What Makes Hair Grow Faster 6 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Stronger

What Makes Hair Grow Faster: 6 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Stronger

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What Makes Hair Grow Faster: 6 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Stronger

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How fast does hair really grow?

When you’re born, your scalp already contains all of the hair follicles it will ever have. Just in your head, there are around 100,000 hair follicles. Some of your hair follicles will cease generating hair as you become older, which is what leads to baldness or thinning hair.

The entire growth cycle for each individual hair on your scalp can take anywhere from two to six years to complete.

The rate at which your hair grows is determined by factors such as:


type of hair

general good health

a number of distinct medical disorders

There has been very little investigation into the idea of increasing the rate at which hair grows, and current research is still investigating how hair development is controlled at the cellular level in your body.

Continue reading to gain an understanding of the science that underpins the process of hair growth as well as how to put that information to use to achieve healthier hair.

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The phases that occur during hair growth

The growth of each individual strand of hair occurs according to one of three distinct timetables:

Anagen. The active growth phase of hair can span anywhere from three to ten years.

Catagen. The transition phase, which lasts for two to three weeks and causes the hair to cease growing,

Telogen. The resting phase, during which hair loss occurs, lasts for three to four months.

On the average scalp at any given time, around 90 percent of the hair follicles are in the anagen phase, approximately 1 percent are in the catagen phase, and approximately 9 percent are in the telogen phase. Trusted Source The remaining strands of hair, which account for the daily loss of around 100 to 150 strands, belong to the third group.

Is there a way to speed up the anagen phase of the hair-growing process?

The length of time that you spend in the anagen phase is determined by the length of your hair as well as the rate at which the cells in the base of your follicles continue to divide and differentiate into hair cells.

When matrix cells reach the upper follicle, they begin to lose some of their structure, which allows new hair to form. The shed structure joins forces with keratins to produce hair strands, which then emerge from the surface of your skin.

The question of what it is that causes our bodies to enter the anagen phase is still being investigated, and additional research is required before it can be determined with certainty what may be done to stimulate hair growth.

During the anagen phase, however, there are several things you may do to potentially stimulate healthy hair growth.

The secret to thicker, healthier hair growth

Keratin and dead skin cells are the primary components of hair.

Even while there is no foolproof method to make your hair grow quicker overnight, there are things you can do to ensure that it remains healthy and grows to a good length.

1. Make sure you’re getting enough of your vitamins and nutrients.

Even if a lot of companies sell vitamins or supplements with the promise of promoting hair growth, the results don’t always show up in the mirror. It takes a lot of energy for your body to make your hair grow, therefore if you don’t receive enough calories and specific nutrients, it can have an effect on your hair.

In most cases, getting your vitamins and nutrients from food is going to be the most effective course of action. Nevertheless, you might also consider taking particular supplements, particularly if you have a shortage in one of the nutrients.

The following is a list of nutrients that are often believed to increase hair growth, along with the scientific evidence that supports their effectiveness:

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Nutrient Efficacy Supporting studies
Omega-3 and DHA may work One study

found that a mackerel oil extract lengthened hair fibers and promoted growth during the anagen phase. It’s important to note that this study was conducted on mice; there is currently no credible research done on humans.

Zinc may only affect those with a zinc deficiency Zinc deficiency

plays a role in hair loss, with lower levels common in alopecia areata — an autoimmune disorder that causes hair loss.

Biotin (vitamin B7) may only affect those with a biotin deficiency While biotin is often promoted for hair growth, there’s not enough evidence

to show that it works if you’re not deficient.

Vitamin C unlikely, and only supported by anecdotal evidence The antioxidant effects of vitamin C may help prevent oxidative stress that can cause hair to gray and thin out. However, there’s no evidence that vitamin C directly influences hair growth.
Iron may only affect those with an iron deficiency Iron deficiency is commonly linked to hair loss

. Common signs to look for are hair thinning or more shedding than normal.

Vitamin D may only affect those with autoimmune hair loss Studies have found that people with alopecia areata commonly have vitamin D deficiencies, but more research is needed to determine if there is a definitive hair loss link.

