Who is Shin Hye-sun Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriends, Ideal Type, Networth & Dating History

Who is Shin Hye-sun Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriends, Ideal Type, Networth & Dating History

Who is Shin Hye-sun Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriends, Ideal Type, Networth & Dating History? Shin Hye-sun Husband name.Do you recognize the actress Shin Hye-sun from Mr. Queen and Angel’s Last Mission: Love? Depending on her acting style, her charismatic aura can be divided into various categories such as elegant, sweet, or chic. She always steals the show! Speaking of her acting, Shin Hye-sun has been paired with a number of different actors, leading some to speculate about who her real boyfriend might be. With the help of this article by Channel Korea, we can learn more about

Shin Hye-Sun Wiki

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Age: 32 years 6 months
Birth Date: August 31, 1989
Horoscope (Sunshine): Virgo
Full Name: Shin Hye-Sun
Birth Place: Seoul, South Korea
Net Worth: $5 million
Height / How tall : 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m)
Ethnicity: Asian
Nationality: South Korean
Profession: TV actress, Film actress
Education: National High School of Traditional Korean Arts
Weight: 50 Kg
Hair Color: brown
Eye Color: light brown
Lucky Number: 3
Lucky Stone: Sapphire
Lucky Color: Green
Best Match for Marriage: Taurus, Capricorn
Last Update: March, 2022

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Shin Hye-sun Boyfriends & Dating Rumors

Shin Hye-Dating Sun’s Rumors: Did She Have a Relationship With Her Drama Co-Stars?

Known as Shin Hye-sun, she is a rising K-pop actress who has appeared in numerous dramas such as Five Enough, She Was Pretty, My Golden Life, and Mr. Queen, among others. It’s very easy to become interested in her because of her natural beauty and type of personality. Shin Hye-sun can be a little reserved at first, but as she gets closer to people, she realizes that they need to have a good relationship!

She made her professional debut in 2013 with School 2013, and she is currently signed to YNK Entertainment. Almost all of Shin Hye-film sun’s projects are in the romance or melodrama genres, and he or she works with a variety of different drama partners in each project. It also leads to her being involved in dating rumors as a result of the chemistry she has with her coworkers and clients. Let us be informed of their identities!

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Shin Hye-sun and Sung Hoon Dating Rumors

Shin Hye-sun and Sung Hoon are two Korean actors. Shin Hye-sun and Sung Hoon are the first two names on the list! They first met through the theater project Five Enough, which took place in 2016. They require such strong chemistry that fans assumed they were dating in real life, which they were not.

In a previous interview, Sung Hoon stated that he had taken notice of Shin Hye-sun in her previous drama She Was Pretty (2015) and wished to figure out how to work with her someday. He was able to realize his dream after they met in the film Five Enough!

They both agreed that Sung Hoon was the “best kisser” when they appeared on the Happy Together show, and Sung Hoon appeared to be completely immersed in his role as Kim Sang-min at the time. The cast members of Happy Together teased them about how they appeared to be a family and even inquired as to whether or not they were dating at the time of filming. Despite the fact that they both denied it, many of us still believed that there was a spark between them.

Are Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun in a Relationship?

Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-hyun are a couple from South Korea. Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-phenomenal hyun’s sageuk drama Mr. Queen, in which they star, has increased their already enormous popularity even further!

Given their participation in the main roles of the Joseon Dynasty (queen and king, respectively), there was plenty of opportunity for romance and intimate scenes between them. They worked together on the drama as well as on other projects, and their relationship grew stronger as time went on.

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At first, Kim Jung-hyun pretended to be nearby, but he had his sights set on someone else. His first move brought him and Shin Hye-sun closer together, and it was because of this that they developed such intense chemistry! Shin Hye-sun and Kim Jung-stories hyun’s were not exactly the same, despite the fact that they both had a romantic relationship with Mr. Queen. Despite the fact that they were the subject of numerous dating rumors, they did not date. Do they appear to be a good match, in your opinion?

Are Shin Hye Sun and Infinite L In a Relationship

Do you recall the love story between a ballerina and an angel that was featured in a K-drama? Angel’s final mission: to find love? Definitely a collaboration between Shin Hye-sun and INFINITE actor L (Kim Myung-soo) that drew the attention of the general public, and especially K-drama enthusiasts! Their adorable chemistry has piqued the interest of their fans, who have given them the nickname #SunSooCouple! Both Hye-sun and INFINITE’s L shared a photo of themselves together on their respective Instagram accounts, @shinhs81 and @kim msl!

When asked if they were comfortable with one another, Shin Hye-sun and INFINITE’s L responded that they were pleased that they were a reasonable match in Angel’s Last Mission: Love. Many people began to believe that they were actually dating in real life as a result of their closeness and interactions both on and off-screen. They were extremely grateful for the euphoria generated by their project, but they were also excellent coworkers and friends.

Shin Hye-sun and Yang Se-jong Dating Rumors

Shin Hye-sun and Yang Se-jong are two South Korean actors. The rom-com drama Still 17 has been one of the most popular series on the air, thanks to the excellent chemistry between the main cast members, Shin Hye-sun and Yang Se-jong in particular! Fun fact: Shin Hye-sun was rumored to be a follower of Yang Se-jong, and he or she, along with her staff members, couldn’t stop talking about him. Fortunately, she was given the opportunity to reason with him while she was still 17!

