Who is Vini Raman Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Family, Height, Profession, Nationality & More

Who is Vini Raman? Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Family, Height, Profession, Nationality & More

Who is Vini Raman? Wiki, Biography, Age, Husband, Family, Height, Profession, Nationality & More

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Vini Raman is a public figure who rose to prominence in the media as a result of the success of Australian cricket player Glenn Maxwell. Vini Raman was born on March 3, 1993, and she is currently 26 years old. She has been spotted alongside Maxwell at a variety of cricket tournaments on numerous occasions. And now, in the month of February 2022, the news that is making many people in India and Australia shocked is related to the wedding of Vini and Glenn. Yes, your favorite cricket player will soon be tying the knot with his longtime lover of Indian ancestry, Miss Vini.

The marriage card of this pair, which was printed in Tamil, has gone viral on the internet, and as a result, the story about them has recently become quite popular. And a growing number of cricket fans are becoming interested in learning more about his wife. As a result, we are here to provide some information regarding Vine’s childhood in addition to disclosing all of the facts associated with Glenn and Vini. So keep reading.

Vini Raman’s Biography

Vini Raman is a lovely young lady who hails from India, but she was actually born in Melbourne, in the country of Australia. Due to the fact that her parents had moved there prior to the turn of the century, she has spent her entire life in Australia. She has devoted her entire life to gaining an awareness of Indian traditions while also being familiar with Australian culture.

Only in Australia did she receive her childhood and academic education. We were able to learn this about her via her Instagram profile, which revealed that she attended and graduated from high school and college in Australia. Mentone Girls Secondary College is where she completed the requirements for her degree in medical science. After earning her degree in science, she began working as a Pharmacist in the city of Melbourne shortly afterward.

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About Glenn Maxwell’s Wife – Vini Raman Wiki/Bio

Full Real Name Vini Raman
Nickname Vini
Popular for Her fiance Glenn Maxwell Australian Cricketer
Language English, Hindi, Tamil
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Nationality Australian
Caste Brahmin
Net worth Not Known
Alma Mater Mentone Girls Secondary College
School Name Mentone Girls Secondary College
Education Graduate with Bachelor degree in Science
Age (as of 2022) 26 years old.
Profession Pharmacist
Date of Birth 3rd March 1993 (Wednesday)
Place of Birth Melbourne
Current Residence Melbourne

Vini Raman Family (Nationality & Caste)

The information that is accessible regarding Vini’s family is limited because she has not revealed whether or not her parents are employed. The name Venkat Raman was given to her by her father, while Vijayalakshmi Raman was given to her by her mother. Her ancestors were from the city of Vellore in the state of Tamil Nadu.

However, she has divulged additional information concerning her sisters. Madhu Raman is the name of Vini’s older sister, and she is several years Vini’s senior. Madhu was born in India, but shortly after her birth, her father moved to Australia and made that country his permanent home. Her sister has a nursing background and is currently employed as a nurse in a hospital in Melbourne.

Aside from this, she has uploaded a picture of herself together with her sister’s adorable daughter, who is only one year old at this point in time. A photograph that Vini took of her at her sister’s wedding in Melbourne has also been distributed.

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Vini Raman’s Mother, Father’s Name, Brother & Sister

Nationality Australian
Caste Brahmin
Religion Hinduism
Father Mr. Venkat Raman
Mother Mrs. Vijayalakshmi Raman.
Sister Madhu Raman
Brother None
Husband Glenn Maxwell

Vini Raman Age, Birthday & Zodiac Sign


Birthday 3rd March 1993 (Wednesday)
Zodiac Sign Pisces
Age 26 years

Vini Raman Height, Weight & Physical Appearance


Hair Color Black
Hair Length Long
Eye Color Black
Height (approx.) In Feet Inches: 5′ 3″

In Meters: 1.60 m

In Centimetres: 160 cm

Weight (approx.) In Kilograms: 50 kg

In Pounds: 110 lbs.

Distinctive Features Cute Smile
Piercing Yes In ears
Body Measurements Breast-34 Waist-26, Hips-34
Plastic Surgery No.
Tattoos No
Shoe Size 6 US (5 UK).

Vini Raman Career & Profession

After completing her education in the field of medical research, Vini Raman immediately began working in the pharmaceutical industry. She has revealed that she is a trained Pharmacist in the bio section of her Instagram account; however, she has not disclosed the name of the company for which she is currently working. Aside from this, her future husband had a tremendous amount of success playing international cricket. In the past, Glenn has been instrumental in leading his Australian cricket team to victory in the 2015 World Cup.


However, in 2019, Vini’s boyfriend made the announcement that he is retiring from cricket due to mental health concerns. However, after some time, he returned to the sport and is still there representing his Australian team.

Vini Raman Marriage with Australian Cricketer Glenn Maxwell

On the 12th of February, the actor, activist, lawyer, and author Mrs. Kasturi Shankar shares a post on her Twitter account. It had something to do with the wedding that was going to take place between Vini Raman and her fiance Glenn Maxwell. Kasturi Shankar uploaded a picture of the invitation card for Vini and Glenn’s wedding to her Instagram account.

She also wrote in the tweet that they were both going to get married according to the traditional Tamil Muhurta Patrika. She then shared the photo. She also added that in the event that they did decide to get married, it would either be according to the customs of the Indian Tamil culture or according to the Christian Ritual.