Best OTC Supplement for Hair Growth: HUM Hair Sweet Hair

If your physician determines that you have a deficiency in certain nutrients that can be related to hair growth or hair loss conditions, you may want to consider asking them about the over-the-counter (OTC) supplement Hair Sweet Hair from HUM. This is because your physician may be able to help you decide whether or not to take the supplement.

These vegan candies include fo-ti root extract in addition to fo-ti vitamin B12, folic acid, biotin, and zinc. They are designed to stimulate the growth of hair.

A 30-day supply of these gummies costs $26 and includes 60 individual candies.

Benefits Satisfies your requirements for vitamin B12, zinc, folic acid, and biotin on a regular basis.

After using the gummies as directed over a period of three months, the manufacturer claims that 83 percent of clients had faster hair growth.

The gummies have a flavour that is reminiscent of berries and are very simple to consume.


According to the manufacturer, it could take at least four to six weeks to see results, which at the very least multiplies the price of the monthly supply by four.

If you do not lack any of the nutrients that are included, then it is possible that it will not be effective.

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2. Apply essential oils/carrier oils

You can enhance the effects of your shampoo by adding a few drops of oil derived from tea tree, rosemary, or lime, or you can dilute it with jojoba oil.

In one review

According to a Reliable Source, experts discovered that the health of the scalp can be improved by using these three oils. However, there is not enough research to conclusively state that any essential oil would speed up the rate at which your hair grows.

One another look at it

According to a reputable source, the following essential oils may be beneficial to the treatment of hair loss:

an extract of lavender, chamomile, thyme, peppermint, and garlic

You should try to avoid getting essential oils on your skin directly. Instead, dilution in carrier oil is recommended.

The FDA does not monitor or control the purity or quality of essential oils, despite the fact that research suggests they may have positive effects on health. Before beginning the use of essential oils, you should have a discussion with a trained medical expert first, and you should also do research on the quality of the goods offered by each business. Before putting new essential oil on your skin, you should always perform a patch test.

To illustrate this, take one ounce (or 29.6 milliliters) of carrier oil and add a few drops of essential oil to it. There are certain carrier oils that have even been shown to be able to help hydrate your hair:

coconut \ssunflower \smineral \scastor

Best Carrier Oils for Hair: Maple Holistics Pure Carrier Oils for Essential Oils

Before applying essential oils to your hair and scalp, you should make an appointment with a dermatologist as a matter of best practice.

After getting the all-clear from a qualified expert, using this collection of five carrier oils on your hair may be a fantastic method to give it more hydration and sheen without triggering any allergic responses, which is something that can happen when using some essential oils.

The collection features oils derived from almonds, avocados, castor beans, coconuts, and grapeseeds. This is an excellent way to explore different types of carrier oils without having to buy larger bottles of each one if you are new to using carrier oils.

You can get the whole thing for the price of $24.95.

Advantages Each set provides you with five different carrier oils to choose from, allowing you to experiment with a wide range of options.

They might be able to help minimise dryness and frizz.

It’s possible that they’ll help your hair and scalp retain moisture.


There is not enough data to support the claim that any oils can hasten the rate at which your hair grows.

Some purchasers have mentioned that this set comes with varying amounts of oil in their reviews.

3. Try topical ointments

Ointments applied topically are often suggested to persons who suffer from hair loss since they have the potential to stimulate new hair growth.

The following products have been shown to stimulate hair growth and aid in the treatment of alopecia, often known as hair loss:

Topical melatonin. According to one assessment, it has the potential to lessen the amount of hair that is lost and to speed up the anagen phase of the growth cycle.

Topical minoxidil 5 percent (Rogaine). When used on a daily basis for three to six months, it reduces the rate of hair loss.

Prescription finasteride (Propecia) topical. Androgenetic alopecia, generally known as male-pattern baldness, may benefit from this by increasing the pace at which hair grows and decreasing the rate at which it is lost, as suggested by a preliminary evaluation.

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Best OTC Topical Treatment: Women’s Rogaine 5% Minoxidil Foam

This over-the-counter treatment by Rogaine, which is considered to be the leading brand of minoxidil and is approved by dermatologists, is supposed to stimulate hair regeneration by stimulating the development of hair follicles and protein.