Yang Se-jong, on the other hand, stated that he chose the drama because the storyline was extremely amusing, and he had heard that Shin Hye-sun would also be appearing. Isn’t it a strange coincidence? Several scenes with each other were filmed, and their adorable chemistry was successfully demonstrated! So, do they have a real-life relationship? Unfortunately, their romance was limited to the series because their relationship was even more of a friendship than anything else.

What Is Shin Hye-sun Ideal Type?

It almost appears that every man feels at ease when he is around Shin Hye-sun, but what about Shin Hye-ideal sun’s variety of male companions? She or he prefers a person with broad shoulders, and she or he prefers a man who dresses in a straightforward manner. In reality, Shin Hye-sun has divided her ideal type into two versions: a bad-guy type for her ideal boyfriend and a good-guy type for her ideal husband.

Shin Hye-sun has a cheerful and bright personality that makes people feel very comfortable in her company, despite the fact that she can be a little shy at times.

Shin Hye-sun Current Relationship Status

Talking about Shin Hye-love sun’s life, she is currently single and has no plans to date anyone in the foreseeable future. She is currently concentrating on her professional endeavors.

Furthermore, the star is notoriously tight-lipped in her personal life and has not revealed any new information about her personal life or relationships. Hye-sun appears to be uncomfortable with the idea of sharing her personal information with the media and the general public.

  • Fascinating Facts and Trivia
  • Her zodiac sign is Virgo, which she was born under.
  • She is a huge fan of canines.
Who is Shin Hye-sun Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriends, Ideal Type, Networth & Dating History
Who is Shin Hye-sun Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriends, Ideal Type, Networth & Dating History

Shin Hye-sun Age, Parents, Siblings, Ethnicity and Education

Shin Hye-sun age, parents, siblings, ethnicity, and educational background are all known.

Shin Hye-sun was born on August 31, 1989, in Seoul, South Korea. Her age is currently 31 years old at the time of writing. Her hometown is Seoul, South Korea, and she was born there.

Shin has kept her father and mother’s identities a closely guarded secret, and she has maintained this secrecy throughout her life. Furthermore, she has an older sister, the identity of whom has not yet been revealed to the public.

When it comes to her nationality, Hye-sun identifies as a South Korean national, but her ethnicity is classified as Asian. In terms of education, the star attended the National High School of Traditional Korean Arts and Sejong University, where she received her bachelor’s degree in Film Arts.

Shin Hye-sun Early Life and Career

Shin Hye-professional sun’s life and career are discussed. Shin began her professional acting career in the television series School 2013, where she made her debut. The series is a continuation of the long-running School series of television shows. Later, the actress starred in the television drama My Golden Life, in which she played the title role. After starring in Angel’s Last Mission: Love in the year 2019, Still 17, and The Hymn of Death in the same year, Shin gained widespread acclaim and recognition for her performance.

YNK Entertainment, a South Korean entertainment company, has signed contracts with Hye-sun (CJ E&M). Autumn in My Heart, a television drama that she appeared in at a young age, was her first acting role. The actress then landed a major role in the films Oh My Ghost and She Was Pretty, both of which were released in 2015. The following year, she appeared in the film Five Enough, in which she played her next role.

In the series, she played the role of a gullible, naively romantic woman character. In the same year, she appeared as a supporting actress in The Legend of the Blue Sea, which starred A-list Korean actors Jun Ji-hun and Lee Min-ho as the main characters. In 2017, Hye-sun starred in the film A Day, which was her first major leading role. After that, she appeared in the crime drama Stranger, which she also appeared in.

Additionally, Hye-sun received a great deal of attention and admiration for her role in the KBS2 drama My Golden Life. In 2019, she will appear in the fantasy romance drama Angel’s Last Mission: Love, which she will star in for the first time. She co-starred in the film with actors such as Kim Myung-soo, Lee Dong-gun, Kim Bo-mi, Do Ji-won, and Kim In-Kwon, among others.

Shin Hye-sun Net Worth and Salary

Shin Hye-net sun’s worth and salary have been revealed. A South Korean actress has amassed a substantial sum of money as a result of her professional endeavors. She has been actively engaged in her profession since the year 2012 and continues to do so today.

Shin Hye-sun is estimated to have a net worth of $5 million as of 2022, according to media reports. Despite this, the well-known personality has not revealed her exact salary, earnings, or assets as of this writing.

Rumors and Controversies About Shin Hye-sun

Shin has never been involved in any controversial issues or rumors up until this point. Affecting both her personal and professional lives, the actress has been preoccupied with them.

It appears that Hye-sun prefers to spend time with her family and friends rather than integrating her personal life with her professional life.

Shin Hye-sun Height, Weight and Physical Appearance

Shin Hy-sun, a 31-year-old actress, has died. She has a height of 5 feet 6 inches and weighs 115 pounds. She also has a healthy body weight of 50 kg, which is considered balanced.

Furthermore, Hye-sun has light brown eyes and brown hair, which contrasts with her skin tone.

Despite this, the well-known actor has never revealed any other physical characteristics in the media until now.

Shin Hye-sun Social Media Accounts

Shin Hye-sun maintains a strong social media presence and is a well-known figure on the platform. Shin’s official Instagram account, @shinhs831, has more than 2.3 million followers, making her the most followed person on the platform.

Furthermore, Hye-sun has nearly 26.5k fans and supporters on Facebook, which is a significant number of people.


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