What is Tom Brady Net Worth in 2023

What is Tom Brady Net Worth in 2023?

What is Tom Brady Net Worth in 2023?

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Tom Brady Net Worth:

$250 Million

Tom Brady’s Salary

$30 Million

What is Tom Brady’s Net Worth?

Tom Brady is a quarterback for an American football team, in addition to being a spokesperson and businessman. Tom Brady’s net worth is estimated to be $250 million. This is a completely separate wealth from the one owned by his wife, the supermodel Gisele Bundchen, who is independently worth $400 million. Tom and Gisele have an estimated combined net worth of $650 million.

With the New England Patriots, Tom Brady has participated in a record nine Super Bowl games, winning six of them. This is the most victories by any player in the history of the National Football League. Over the course of a decade, he has earned the Most Valuable Player title for the Super Bowl a record four times, in addition to three NFL MVP trophies.

Tom made the move to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2020, leaving behind his lifelong affiliation with the New England Patriots. After signing with the Buccaneers, he immediately signed a two-year, $50 million contract that includes incentive bonuses of $9 million. Tom will have made well over $400 million by the time he retires from the National Football League, thanks to the pay he received and the sponsorships he received during his career.

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Early Life

Tom Brady was born into a family of sports enthusiasts on August 3, 1977, in San Mateo, California. His family has always been supportive of his athletic endeavors. He is the only son of Galynn and Thomas Brady and is their fourth kid overall. He is the youngest of four children; his older sisters are named Nancy, Julie, and Maureen. He was brought up in the Catholic faith. As he was growing up, he and his family would regularly attend San Francisco 49ers games. He looked up to Joe Montana when he was a kid. He was a lifelong supporter of both the Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers. When he was a young boy, he participated in a football camp at the College of San Mateo. His camp counselor, Tony Graziani, a future quarterback in the National Football League, instructed him on how to throw the football.

At Junipero Serra High School in San Mateo, where Brady earned his diploma in 1995 and participated in the sports of football, baseball, and basketball, During his junior year of high school, he was promoted to the position of starting quarterback for his team. During his senior year, he produced highlight reels and distributed them to institutions where he was interested in attending. When I was in college in the middle of the 1990s, the process of recruiting athletes was extremely different. If Brady were to graduate high school in the present day, he would be rated as a four-star prospect by colleges and universities. Back in 1995, not many people paid attention to these rankings. Brady chose to apply to California, UCLA, the University of Southern California, the University of Michigan, and the University of Illinois. During the 1995 Major League Baseball Draft, Brady was also selected by the Montreal Expos in the 18th round. The University of Michigan received Brady’s commitment to participate in college football.

During his time in college, Brady spent the first two years of his career as the backup quarterback, playing behind future NFL quarterback Brian Griese. Brady had a hard time breaking into the starting lineup. He finished the 1998 and 1999 seasons having started every game that they played. He established new Wolverine marks for the most throw attempts and completions in a season during his first full year as the starting quarterback for the team. The Wolverines were victorious in 20 of the 25 games that Brady started. Even though he had a successful collegiate career, he was not selected until later in the draught. The New England Patriots selected Brady in the sixth round of the draught in the year 2000, making him their 199th overall selection.


Because of his late selection, Tom Brady is regarded as the player who was “stolen” the most in the annals of NFL Draft history. After that, he went on to become the team’s starting quarterback in his second season and stayed with the Patriots for a total of 20 seasons, which is the record for the most seasons spent as the quarterback for one team in NFL history. In his first season as a starting quarterback, he became one of just two quarterbacks in NFL history to win a Super Bowl. He is the quarterback with the most victories in the history of the NFL, and during his time with the Patriots, he never had a losing season while serving as the starting quarterback. He is the quarterback who has led his team to the most division titles (16) in the history of the National Football League. He holds the record for most playoff wins by an NFL player with 30, and he has appeared in more playoff games than any other player in NFL history. Since 2011, Brady has guided the Patriots to an NFL record eight consecutive AFC championship games thanks to the team’s success under his direction (and 13 overall). In addition, Brady has been selected to play in 14 Pro Bowls, which ties him for the record for the most Pro Bowl choices in NFL history.


Due to the allegations that he was involved in the football-tampering controversy known as “Deflategate,” Tom Brady was given a suspension for the first four games of the 2016 season. The next two Super Bowls were won by Brady and the Patriots, who went on to win all three.

Tom Brady made the surprising announcement that he would be leaving the New England Patriots and joining the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in March of 2020. During his time in Tampa, he is said to rent a lavish custom-built beachfront property that belonged to Derek Jeter at a cost of allegedly $70,000 per month.

Tampa Bay Contract

The contract that Tom has with Tampa Bay is guaranteed to be worth at least $50 million over the course of two years. Each year, he will earn a total compensation of $25 million, comprised of a base salary of $15 million and a roster bonus of $10 million. Under the terms of the contract, he may earn as much as $60 million if he meets a number of predetermined goals. In the end, Tom decided against accepting a greater offer from the Patriots because the money wasn’t completely guaranteed.

Contract with Fox Sports

It was reported on May 10, 2022, that Tom Brady has struck a 10-year, $375 million deal with Fox Sports to enter the announcing booth for NFL games following his retirement. The arrangement would take effect immediately after his playing career ended. This arrangement would not only set a record for the richest contract in the history of sportscasting, but it would also enable Tom Brady to earn a little more than twice as much as quarterbacks-turned-commentators Tony Romo and Troy Aikman. The figure for this deal is $37.5 million per year.