This is a gentle product that may be used once per day on color-treated hair, and it only needs to be applied once. It may be used in conjunction with specific prescribed therapies that have been suggested by your dermatologist.

Take note that Rogaine offers multiple formulations of minoxidil that are marketed to men and women in different ways. In general, the price for a supply that lasts for four months is $45 dollars.


It is packaged in a foam can that is simple to operate and has a dispenser tip that makes it easy to apply it to your scalp.

Minoxidil is widely considered to be one of the most reliable and well-researched therapies for hair growth.

The lotion has no aroma and is mild enough for those with sensitive skin.


It is possible that the product won’t begin to provide results for at least a few months.

There are several formulations available on the market for males and females respectively.

What Makes Hair Grow Faster 6 Ways to Make Your Hair Grow Faster and Stronger

4. Take keratin supplements

Loss of hair is a symptom that frequently occurs. People who are lacking in protein may have poor hair health; therefore, taking protein supplements, especially keratin, may enhance hair health in people who are lacking in protein. In addition to this, not a great deal of information is known regarding the effects that protein, keratin, and vitamins have on the health of hair.

One test-tube research

According to Reliable Source, keratin has the potential to expand hair diameter, treat damaged hair, and reduce the rate of hair loss. However, additional study is required in order to get a better understanding of how this nutrient might help hair development.

Nutrafol Women’s Hair Growth Supplement Is the Best Keratin Supplement Available.

Nutrafol is a popular brand of hair growth supplements, and the company makes separate versions of its product for men and women.

Keratin and collagen are two types of proteins that enhance hair strength and help prevent breaking. Their Women’s Formula contains both of these proteins. Additionally, it is a good source of important nutrients such as biotin, zinc, and the vitamins A, C, and D.

The cost of a 30-day supply of 120 capsules can be purchased for $88.


It is a well-rounded product that provides proteins that are beneficial to the hair in addition to some of the vital nutrients that you could find in a conventional multivitamin. Specifically, it offers:

It is said that the components will target the stress responses in your body in order to reduce hair loss caused by stress.

The company claims that ninety percent of clients see an improvement in the condition of their hair.


If you do not lack any of the nutrients that are included, then it is possible that it will not be effective.

Even if there is just a one-month supply available, the price is still relatively high.

5. Use a topical protein treatment

Protein promotes healthy hair growth and shields it from the damaging effects of chemicals and the environment. According to the findings of a few studies, an inadequate consumption of protein may be linked to slower rates of hair growth.

Instead of relying on supplements, it is generally recommended that you receive protein from the food that you eat. Foods like lean meat and fish, as well as certain vegetables, nuts, and yoghurt, might be considered to be good sources.

Using a protein treatment on your hair may help protect it from damage caused by the frequent application of heat to it for styling purposes. These items are available for purchase on the website.

The Hi-Pro-Pac Extremely Damaged Hair Repair is the Best Topically Applied Protein Treatment.

After shampooing, apply this collagen-based cream specifically formulated for dry hair to help moisturise, strengthen, and prevent additional damage to the strands. In addition, this product helps untangle your hair and protects it from damage, making it an excellent choice for individuals with curly hair.

A single tube will set you back $7.75 in total.


It is touted as a treatment for hair that has been damaged.

Your hair will become stronger, which will allow for more rapid growth.

It is less expensive than other protein hair treatments that are currently available on the market.


It is possible that it will not impart shine and lustre like other oil-based products would.

Because it contains wheat, this product should be avoided by those who are sensitive to or allergic to wheat because of its presence in the product.

6. Caffeinate your follicles

It has been demonstrated that caffeine stimulates the creation of new hair, with women being more sensitive to the effects of caffeine on their hair follicles.

Even though there is a need for additional research on caffeine as a hair growth stimulant, preliminary studies have suggested that topical formulations may reduce hair loss, particularly when paired with minoxidil.

Utilizing hair treatments that contain caffeine as an active element is another possible solution.

The Alpecin C1 Caffeine Shampoo Is Our Pick For the Best Caffeinated Hair Product.

