Steve Harvey Children Meet His 7 Kids, Including Daughter Lori

Steve Harvey Children: Meet His 7 Kids, Including Daughter Lori

Steve Harvey Children: Meet His 7 Kids, Including Daughter Lori

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Steve Harvey is a father to seven amazing children, all of whom have gone on to have their own individual levels of success. Find out more about them right here.

The 64-year-old Steve Harvey is not only successful in his professional life but also has a sizable family. The talk-show host is a proud parent of seven children, all of whom have developed into attractive and successful adults by this point in their lives. Four of Steve’s children are his biological offspring, the result of his previous marriages to Marcia Harvey and Mary Shackelford. The remaining three children are adopted. After that, Steve wed his current wife, Marjorie Harvey, and he ended up adopting all three of her kids. And with that, Steve was formally recognized as a parent to all seven of his children. Find out everything you need to know about Steve’s children in the next section.

Brandi Harvey

Brandi and Karli, Steve’s twin daughters from his previous relationship with Marcia, are his eldest children. The girls entered the world in 1982, and now that they are 39 years old, they have matured into such beautiful women. Brandi has accomplished a lot in her professional life, but the thing that stands out the most to me is that she created Beyond Her, which is a website that focuses on fitness, health, and lifestyle choices exclusively for women. Additionally, Brandi serves as the Chief Change Maker and Executive Director of The Steve & Marjorie Foundation, which is a charitable organization that was founded by Steve and is dedicated to serving the needs of young people. Additionally, Brandi hosts her own podcast and is the author of a book that was released in October of this year (2019).

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Karli Harvey

Karli, who is Brandi’s identical twin sister, also enjoys a thriving professional life. Public speaking and mentoring are two of Karli’s responsibilities at the Steve & Marjorie Foundation, where she is actively committed. In a series of videos on Instagram that they call “Twin Talk,” she and Brandi talk about their personal lives and offer each other advice. Karli and Ben Raymond got married in September 2015, and since then, the couple has been blessed with a son named Ben “BJ” Raymond II, who is now 5 years old.

Broderick Harvey Jr.

It was during Steve’s marriage to Marcia that he had his third kid, Broderick Harvey Jr., who is now 30 years old. Broderick is the proprietor of his own photographic business, which is known as B. Harvey Photography Inc. and his own clothing line, which is titled Need Money Not Friends. Additionally, he is active in the charitable organization that is run by his family. On the final episode of his father’s daytime talk show, Steve, which aired in 2019, Broderick made an appearance as a guest and discussed the nature of his connection with his father. According to Broderick, Steve “wasn’t full-time in my life until I was 16,” which is the age at which he went to Atlanta to live full-time with his father. Broderick added that Steve “wasn’t full-time in my life until I was 16.” In the episode, Broderick said, “At 16, I understood that’s what I needed as a man.” Broderick was referring to his age at the time.

Wynton Harvey

Son Wynton Harvey, who is now 24 years old, is Steve and Mary’s sole child from their marriage, which began in 1996 and lasted until 2005. Ever since he was a small boy, Wynton has had a strong interest in art, and he frequently publishes his creations on the various social media profiles he maintains. He maintains a separate Instagram feed for his artwork and photography, in addition to the approximately 63,000 followers that his normal account has. Wynton also has a profile on the website, which is a marketplace for digital artists and producers to publish and sell their individualized works.

Morgan Harvey

The oldest stepchild that Steve has is Morgan Harvey, who is now 34 years old. Her mother’s name is Marjorie, but her biological father’s name has never been made publically known. Her mother’s name is Marjorie. After Steve’s marriage to Marjorie in 2007, he and his new wife decided to adopt her along with her two siblings. Because she earned a degree in Baking and Pastry from the Culinary Institute of America, Morgan is considered to be one of the most accomplished pastry chefs in the industry. She is the founder of her own culinary company, which is called I Need Sum Mo, and her website features recipes for food as well as beverages. Elle, who is 6 years old, and Marley, who is 1 year old, are Morgan and DJ Kareem Hawthorne’s daughters. Morgan is married to DJ Kareem Hawthorne.

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Jason Harvey

The oldest of Steve Harvey’s three stepchildren is Jason Harvey, who is 30 years old. Yevrah is a luxury brand of footwear for ladies, and Jason is the company’s founder. On his Instagram page, he has more than 37,000 followers. His loved ones include his spouse, Amanda Harvey, as well as their children Ezra, Noah, Rose, and Joey.

Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey, Steve’s adopted daughter who is 24 years old and his youngest kid, comes in last place. Fans probably are familiar with Lori, who is by a significant margin the most famous of Steve’s seven children. She is a model that has been featured on the cover of several different magazines, one of which is Vogue.

However, Lori’s involvement in the past with actor Michael B. Jordan, who is now 34 years old, is largely responsible for her meteoric rise to stardom. The two first started seeing each other in November 2020, and they announced their relationship to the world in January 2021. During her appearance on The Real in September 2021, Lori gushed over the Black Panther star, stating that the two of them “really really complement each other.”

When people say things like “when you know, you know,” I believe that they are speaking the truth. And I believe that truly pertains to our circumstance, and we simply have a great time being together.” Unfortunately, they parted ways in June of 2022. A source close to the situation told People magazine at the time that Michael and Lori are “both utterly sad.” They have not lost their love for one another. They were able to bring out the best in each other and had a lot of fun while they were together.

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