Who is Sofia Franklyn Boyfriend in 2022 Everything you need to know about her

Who is Sofia Franklyn Boyfriend in 2022? Everything you need to know about her

Who is Sofia Franklyn Boyfriend in 2022? Everything you need to know about her

Internet sensation Sofia Franklyn hails from the United States. She was born on the 22nd of July in 1992 and is a blogger as well as a podcaster. Sofia Franklyn is a 28-year-old woman who goes by her given name. She is a graduate of the University of Utah, where she studied economics and earned a bachelor’s degree. She used to work for a company that provided financial services before she decided to pursue a career in the entertainment industry.

She was unhappy in her role and decided to relocate to Los Angeles. Her first job was with Barstool Sports, where she served as a blogger and podcaster for the company. As a result of the experience, she now has a heightened interest in producing podcasts. The podcast acquired an entirely new level of attraction and mystery as a direct result of the alluring figure that Sofia Franklyn possessed.

Before the battle with David Portnoy on the internet, Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper were co-hosts of the podcast called Call Her Daddy alongside each other. One year after the dispute with her former partner, Sofia launched her own podcast called Sofia with a F and is making preparations to launch a business.

She currently has a lot on her plate, including the COVID-19 epidemic, which is one of those things. In spite of this, a significant number of Sofia’s followers continue to be interested in learning more about her.

During their podcast, Sofia and Alex spent a lot of time discussing dating; however, they refrained from referring to any particular man by name and instead went into great detail about their dating experiences.

In what ways has her romantic life evolved since then, and does the mysterious “Suitman” continue to play a role in her life? Fans have a lot of questions about it, but due to Sofia’s desire to keep the matter a secret, many of those inquiries will not be answered.

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Sofia Franklyn Boyfriend

Discovering the identity of Sofia Franklyn’s lover would be interesting information for anyone to obtain. Many people are under the impression that the actress has been romantically involved with an HBO sports executive for a considerable amount of time now. Peter Nelson is the name of the executive in charge. In addition to that, the couple made an attempt to maintain the confidentiality of the details of their relationship. As a direct consequence of Nelson’s silence, his status as a “suitman” has been reaffirmed.


In order to conceal his true identity, she began referring to him only by the name “Whitman,” rather than using his own name. As a precaution against the illness, the actress and her mother have relocated to the state of Utah.


An episode of the podcast that was released in April provided information to listeners on her safe return to New York after she had been quarantined in Utah as a result of an outbreak.

When she was looking for a place to live in New York, she came across a one-bedroom apartment in SoHo that she was really excited about. However, her boyfriend asked if the two of them could share the apartment.


She had been living with her current partner for a while, but she wasn’t sure if she wanted to continue doing so. She talked about how she wanted to live alone throughout her podcast, despite the fact that she had been doing so for a while. Even if we never find out who he is, at the very least, we can be certain that this man has not recently entered her life and that this is not a new relationship for her.

Sofia Franklyn’s Net Worth

It was estimated that Sofia Franklyn had a net worth of $500,000 in the year 2014. The podcast “Call Her Daddy,” which Sofia Franklyn and Alexandra Cooper co-hosted, is largely responsible for their rise to fame.

The summer of 1992 found Sofia Franklyn being brought into the world in Salt Lake City, Utah. She has a career in both singing and acting. On Instagram, she has well over 300,000 followers, which is an incredible number. After receiving her degree in banking from the University of Utah, Sofia Franklyn obtained employment in the financial industry.

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Contract Dissension

According to an article published in May 2020 in the New York Post, Sofia/Alexandra considered leaving Barstool after a few weeks of being stuck in a rut. According to a story in the New York Post, the females were receiving an annual salary of $75,000 each at the time of the incident.

In addition, the winners will each get $2,500 if the episode in question attracts a viewership that is 10 percent larger than the show’s typical audience size. At the beginning of April 2020, Franklyn and Cooper took a striking break from filming episodes in protest. A source claims that Peter Nelson, Sofia’s lover, and an executive at HBO, managed to secure a new job for the couple at a competing company. Nelson was still employed by HBO at the time of the alleged incident.

David Portnoy, the inventor of Barstool, has indicated that the creators are looking for two new contracts with high six-figure wages as well as the potential to retrieve their intellectual property. According to a person with knowledge of the situation, Cooper was willing to accept the offer, however, Franklyn was not willing to do so.

At some point in time, Sofia made the decision to establish her very own show, which was given the title “Sofia with an F.”

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