Personal Life

From 2004 to the end of 2006, Brady was romantically involved with the actress Bridget Moynahan. Moynahan stated that she was more than three months pregnant with Brady’s child in an interview with People magazine that was published on February 18, 2007. The breakup between Brady and Moynahan occurred sometime in early December 2006, likely around the same time that Moynahan found out she was pregnant. In the month of August in 2007, John Edward Thomas Moynahan was born.

Brady began dating Brazilian model Gisele Bündchen in December 2006. On a blind date, they were introduced to each other by a common acquaintance. In a private ceremony held on February 26, 2009 at the St. Monica Catholic Church in Santa Monica, California, Brady and Bündchen exchanged their vows and became husband and wife. A second ceremony was held for the couple in the month of April 2009 in Costa Rica. Both their son and their daughter were born in the year 2009 and 2012, respectively.

Transcendental Meditation, yoga, a diet consisting of 80% alkaline foods and 20% acidic foods (also known as an 80/20 diet), an early bedtime, physical exercise, and neuroplasticity training are all part of Brady’s rigorous health regimen. A controversial and stringent diet known as the TB12 Method is followed by him and his family. He recommends that people consume water equal to one-thirtieth of their body weight each day. He doesn’t consume most fruits, mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, coffee, Gatorade, white sugar or flour, gluten, dairy, soda, cereal, white rice, potatoes, or bread. He also doesn’t consume most mushrooms, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants.

Career Earnings

Tom’s annual earnings from endorsements add up to the tens of millions of dollars, on top of the nearly $30 million that he receives from the NFL. Just from his compensation, Tom Brady made a total of $230 million while playing for the Patriots between the years 2000 and 2019. During the same period, he made an estimated one hundred million dollars more via endorsements. Gisele Bündchen’s total career earnings were close to half a billion dollars throughout the same time span.

A minimum of $280 million in compensation will have been collected by him by the time his two-year pact with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers comes to a conclusion, and he will have earned an additional $140 million from endorsements. Therefore, by the time Tom Brady retires, he should have made more than $420 million over his career.

Tom and Gisele bought a piece of property in a guarded community in Brookline, Massachusetts, for the price of $4.5 million in May of 2013. They then moved on to custom building a mansion that was 10,000 square feet in size. They put this home up for sale in August of 2019 for a price of $39.5 million.

Tom’s purchase of a building in Boston in 2006 cost him a total of $6.24 million. After that, he shelled out an additional $11.5 million to transform the nine units in the building into four condos. In 2011, he made a profit of $9.3 million from the sale of the penthouse. He made a total of $8 million from the sale of three of the properties that were still available.

Tom and Gisele bought an undeveloped piece of land in the Brentwood district of Los Angeles for the price of $9 million in 2009. They then proceeded to spend an additional $20 million and create a mansion that was 14,000 square feet in size over the course of the following three years, although they only stayed in it for a little over a year. The mansion, which is made entirely out of acid-washed limestone and was constructed from the ground up, can be found on a plot of land that looks out over the Pacific Ocean. The mansion has marble-tiled bathrooms, hardwood floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, open-beamed ceilings, several fireplaces, a large gym, marble-tiled bathrooms, and multiple large closets. Additionally, the residence has floor-to-ceiling windows that reach from floor to ceiling. The property surrounding the house is exquisitely landscaped, and it features a moat that is stocked with koi, a large pool, a motorcourt that is built out of reclaimed stones and can only be accessible by driving over a short bridge, and a motor court that is constructed out of reclaimed stones. The entire house is powered by solar panels and features grey-water recycling and other eco-friendly features. In addition to that, it was built using recycled materials that were friendly to the environment.

In May of 2014, Dr. Dre paid them a total of $50 million to purchase the property from them. A profit of $21 million is not a bad return on investment. Take a look at this video taken by a drone flying above their former mansion in Brentwood:

In 2018, Tom and Gisele purchased a 12th-floor apartment in a New York City building for the price of $25.5 million. They received $40 million for the sale of this property in December of 2020. They still hold a smaller unit in the same building, which offers a living space of 4,300 square feet with a view of the Hudson river.


Tom and Gisele spent $17 million in late 2020 to purchase a two-acre residence on Miami’s ultra-exclusive Indian Creek island, often known as Billionaire Bunker. The island is home to some of the world’s wealthiest people. There are only 34 total lots on the island that spans 300 acres, and the only way to get there is over a single guarded bridge. The island is monitored around the clock by a private security unit. Tom and Gisele decided to build a new, far larger home in its place, so they tore down the old one, which had 5,700 square feet of living space. The Trump family members Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump, as well as the wealthy investor Carl Icahn, are immediate neighbors.

Before Tom and Gisele bought their property in Indian Creek, they reportedly paid $75,000 per month to rent the Tampa mansion that Derek Jeter owned.


Tom and Gisele are the proud owners of a piece of real estate in Big Sky, Montana’s Yellowstone Club. It is not known what kinds of properties they have in their possession. The property’s condominiums go for $6 million, while the mansions are priced at over $30 million each.

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