundays’ in 2018.

The program brought both with each other again after some disagreement they had previously. Also, Alden Richards was reported to have something charming with Julie Anne San Jose. Both were caught hugging each other. Maybe it was a casual hug, however, the reality that the timing was right after Alden parted means with Maine Mendoza as well as Julie Anne had damaged up with Benjamin Alves, we might presume that they had something between them.

But the report was extremely uncertain, though. Both of them had actually never seen each other in addition to the show. The report has even been exposed by Julie Anne San Jose herself in an extremely current meeting this June 2021. She claimed, relating to the problems that have actually been drifting about, ‘let’s bury it in oblivion since it’s 2021’. She also included that ‘what we need today is to have each other, specifically throughout the pandemic.

Had a Day on A Cruise, Alden Richard: ‘I Have a Crush on Sam Pinto’.

Ten years earlier, some reports were drifting around that Alden Richards was seeing Sam Pinto.

Sam Pinto was an actress as well as a designer. She was labeled the Sexiest Lady by For Him Publication Philippines in 2011. Sam and also Alden started to know each other when they were cast in the same film: Tween Academy.

Regardless of the age distinctions, with Alden was 18 and Sam Pinto was 21, the two reported going on a cruise date. Alden likewise admitted that he had a crush on Sam then.

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Who is Alden Richards Girlfriend in 2021 His Dating History Latest Updates
Who is Alden Richards Girlfriend in 2021 His Dating History Latest Updates

Although they had a fairly glamorous date, Alden described that it was simply a ‘friendly day’ between them. Alden also included that ‘A lot of men would eliminate Sam Pinto for a date!’. It indicates that the crush Alden had for Sam was just an additional star-struck minute for the version.

Sadly, there has been no new news spoken with them after the show had completed.

In 2015, in a meeting with Sam Pinto, she mentioned that she did not intend to be connected with Alden any longer. Both had split their ways to seek their jobs and manage their own life.

Alden Richards Girlfriend Louise Delos Reyes Could Be Reunited?

A virtually similar tale also happened between Alden Richard as well as Louise Delos Reyes. Louise is a starlet and also a model. Alden and Louise were co-stars in “Alakdana” in 2011, “One Real Love” in 2012, and “Mundo Mo’ y Akin” in 2013. The chemistry between Alden Richard and Louise Delos Reyes in these films was so terrific. The followers presumed that the chemistry went off of the camera too.

But again, there was no official confirmation originating from any one of them concerning their partnership.

The reports additionally ultimately drifted off as time passed.

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Who is Alden Richards Girlfriend in 2021 His Dating History Latest Updates
Who is Alden Richards Girlfriend in 2021 His Dating History Latest Updates

In 2020, Louise Delos Reyes was welcomed to the Eat Bulaga show, where Alden Richard functioned as a host. Both were so pleasant to each other. Alden asked just how Louise is doing as well as recalled the last time they both video called.

Yet it is really not likely that something will certainly re-spark in between them. Louise Delos Reyes is currently in a major connection with somebody named Jino B.

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