The daughter of Venkat Raman and Vijayalakshmi Raman will be marrying Glenn Maxwell on March 27, 2020, at Vogue Ball Room in Melbourne, Australia, according to their wedding invitation card, which was written in the Tamil language. The card also said that the wedding will take place in Australia.

In addition to this, it is stated that Maxwell is Tamil Nadu’s son-in-law, and that the couple plans to have their wedding in Australia according to Hindu rituals.

Vini Raman and Maxwell love story

The events of Maxwell and Vini’s love story begin in 2013, when the two of them first started dating after first meeting each other at a Melbourne Stars, BBCL team event.

On a previous episode of the Ordinarily Speaking Podcast with Neroli Meadows, Maxwell discussed and detailed the story of how he popped the question to Vini and asked her to be his wife. He claimed that none of his attempts to propose to Raman were successful, but that he was still able to ask her to marry him in front of her anyhow.

At that time, he revealed that the prospect of proposing had him more anxious than competing in the world cup finals.

It was Maxwell’s intention to pop the question to Raman as they were strolling through a park, but as he later explained, “we went for a walk and everything felt so wrong.” He continues by saying, “I was so certain in my head about what I was going to do, and it all turned to s*** basically,” and then ending the sentence with an exclamation point. Will Pucovski passes by while beeping his horn and waving, and at that moment I think to myself, ‘Well, that puts a damper on Plan C.’ “At that point, I was very shaken up,” Maxwell admitted.


After that, Maxell made the decision to take Raman to a public park in the area. As I looked around, I noticed that there were still children in the area as well as adults walking their dogs, and I saw Vini start to move in the opposite direction. I have the distinct impression that I identified on Google Maps exactly where I wanted her to meet me, and as a result, I became quite irritated and then instructed her to return by the opposite route.

I kind of pointed her in the right direction by saying that there might be a cafe over there, and she kind of turned away, so I got down on one knee immediately after that. But as I was getting down, she still had her phone in her hand, and she must have become anxious and pressed a button because she immediately began contacting me. So, my phone is rattling around crazily in my pocket right now. And there I am, shaking despite the fact that I am holding a ring in my hand. And then she started crying, at which point I said to myself, “I’m not going to take this phone call.” What exactly is going on around here? As a result, she ended up leaving a voice mail that was seven minutes long, and it was the entire engagement conversation. “That is still stored on my mobile device. Therefore, the fact that we still have that recollection of our engagement is very great.

Vini Raman Husband

Already aware of the fact that Glenn Maxwell, an Australian international cricket star, is Vini’s fiancé. Vini is engaged to Glenn Maxwell. Since 2013, the two of them have been in a relationship together. They have not disclosed where or how they initially met one another, although Vini was seen with Glenn for the first time at a cricket tournament in the year 2017.

Next that, the two became engaged the following year in 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic. On February 21, 2020, Vini announced the news that she and Glenn had gotten engaged on her Instagram account. And with that, the couple has decided to tie the knot on March 27th, 2022. They are going to start posting images from their wedding soon on all of their social media pages.

Vini Raman Children, Affairs & Personal Life

Relationship Status Engaged
Marital Status Engaged
Ex-husband Name Glenn Maxwell
Spouse Name Glenn Maxwell
Children Son-None


Boyfriend’s Name Glenn Maxwell
Best Friend Name Name Not Known

Vini Raman Net Worth

Since Vini is only employed in her current role as a Pharmacist and does not operate any other businesses, there is no record of her income to be found anywhere. It is reasonable to assume that her employment entitles her to a regular pay.

However, the amount of money that her lover has is excessive. Every time he plays for his Australian cricket team in an international match, he is compensated with millions of dollars. It is estimated that her boyfriend’s net worth is in the region of $20 million USD.

Facts about Vini Raman

  • She adores spending time with her younger niece, who is the daughter of her older sister.
  • Golf is one of her favorite sports, and she and Glenn often spend their free time together on the course.
  • Vini loves to do swimming.
  • She cannot stop herself from taking mirror selfies on her Instagram account.
  • She enjoys the challenge of having to complete the Mehndi design work on her own hands.
  • She currently has 101 thousand people following her on Instagram.
  • The name of her boyfriend can be found on Wikipedia.
  • She recently wished her fiance a happy birthday by posting a picture of them together on Instagram and captioning it with a birthday message.
  • She adores dressing up in traditional Indian bridal lehengas.
  • Vini enjoys their coffee served iced.
  • She adores sweets, especially cakes, burgers, and fries.
  • Her diet consists primarily of fresh fruit and juice in large quantities.

Vini Raman Wikipedia / Instagram / Twitter

Facebook @viniraman
Wikipedia Not Available
Youtube Not Available
Twitter @vini_raman
Instagram @viniraman
Home Page Click Here


Who exactly is this Vini Raman?

Glenn Maxwell, an Australian international cricket player, has proposed to Vini, who is his fiancée.

What is Vini Raman’s height like?

It appears that Miss Vini has a height of 5 feet and 7 inches.

What sign of the Zodiac does Vini Raman belong to?

Her zodiac sign is Pisces.

How long has Vini Raman been around?

Miss. Vini is now in her sixth year of life and will soon turn 7 years old.

When did Vini Raman make their debut?

Her birthday is March 3rd, and she was born in 1993.

How much does Vini Raman have in terms of their net worth?

She has not divulged any information about her assets or her current bank balance in any public forum.

Is Vini Raman Indian?

Vini’s parents are originally from India, but she was born in Australia to an Indian mother and an Australian father.

is Vini Raman Tamil?

The Vinis come from a background in the Tamil language and culture.

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