SSSniperwolf Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2022

SSSniperwolf Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2024

SSSniperwolf Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2024

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Alia Shelesh, better known by her YouTube handle SSSniperWolf, is an American YouTube personality and social media sensation. She expressed an early interest in video games and has maintained that interest throughout her life. This is the account of how she came to own her first game system, which is rather amusing. According to her online biography, her father was forced to purchase a Sony PlayStation in order to keep her and her brother from fighting with one another. After she developed into a seasoned gamer, she launched a YouTube channel, SSSniperWolf, which quickly acquired widespread attention.

A popular video game, Metal Gear Solid, served as the inspiration for her gaming moniker. SSSniperWolf is a Call of Duty gameplay and reaction video creator that specializes in Call of Duty gaming videos. She has over 5.3 million followers on her Instagram account, in addition to the 31.1 million subscribers, she has on her YouTube channel, according to her website.

SSSniperwolf will be 29 years old in 2022, having been born on October 22, 1992. She was born and raised in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom, in a Christian household with a strong sense of tradition. Her nationality is British-American, and she adheres to the Christian religion as a result of her upbringing.

Aside from that, she is well-known for having her emoticon appear in major online games such as PUBG and Call of Duty. She was always embroiled in controversy due to her involvement in adult films, the naked controversy, and the use of clickbait.

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The Meteoric Rise to Stardom

Due to her expanding popularity on social media, Alia Shelesh’s YouTube channel SSSniperWolf became a tremendous hit with young gamers, and the actress Alia Shelesh also became extremely well-known. SSSniperWolf has more than 31.1 million subscribers as of this writing. In addition, her other social media channels have proven to be extremely successful. She has more than 5.3 million Instagram followers and a sizable following on Twitter and Facebook, among other social media platforms.

Following the success of her first YouTube channel, SSSniperWolf, she decided to launch a second channel, which she named Little Lia. Her YouTube channel is devoted to providing DIY video tips to her followers. Women-oriented topics such as home goods, soft toys, crafts, and recipes are covered on this channel, which has over 3.74 million followers.

Alia stated that she has always had a strong interest in crafts, as well as video games since she was a child, and that she wished to turn this interest into a profitable business opportunity when asked why she started the second YouTube channel.

The second channel also proved to be a hit, resulting in her becoming a household favorite among housewives. With the success of her second channel, she has established herself as a legitimate internet celebrity.

In comparison to other YouTube-based players, one of the most distinguishing characteristics of SSSniperWolf’s attractive physique stands out among the rest. Another thing that distinguishes her is that she possesses a wide range of abilities and skills. Besides having exceptional gaming skills, SSSniperWolf is a world-class hula hooper as well. When she makes videos, she cleverly employs these abilities in order to attract a larger number of viewers.

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SSSniperWolf was Fluent in Arabic

SSSniperWolf is currently based in the United States, however, she was born in the United Kingdom. As a result, the majority of people would anticipate English to be their first language. There’s no way that assumption could be any further from reality.

When they were younger, SSSniperWolf’s parents traveled all over the world with him. Turkish, French, and most importantly Arabic were among the numerous languages they learned throughout their time in Iraq and Afghanistan. SSSniperWolf’s parents initially spoke Arabic to her and her brothers, which resulted in Arabic being her first language for a period of time. SSSniperWolf didn’t learn to speak English until she was in high school, and while she can still understand Arabic, she finds it difficult to communicate effectively – she has become somewhat rusty in the process.

This upbringing, unfortunately, resulted in a slew of issues for SSSniperWolf, as she was bullied for no reason other than the fact that she knew Arabic. One of the students labeled her a “terrorist,” and she responded by getting into a fight with him. And, unfortunately, this type of mistaken bullying has only increased in frequency and severity since September 11.

SSSniperWolf’s history with Arabic isn’t entirely composed of terrible experiences, however. In fact, her online handle can be attributed to this phrase by her supporters. Given that Sniper Wolf’s moniker is taken from the character in “Metal Gear Solid,” one would wonder why she was chosen specifically. Why didn’t Alia Shelesh take inspiration from another boss character and come up with a username like VVVulcanRaven or PPPsychoMantis to use as her username? Because Sniper Wolf’s in-game background indicates that she is an Iraqi national of Kurdish origin, she is a good candidate for this role. In other words, she is of Arabic descent.

Despite the fact that SSSniperWolf’s fluency in Arabic has waned, her past with the language is still vital to her sense of self and identity.

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SSSniperWolf’s professional life has been marred by controversy. During the month of January 2016, a website named DramaAlert published a news item suggesting that the real business of SSSniperWolf was posting adult movies on a separate YouTube channel called sexysexysniper. This sparked a firestorm of controversy. According to the post, the channel features sexual and racial content that is aimed at humiliating other gamers, among other things. The allegations made by the website were neither confirmed nor denied by SSSniperWolf, leaving her fans to speculate about the true nature of the situation. One of SSSniperWolf’s YouTube stars, Evan Sausage, has been romantically linked to him in the past.

School burnout

Many streamers recount stories of how they discovered college wasn’t for them and either dropped out or failed out of the program entirely. SSSniperWolf has a narrative that is very similar to mine, except that hers began much earlier.

For SSSniperWolf, high school was a source of frustration. Few people paid attention to her, and she periodically found herself involved in physical altercations with others. SSSniperWolf’s life improved significantly after she moved schools, and she even found some new friends as a result. However, SSSniperWolf’s most serious school-related issues didn’t manifest themselves until he was in college.

