Who is Sanaa Lathan Husband in 2023 Is She Still Married

Who is Sanaa Lathan Husband in 2023? Is She Still Married?

Who is Sanaa Lathan Husband in 2023? Is She Still Married?

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Sanaa Lathan is a famous American actress who came to prominence thanks to her performance in the film “Now You See Me 2.” She has a lengthy history in the Hollywood industry. She is the recipient of several notable prizes, including the NAACP Image Award and the Black Reel Award, both of which she has received.

In addition to this, she has ties to a large number of attractive men. There have been a lot of inquiries over whether or not Sanaa has a partner living with her. Is she a married woman at this point? No need to be curious any longer, since we are going to talk about everything there is to know about Sanaa’s romantic relationships!

French Montana and Sanaa Lathan Dating Rumors

Many individuals have pondered over the possibility that Sanaa Lathan and French Montana, an American-Moroccan musician, are an item. The rumor has been circulating since 2015, but neither party has mentioned it in any of their interviews up until this point. What exactly took place between the two of them?

In spite of their best efforts to keep things under wraps, French Montana was forced to spill the beans when he appeared as a guest on the chat show “The Real.” He called the notion that Sanaa and he was about to have a child “the strangest rumor he’s ever gotten” in response to the rumor. The rumor is not only that the two of them are dating but also that they are going to have a child together.

French Montana and Sanaa Lathan Dating Rumors

In addition, French commented “lol” and added emojis of a purple eggplant and a water drop, indicating that he thought Sanaa’s picture was very attractive. It wouldn’t hurt to show some public displays of affection on Instagram.

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When the media queried Sanaa about whether or not she was seeing someone, she reacted with reluctance and said, “You know, I don’t like to talk about my personal life. To put it simply, I am now in a dating relationship. However, it was not entirely obvious whether or not the person she is dating is French Montana.

Sanaa Lathan and Steve Rifkind Relationship

In July 2009, Sanaa Lathan and Steve Rifkind began a romantic relationship, and less than a year later, in February 2010, they announced their engagement. Despite the fact that both of them gave off the impression of being in love, the couple divorced in April of 2011.

American music entrepreneur Steve Rifkind is credited by XXL magazine with being “responsible for breaking in some of the hip-biggest hop’s talent in his 25 years in the business.” Rifkind has been active in the music industry for the past 25 years. That right there is a very big thing.

When they were together, however, things did not go as easily as they had anticipated they would. There were a lot of people who voiced their displeasure with this relationship and questioned whether or not the two of them even belonged together. That started with the report that Steve Rifkind had only used black women for sexual purposes, including Sanaa Lathan, and the source said it was “simply because he can.”.

“He’s a pretty shady character. He has relationships with a number of black ladies. That’s just the way he does things.” One more comment came from a trustworthy source

The fact that Steve was a cheater is revealed by several of the sources as well. This disagreement began because, prior to beginning his relationship with Sanaa, he continued to date his ex-girlfriend Sari Baez while he was married to Sanaa at the same time.

Sanaa Lathan and Steve Rifkind Relationship

People speculated that their relationship ended due to Steve’s extramarital affairs, despite the fact that there are no direct sources that explain why they split up (again).

Taking a Selfie in Tyrese Gibson’s House: Were They dating?

Tyrese Gibson, an extremely well-known American actor, was Sanaa Lathan’s boyfriend for close to two years throughout their time together. The rumor first surfaced in 2012, however, they did not publicly confirm their relationship until 2014. The Cheesecake Factory in Topanga, California served as the backdrop for their very first photo together as a couple. After that, the two of them walked together to the vehicle.

It was not the only time that they had spent time together. According to TMZ, the two attended supper at Pizzeria Mozza in Hollywood on the previous Monday before drawing attention to themselves at Topanga on the following Wednesday.

Sanaa was more outspoken in showing off their relationship, despite the fact that Tyrese Gibson had not commented on the news in any way to either confirm or reject it. In spite of the fact that Tyrese courteously declined to answer the question regarding Sanaa, the latter posted a picture of herself in Tyrese’s home on Twitter, which, as one might expect, attracted a lot of attention.

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Sanaa took a picture of her while she was dressed in her adorable black ripped pants and a white shirt. The backdrop of the picture looks vaguely familiar to me. It was Tyrese’s residence all along, as it turned out.

However, the information was not consistent across all of the sources. Even though a lot of people thought they were dating, some members of the media said that it was only a rumor, and the fact that they posted images in his residence doesn’t prove that they were dating. We cannot be one hundred percent certain about that because neither Tyrese nor Sanaa has provided any confirmation about it.

Sanaa Lathan Dated Adewale Ogunleye for Four Years

Adewale Ogunleye is known for his time spent on the football field. He was a member of the Chicago Bears and the Houston Texans during his eleven seasons in the National Football League. He began dating Sanaa Lathan in 2005 and ended their relationship in 2009 (wow, that’s a fairly long time).

