Netflix The Order Season 3 Renewal Status and more

Netflix The Order Season 3 Renewal Status and more

Netflix The Order Season 3 Renewal Status and more

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It’s time to return to Belgrave University, where Jack Morton is still uncovering the secrets of the Hermetic Order of the Blue Rose and the horrors that stalk the campus. Although still learning how to wield magic, Jack is gradually piecing everything together after discovering that his memory has been erased. As if things weren’t difficult enough, the Order is also attempting to avert the apocalypse. When fans learn what happens to Jack, Alyssa, and the other characters they care about, new revelations leave them wanting more and hoping for another season of this amazing programme.

Will The Order return for another season? And what happens to the group after Season 2 concludes?

Here’s all you need to know about Season 3 of The Order.

The Order Season 3

Despite gaining a cult following, this fantasy series was cancelled.

Netflix fans, the bad news: The Order has been officially cancelled after much back and forth.

Its destiny was left dangling at the end of season two, but after leaving fans – as well as the cast and crew – waiting, the programme has been cancelled.

It’s a shame because the show’s creators were eager for it to continue, with executive producer Chad Oakes discussing his aspirations for the future during a virtual Comic-Con@Home panel just weeks before the termination.

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“The fan and audience reaction has been fantastic,” he continued. “We’re grateful to everyone who came out to watch. The love shines through in all of the blogs, reviews, and other media. So we’re cautiously optimistic, and we’re hoping for some good news soon.”

Nevertheless, in November 2020, it was revealed that Netflix had no plans to bring the fantasy series back, leaving it without a definitive finish and multiple open mysteries.

“For two seasons I was honoured to work with a great cast and crew on The Order for [Netflix],” Dennis Heaton, showrunner of The Order, wrote on Twitter at the time. It has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my career.

“Unfortunately, we will not be back, but I will always treasure the memories and props I stole.” Thank you for your time.”

His Twitter bio as of December 2021 reads: “Canceling The Order wasn’t my decision.

“Get in touch with Netflix.”

The necessity for the declaration demonstrates how devoted the following has become, with some demanding that The Order be given an ending if not a full revival.

Heaton, for his part, revealed some of his plans (whether true or made up) and subsequently wrote: “PS – Jack was certainly going to raise Alyssa from the grave, but she was going to come back wrong.”

Like, wrong with Pet Sematary. Zecchia most likely possessed her. And she was bringing back a slew of additional corpses.”

The real cause for the cancellation is unknown, however, it is usually due to viewership numbers failing to reach expectations as rapidly as Netflix hoped.

But, in 2020, the streaming service appeared to be more ruthless than usual in its attitude to the future of shows, cancelling hundreds after only one season.

In the case of The Society, a Lord of the Flies-style teen drama about a village of children left to fend for themselves after their parents go missing, the show was given the green light for season two only to be withdrawn from the schedule indefinitely due to the pandemic shutdown.

V-Wars (after one season), Atypical (four seasons), Bonding (two seasons), Spinning Out (one season), Dash and Lily (one season), and I Am Not Alright With This were also axed by Netflix in 2020. (one season).

Seasons one and two of The Order are also accessible on Netflix.

What was going to happen in season three of The Order?

While fans will not be able to watch what happens next to the students of Belgrave University, Dennis Heaton did give them a brief glimpse into what would have happened if the show had returned.

“PS – Jack was going to bring Alyssa back from the grave, but she was going to be wrong. Like, wrong with Pet Sematary. Zecchia most likely possessed her. And she was being followed by a slew of additional bodies “He said.

A fan also inquired about Vera’s magic, to which he replied that she would have received it back.

“That would be a long journey, but she’d get it back. And may God protect us all “He put pen to paper.

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