Who is Violet Grohl Everything About Dave Grohl’s Daughter

Who is Violet Grohl? Everything About Dave Grohl’s Daughter

Who is Violet Grohl? Everything About Dave Grohl’s Daughter

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Dave Grohl, the famed founder of The Foo Fighters, is his teenage daughter’s number one supporter. Discover all there is to know about Violet right here!

It is obvious that musical ability runs in Dave Grohl’s family, as he is the founder of the band Foo Fighters and was the drummer for Nirvana, a band that went on to become one of the most successful rock groups of all time. The 53-year-old superstar has amassed a multitude of honors over the course of his career, including being named one of the most influential rock musicians of the last 20 years by Classic Rock Drummers co-author Ken Micallef; however, perhaps one of his greatest accomplishments occurred at home when he and his wife of over 20 years, producer/director Jordyn Blum, welcomed three children into the world.

In an interview with Time, he stated, “I used to tour nine months out of the year, but now I don’t like being away from my kids for more than 12 days.” He was referring to his three daughters, Violet, 16, Harper, 13, and Ophelia, 8. “Everything that I do has been impacted by that. When you have children, you look at the world and your life in a different way. You experience love in a more profound way and perhaps have a heightened sense of compassion.

Although it is too soon to tell if he has been successful in passing on his rock star genes to his younger daughters Harper and Ophelia, it is safe to say that Dave has found his musical counterpart in his oldest daughter Violet.

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The gifted young lady dazzled the audience with her performance of “Hallelujah” by Leonard Cohen as the opening act of the second Taylor Hawkins tribute event, which took place on Wednesday (September 28) in Los Angeles (above). Below, you’ll find some information on the up-and-coming lead singer.

Where was Violet born?

According to IMDB, Dave and Jordyn Grohl became parents to Violet Maye Grohl on April 15, 2006, in the city of Los Angeles. Twelve years later, Violet finally gave the world a taste of her natural singing talents by performing publicly for the first time.

Her first public performance was an Adele cover.

According to an article that was published in Entertainment Weekly in 2018, Violet and her father worked together on a cover of Adele’s song “When We Were Young” that was performed at a benefit performance for the UCSF Benioff Children’s Hospitals. Violet, who was only thirteen at the time, stunned the crowds with her remarkable range and control. The British vocalist who won a Grammy is a very difficult act to imitate.

Violet rocked out on stage at Lollapalooza.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Violet took over lead vocals for a portion of the Foo Fighters concert during the festival Lollapalooza in the month of August. According to NME, Violet performed at the annual Heaven Gala charity performance hosted by The Art of Elysium in January 2020 alongside her father and the other two Nirvana band members still active at the time, Krist Novoselic and Pat Smear.

She belted out Amy Winehouse to celebrate Hannukah.

The prodigy’s rendition of the late great Amy Winehouse’s song “Take the Box” was featured in a video that was produced by her rock icon father for his second annual Hanukkah Sessions series. This series commemorates the Festival of Lights with covers by Jewish artists. Violet attended the celebration and blew everyone away with her rendition of the song from Amy’s debut album, which was accompanied by a full band and featured her father on drums.

Violet paid respect with song at the Taylor Hawkins Tribute concert.

In more recent times, Violet has contributed her sweet tones to a concert that was held in memory of Dave’s late bandmate Taylor Hawkins. Dave brought Violet to the mike after introducing the band that consisted of himself, Alain Johannes, Jason Falkner, and Chris Chaney. According to the publication, Dave described Violet as “the only person I know who can legitimately sing a Jeff Buckley song.” After that, Violet sang her own versions of Jeff’s songs “Last Goodbye” and “Grace,” which left the audience in awe.

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