As soon as they ended their relationship, Adewale announced that he had a relationship with Kelis. It seems as though he had always had a penchant for a beautiful Hollywood actress.

Sanaa Lathan and Boris Koedjoe Relationship

There is not a great deal of information regarding these two that can be found on the internet. I have no idea how the relationship of four years could have ended so suddenly, nor how Adewale could have moved on so quickly. However, following the end of her relationship with Adewale, Sanaa did not date anyone else for an entire three years. After that, the rumor concerning Tyrese Gibson and her crazy adventure with Steve Rifkind began to spread.

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Sanaa rarely brings up the subject of her romantic relationships. When it comes to divulging the details of her romantic history, she is notoriously reticent. Does that imply that things in her relationship were never easy and smooth?

Dating Another Football Player: Terrell Owens

It would appear that Sanaa had a thing for football players during that time period. She dated retired American football wide receiver Terrell Owens, also known by his nickname Too, prior to beginning her relationship with Adewale Ogunleye. Owens played in the National Football League for a total of 16 seasons.

However, Sanaa and Terrell were only together for a short period of time—their relationship began in 2006 and ended in the same year. They had their initial encounter at the ESPY Awards, and shortly after that, they made their first public appearance together. Additionally, Sanaa was seen paying a visit to Terrell at the Cowboys training camp in Oxnard, which is located in the state of California. The two seemed completely smitten with one another and didn’t mind displaying some public displays of affection for one another.

The other thing that Sanaa liked to do was drop a “clue” or a “subtle indicator” about who she would date at the given time. She never reveals the identity of the guy who she might be close with, but she always says something to “hint” at who it might be. Everyone knows that Sanaa is dating someone “who may or may not be in the business,” as she has told everyone.

The Chemistry with Omar Epps Didn’t Only Happen Onscreen

Omar Epps is an American actor who co-starred with Sanaa in the 2000 film “Love & Basketball.” Sanaa is also an actress. The moviegoers said that Omar and Sanaa’s acting comes across as “natural,” which garnered them a lot of praise and respect for the chemistry that they shared in the film. It would appear that the chemistry between the actors was not limited to the screen.

During the time that they were filming “Love & Basketball,” Omar and Sanaa were dating. That clarifies a great deal! Nevertheless, at the time, only Prince Brythwood was aware that they were dating back then. Because the two did not want their relationship to interfere with the production of the film, they made every effort to keep it a secret. They didn’t want anything to steal the spotlight from the movie, therefore they decided against it.

She stated that she was quite anxious about how her romantic relationship would impact the filming process in an interview that she gave to “Buzzfeed.” People probably wouldn’t care even if they discussed it while they were filming because they already know about it.

The images they took of themselves together at various film festivals quickly became everyone’s favourite. They were innocent and delightful. Their photographs said volumes about the nature of their relationship, despite the fact that they didn’t reveal anything lot about it in public.

It is unknown when or why they split up, however reputable sources have said that they were only together for a period of time that was less than two years. They have stayed close friends up to this point, despite the fact that Omar is now happily married and Sanaa is just as stunning as she has always been.

Sanaa Lathan and Boris Koedjoe Relationship

Boris Kodjoe is a well-known Austrian-American actor, model, and producer. He was born in the United States. Even though he worked beside Sanaa on the set of “Brown Sugar,” he did not first come into contact with her there. After they had broken up, they continued to work together in the film industry. In 1993, they embarked on a dating relationship that lasted for only a few years until it ended. Despite this, they both maintained a highly professional demeanor. Before the publication of “Brown Sugar,” their fans had no idea that the two had previously been romantically involved.

Sanaa Lathan and Boris Koedjoe Relationship


Even though Bories Kodjoe appeared to be a nice and well-mannered guy, he was unable to win Sanaa over for Omar Epps. There was a lack of transparency on the circumstances surrounding their breakup as well as the duration of their relationship. We are aware of the fact that Boris and Sanaa have maintained their friendship up until the present time.

The Rumor with Denzel Washington Got Pretty Bad

Sanaa co-starred with the American actor Denzel Washington in the film “Out of Time.” Sanaa is also an actress. The assertion that Denzel and Sanaa were “more than friends” sparked a firestorm of controversy among many people.

On the other hand, Sanaa categorically rejected the assertion in one of her interviews this time:

“(The story) began as a result of people misinterpreting a love scene in the film that featured Denzel. They believed that it was based on their own experiences. They told my mother that I was pregnant with Denzel’s child, and other people were telling her that I was having his baby. It’s a source of frustration.” Wow, it is really chilling to think about!

It is now quite evident that the only thing that Sanaa Lathan and Denzel Washington were doing on film was having sexual relations.

Sanaa Lathan Husband

She is still single and not married to anyone but we hope she can find herself a good husband.

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