Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Release Date on Netflix, Cast, Trailer, and More

Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Release Date on Netflix, Cast, Trailer, and More

Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Release Date on Netflix, Cast, Trailer, and More

Let the war begin!

If you’ve already binge-watched all of Vikings Valhalla’s season two battles and betrayals, the good news is that a third season of the Vikings spin-off series has already begun filming.

The Netflix series has chronicled the rising tensions between the Vikings and the local English, as well as the warring factions of traditional pagan Vikings and those with Christian beliefs, set more than 100 years after the events of the Vikings.

The first season, focusing on the experiences of legendary Vikings Leif Eriksson, Freydis Eriksdottir, and Harald Sigurdsson, began with the St Brice’s Day Massacre in 1002, and the show has the potential to continue until 1066, which many historians deem the end of the Viking age.

So, what happens to the Warriors in the coming season? Here’s what we can expect from Vikings Valhalla season three.

Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Release Date

The amazing trip continues, and we finally have a timetable. The Viking’s spinoff will return to Netflix in 2024, according to reports.

The good news arrived in February 2023, when the streaming behemoth announced:

“In their next chapter, Harald Sigurdsson (Leo Suter), Leif Erikson (Sam Corlett), and Freyds Eirksdóttir (Frida Gustavsson) will go on new expeditions into the alien country.”

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A specific date has yet to be determined. Yet, with each announcement, we move closer, so hopefully, the next one will reveal more precise details. Until then, we’ll give it our best guess.

The first season of the Vikings sequel series premiered on Netflix in February 2022, followed by the second season 11 months later in January 2023.

It means the third season will air at the end of this year or in early 2024. The good news is that the actors and crew have already finished season three, so we shouldn’t have to wait much longer.

Frida Gustavsson, who plays Freydis, just confirmed to E! that the third season has already wrapped filming.

“We shot it already, and it’s great,” she remarked. “It’s fantastic. And I can’t wait for the rest of the world to see it. But you will have to wait a little longer!”

Meanwhile, Sam Corlett, who plays Leif Eriksson on the show, spoke with Esquire about the constraints of filming the first three seasons. He also hinted that a fourth film is in the works, albeit it may not be ready for release for some time.

“I feel so open today that if season four is greenlit, [we won’t film] until 2024,” he remarked. “In between seasons one and two, and seasons two and three, I only had a few months between filming, so there was always a part of me remaining in it. That was both a boon and a curse.

“[My character] had such steely energy that his behaviors would occasionally rub off on me, and I could be extremely rude to my family. But when Season 3 ended, I sobbed uncontrollably. It felt good. I just sobbed.”

“And then I shaved my face clean — which I hadn’t done in three years because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to grow the moustache back,” he continued.

Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Cast

Season two of Vikings Valhalla included more than its fair share of deaths and dismemberments. Jóhannes Haukur Jóhannesson, who played Olaf, Stanislav Callas, who played Jorundr, and Hayat Kamille, who played Mariam, all killed in the season two finale, so it’s safe to say they won’t be back.

Of course, our three favorite Viking warriors will return in season three: Sam Corlett (as Leif Eriksson), Frida Gustavsson (Freydis), and Leo Suter (Harald).

Bradley Freegard will play King Canute, Laura Berlin will play his wife Queen Emma, and David Oakes will play the cunning Godwin.

Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Release Date on Netflix, Cast, Trailer, and More
Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Release Date on Netflix, Cast, Trailer, and More

Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Plot

The conclusion of Vikings Valhalla season 2 sent our heroes down quite divergent roads.

Freydis has embraced her role as Keeper of the Faith and is leading the inhabitants of Jomsborg, one of the few Viking safe-havens. She has made peace with Aelfgifu, King Canute’s first wife, but it remains to be seen whether anyone else will oppose Freydis or attempt to kidnap her young son from her, as Olaf was about to do before she killed him. It has been revealed that he is Harald’s son and Erik the Red’s grandson.

Leif is naturally upset after losing both Liv (season one) and Mariam (season two) in his arms. But, a dying Mariam left him a key to her Constantinople home, which she indicated contained everything he would need for his next adventure, so there is a chance he will find a reason to continue through her bequest.

The actual Leif Eriksson eventually returned to Greenland before heading to North America, so Mariam’s house and contents may perhaps aid support his continued expedition in the series.

Meanwhile, Harald appears to be caught up in a love triangle after learning that Elena, with whom he shared a kiss and some meaningful looks, is set to marry the Emperor of Rome in an arranged marriage. She stated that she might still be accessible for covert trysts, but we don’t see that happening.

What about the cunning Godwin, who has recently married Canute’s niece, Princess Gytha?

While he is aware that Queen Emma, who knows what a backstabbing, murdering man he can be, is watching him, history tells us that Godwin will finally get his desire of fathering a child of royal blood.

The true Godwin was the father of Harold Godwinson, who became King Harold after succeeding Edward the Confessor as King of England in January 1066. Tragically, he was killed during the Norman Conquest at the Battle of Hastings on October 14, 1066, opening the path for William the Conqueror to become king.

If Vikings Valhalla is renewed beyond the third season, it’s feasible that King Harold’s narrative, as well as the later lives of Freydis, Leif, and Harald, may be told in future seasons.

In an interview, showrunner Jeb Stuart said that he has a big plan for the tale, one that might last much longer than season three.

“We’ve tracked a little bit of Leif Eriksson’s narrative, Freydis’ story, and I’ve always been curious how Harald Sigurdsson gets from Harald Sigurdsson to Harald Hardrada,” he says.

“From a historical sense, Harald got forced out of Scandinavia, so these guys become fugitives from that point on, and that really established the pattern because we then had to build the Viking legacy outside of Scandinavia.

“So I knew what season three would be. I knew where season three was going to be because of the cultural shift; I knew we had to get to the New World eventually. How can we replenish Leif’s toolkit, and what does Freydis offer to capture these final holdouts of the Pagan faith?

“And we know what is going on in Europe at the time. It’s therefore thrilling for us.”

If the show continues through season three, Jeb Stuart will undoubtedly have more material. “We may have four, five, and six seasons because the tale is… It reads almost like a novel “He revealed this to Collider. Let’s hope…

Vikings Valhalla Season 3 Trailer

The second season of Vikings Valhalla was just released on Netflix, and there is no release date for season three yet, so we won’t see a teaser for a while. Of course, you’ll be able to view it here when it does arrive.

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