This highly regarded shampoo from Alpecin has a combination of caffeine, niacin, and zinc, all of which work together to give the appearance of thicker, fuller hair.

In addition to that, it has castor oil, which provides both strength and lustre. Even if it’s available in other countries, Alpecin C1 is widely regarded as the best caffeinated shampoo in Germany.

Each bottle will set you back $12.45 in total cost.

Caffeine and zinc are two examples of substances that may stimulate new hair growth.

Castor oil has the ability to impart lustre to hair that is thinning.

It is stated that the effects of caffeine will remain in your system for a full day.


It is possible that it will take up to three months to work.

Some users claim that after using the product, their hair appears better, but they do not observe any increase in the rate at which it grows.

What can affect hair growth?

There are a number of factors that can affect the growth of hair, including:


baldness caused by genes or a history of baldness in the family

shifts in hormone levels

insufficient nutrition some medications, including chemotherapy stress recent weight loss of 20 pounds (9 kg) or more trauma that damages follicles certain diseases or conditions lack of enough nutrition certain diseases or circumstances

The growth of new hair throughout and after pregnancy

Some pregnant women report that they notice their hair growing more quickly during their pregnancy. In the meanwhile, women who have recently given birth could get the impression that they are shedding their hair more rapidly than usual.

When you are pregnant, the hormone oestrogen causes you to have a larger ratio of hair follicles that are in the growth phase. This effect lasts throughout the duration of your pregnancy. After the baby is delivered, your hair follicles will enter the telogen phase, which is a resting phase, giving the appearance that you are losing your hair.

When you should consult a dermatologist about your hair growth

Consult a medical professional if you are concerned about any substantial changes to your hair, including decreased hair growth, badly damaged hair, or any other significant changes. They are able to test for any potential nutrient deficiencies and provide recommendations for specific goods that may be of assistance.

Make an appointment with your primary care physician if you are suffering hair loss that cannot be explained and/or is significant, as some health concerns can be the underlying cause of hair loss. In situations like these, treating the underlying cause of the hair loss may help reverse the problem.

Additional recommendations for promoting healthy hair development

A healthy lifestyle in general, as well as practises that are beneficial to the hair, are required to facilitate increased hair development. The following is a list of some of the methods that you can encourage the growth of your hair:

Get adequate protein in your diet.

Avoid severe or yo-yo diets and huge calorie deficits.

Choose hair products that are designed specifically for your particular type of hair.

Take rests at regular intervals between using different heat styling equipment.

Take precautions to prevent damage to your hair from the sun, chlorine, and other environmental factors.


Do you have the ability to wash your hair every day?

This depends on the type of hair you have.

If you have dry or damaged hair, you probably don’t need to shampoo it every day. However, if you have oily hair or hair that is straight, you probably do.

Try using a dry shampoo in the intervals between washes if you notice that your scalp is oilier than the ends of your hair.

Does the weather have an effect on the growth of hair?

The data supporting the idea that hair grows more quickly during the warmer months and falls out more frequently during the colder months is, at best, anecdotal.

No of the season, if you notice that you are losing your hair in an odd pattern, you should consult a physician.

How much time does it take to quicken the rate at which hair grows?

This could be contingent on the severity of any underlying hair loss disorders, in addition to the treatment strategy being utilised.

For instance, topical treatments for hair loss with minoxidil might take anywhere from three months to six months to start working, although the time it takes to rectify any nutritional deficiencies can vary.

Does the length of your hair affect the rate at which it grows?

The cycle that your hair is now going through is probably to blame if it feels as though the rate at which it is growing is slackening off as it gets longer.

Keep in mind that the whole cycle for each hair on your scalp lasts between two and six years, but the exact timing can vary from person to person.


The majority of the elements that regulate hair development are outside your direct control on a day-to-day basis.

The most important thing you can do to combat thinning hair and hair loss caused by poor diet is to adopt preventative measures. In other words, make sure you maintain proper hydration and eat a healthy, well-balanced diet.

If you see an unusual or large amount of hair loss, you should discuss the matter with your primary care physician. They are able to investigate potential underlying reasons, such as specific health issues or nutrient shortages.

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