SSSniperWolf decided it would be a good idea to graduate from high school early in order to be able to begin college as soon as possible. This decision, however, resulted in her being overburdened with homework, and when she eventually finished, she was faced with another dilemma: should she pursue a career as a pharmacist (like her mother desired) or as a nurse? SSSniperWolf couldn’t make up her mind, so she enrolled in classes for both.


SSSniperWolf went to a community college, where she believes the professors were “awful,” which further added to her stress level. She eventually went to another school and planned to repeat history by cramming as many classes as she could into her schedule in order to graduate early. After a year, SSSniperWolf had grown tired of the necessary chemistry lessons – organic chemistry was the primary source of his dissatisfaction. She questioned herself about whether she truly desired the life of a pharmacist. When the decision was eventually no, she decided to pursue a career in nursing. That, too, did not endure long.

She negotiated a bargain with her mother after being weary of college: if SSSniperWolf took a year off from school and could earn more money than she would as a nurse or pharmacist, she would be able to drop out of college completely. Though she had not yet discovered YouTube — and was not even recognized by the name SSSniperWolf — SSSniperWolf had made enough money to warrant leaving school.


Local High School in Liverpool, England, United Kingdom, was where she finished her primary and secondary schools.

Following that, she enrolled at a local private institution in Liverpool, England, the United Kingdom, where she finished her undergraduate and graduate degrees in three years. She has enjoyed playing video games since she was a child, and she has always wished to pursue a career as a professional gamer. She made the decision to use her YouTube channel to demonstrate her gaming abilities when she was very young.

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Full Name Alia Marie Shelesh
Other Name SSSniperwolf
Net Worth $7 Million
Date of Birth 22 October 1992
Age 29 Years
Birth Place Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Profession YouTuber, Gamer, and Social Media Personality
Nationality British and American
Hometown Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Zodiac Sign Libra
School Local High School, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
College / University Local Private University, Liverpool, England, United Kingdom
Education Qualification Graduate


Shelesh’s father is Mr. Shelesh, who works as a businessman, and Mrs. Shelesh, who is a homemaker, are the names of SSSniperwolf’s mother and father respectively.

Besides that, she has three younger siblings, whose names are Paul Shelesh and Bakir Shelesh, and whose name is Ranya Shelesh, who are all from the same family.

Problems with her dad

With the purchase of a PlayStation 1 for his daughter, SSSniperWolf’s father essentially created the framework for her ultimate YouTube fame, but he also took advantage of his daughter’s popularity on occasion.

When SSSniperWolf began her own business reselling action figures in middle school, her parents were happy with her accomplishment, but her father also ordered her to turn over her money to pay debts. Apparently, that wasn’t the only time he took advantage of SSSniperWolf’s position in the company. When SSSniperWolf was 17 or 18, her father decided to leave his work, leaving SSSniperWolf as the only member of her family who earned a large amount of money.

Sure, she had a huge network of contacts to assist her in buying and selling stuff, but the majority of her earnings went toward paying the household’s obligations. The parents eventually returned to work and no longer relied on SSSniperWolf for financial support as their children’s schoolwork progressed.

Her father, according to SSSniperWolf, also took advantage of her savings. By the time SSSniperWolf was eighteen, she had saved up enough money to purchase her own car, but her father had it registered in his name, making him the legal owner of the vehicle.

While he could have just signed the car’s title and made himself the legal owner on paper, allowing SSSniperWolf to continue to be the legal owner in actuality, he appears to have simply taken the vehicle for his own use. SSSniperWolf had to take the bus to and from college and work because she couldn’t drive her new automobile. And no, she did not receive a return for her purchase.

Fortunately, SSSniperWolf is generating so much money these days that even if her father tried, he would not be able to take advantage of her earnings and reduce her profits to any significant extent. In the words of SSSniperwolf, he has subsequently “disowned” her, so it will not be an issue in the future.


In terms of marital status, SSSniperwolf is single. She is not currently in a relationship, however, her ex-name boyfriend is Evan John Young, also known as Evan Sausage, and he is a YouTuber by profession. She is not currently in a relationship with anybody else. When the pair first started dating each other in the year 2015, it was one year later that they announced their split, and they have since remained friends.

Father Name Mr. Shelesh
Mother Name Mrs. Shelesh
Brother Name Paul Shelesh and Bakir Shelesh
Sister Name Ranya Shelesh
Boyfriend Evan Sausage
Marital Status Unmarried
SSSniperwolf Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2022
SSSniperwolf Net Worth, Age, Boyfriend, Family, Biography & More Latest Updates 2022

Physical Appearance

SSSniperwolf is a youthful, pretty, and pleasant female with a hot and wonderful appearance and a charming and attractive demeanor. Despite her slender body type, she has a hot and curvaceous physique with appealing body proportions that complement her hot and curvaceous figure. Her approximate body measurements are 35-24-36 inches in height and width.

Her height is 5 feet and 4 inches, and her body weight is approximately 54 kg. Her hair is a gorgeous dark brown color that is long and shiny, and her eyes are a scorching brown color that is stunning and hypnotic.

Net Worth

SSSniperwolf’s net worth is estimated to be $7 million as of 2022. Her YouTube channels, other social media platforms, and several other commercial enterprises provide her with the majority of her income.

Facts and Information

With over 17.9 million followers, SSSniperwolf has amassed a large following on her principal YouTube channel, which she began in the year 2012.

Forbes magazine listed her as one of the top gaming influencers of the year 2017 in its annual ranking. She likes automobiles and currently owns a Chevrolet and a Mercedes.

SSSniperWolf is a big fan of animals. Kaz, Ashe, and Lumpy are the names of her three pets. Tuna, his canine companion, went away in 2016.

SSSniperWolf has also been on an episode of the television show Fear Factor (Thrill Seeker Throwdown).

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