Who is Tom Cruise Girlfriend Is He Dating Anyone in 2023 Latest Updates

Who is Tom Cruise Girlfriend? Is He Dating Anyone in 2023? Latest Updates

Who is Tom Cruise Girlfriend? Is He Dating Anyone in 2023? Latest Updates

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Due to his demanding acting schedule at the moment, Tom Cruise is not currently in a relationship, and it is currently unknown whether or not he is ready to enter the dating scene. The next installments of Mission: Impossible and Top Gun aren’t exactly going to shoot themselves, are they? It’s time for a speedy journey down memory lane because Tom has been in a plethora of high-profile celebrity relationships over the course of his career (TomKat was essentially the Kravis of their day), and we’re going to look at some of them now. In addition, before we get started, I’ll let you in on a little secret that will serve as a spoiler: Tom was one of Cher’s top five best lovers.

Tom Cruise Girlfriend MELISSA GILBERT

Melissa Gilbert, who played Mary on your mother’s favorite program, Little House on the Prairie, dated Tom Cruise in the “olden days,” which is to say, before Cruise became famous. It was in fact such a long time before he became renowned that he was going by a different name at the time. (Yes, you read that right: CRUISE IS NOT THIS MAN’S REAL NAME.)

Melissa disclosed on Watch What Happens Life that when she dated him, he was still going by the name Tom Mapother. She also mentioned that she was “16 maybe or 17” at the time that they first met.

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Melissa also mentioned that they maintained a PG-13 environment, stating that she did not engage in sexual activity with him. And yes, she did confirm that she thought Tom was “a decent kisser.” (It is important to note that the majority of the people on this list are praising Tom for his “talent.”)

Relationship with REBECCA DE MORNAY

Tom Cruise and Rebecca allegedly carried on an “intense affair” while filming Risky Business, as claimed in the tell-all book Revenge of the Nerd, written by Risky Business actor Curtis Armstrong and aptly titled Revenge of the Nerd. On the other hand, it seems that neither Tom nor Rebecca have confirmed that, so let’s move on!


Patti Scialfa, a member of the E Street Band and the spouse of Bruce Springsteen, was formerly Tom’s girlfriend. We are aware of this because of an old feature in People magazine from the year 1988, which states that the two of them dated “briefly” in the year 1985.


That’s right—Tom and Cher carried on a serious relationship. They had their first encounter at the wedding of Sean Penn and Madonna, which is the setting for all great celebrity relationships. However, later on, when they went to a social event held in the White House, they found themselves back in the same location at the same time.


Introduce yourself to Tom’s first wife! Back in 1990, while Tom and Mimi were still together, he told Rolling Stone that Mimi inspired him to become a better actor and that he cared about her more than “everything in the world.” Ironically, this was immediately before they broke up. Additionally, he referred to Mimi as his “best friend” and stated, “I just really enjoy being with her, do you know what I mean? I love her.”


Tom and Nicole first became acquainted while working on the set of the movie Days of Thunder, which is considered a true masterpiece; he was…very interested in her! To say it in the most diplomatic terms! Tom has stated that his initial response to meeting Nicole was “absolute passion,” and he has described the beginning stages of their relationship as being “completely physical.” In all honesty, it is not surprising that their chemistry in Eyes Wide Shut was so off the charts. But obviously, there was more to it than just simple sexual attraction because they ended up getting married and adopting two children together.

Tom and Nicole announced their intention to end their marriage in 2001, noting the “difficulties inherent with conflicting vocations” in the statement that they issued at the time of their decision to end their marriage. I guess that was the early 2000s version of “irreconcilable differences,” which is everyone’s current favorite phrase.


We have now entered the time of Cruise and Cruz! Tom and Penélope first became acquainted while working on the set of Vanilla Sky, and they dated for around three years, which, when seen in hindsight, looks like an astonishingly long period of time. In any case, they called it quits in March of 2004, and a source told People that the relationship had simply “run its course,” and that the fact that they had separate and distance-filled filming schedules had a significant role to play in the breakup.

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When Tom and Katie first met in 2005, they were both like…extremely interested in the media and the attention they received. They were known as TomKat. As evidence, take a look at Tom’s actions on Oprah’s uncomfortable couch, which did NOT ask for that jump. Anyway, these two were married, had a kid, and for a brief while it seemed as though they were going to live happily ever after in some enormous cabin or home, but then they weren’t. After going through a contentious divorce in 2012, Katie was awarded exclusive custody of their daughter Suri.


Even while it has not been shown beyond a reasonable doubt that these two Mission: Impossible co-stars are romantically together, the myth persisted until quite recently. According to The Sun, they officially ended their relationship in June of this year, which means that Tom is currently single and available to meet potential partners on a couch near you.

Tom Cruise Girlfriend

It is rumored that he is dating Hayley Atwell in 2022. But some rumors say she had dumped him. Well, it is still not clear.

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