Radhe Maa Age, Husband, Net worth, Height, Family, Biography & Facts Latest Updates 2022

Radhe Maa Age, Husband, Net worth, Height, Family, Biography & Facts Latest Updates 2022

Radhe Maa Age, Husband, Net worth, Height, Family, Biography & Facts Latest Updates 2022

Radhe Maa, also known as Sukhvinder Kaur (Hindi: born April 4, 1965), is a very well-known Indian spiritual personality, Godwoman, philanthropist, and businesswoman. She was born in Dorangala village, which is located in the Gurdaspur district of the Punjab region of India.

She is well-known all around the world for the talks she has given and the miracles she has performed. There are a great number of devotees of Radhe Maa in India as well as in other nations. In addition to this, many well-known Bollywood celebrities, such as the director Subhash Ghai, are devoted followers of Shri Radhe Maa.

Everyone who worships Radhe Maa is under the impression that she is an incarnation of the goddess Durga. The most well-known things that Radhe Maa produces are her jagran and chowki, which are sold all over the world. In the year 2020, there were rumors floating around that she would be one of the contestants on a famous season of a reality television show called “Bigg Boss 14”.

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Real Full Birth Name Sukhvinder Kaur (सुखविंदर कौर).
Nickname Radhe Maa (राधे मां).
Profession Spiritual Personality, Godwoman, and Entrepreneur.
Famous for as an Indian Godwoman.
Age (How old, as of 2020) 51-55 years old.
Date of Birth 4 April 1965 (Sunday) or 3 March 1969 (Monday).
Birthplace/Hometown Dorangala, Gurdaspur, Punjab, India.
Nationality Indian.
Sexuality (Gay or Lesbian) Straight.
Gender Female.
Caste Kaur.
Religion Hinduism.
Sun Sign (Zodiac Sign) Aries.
Current Residence Singh House, Bungalow No.9, SBI Staff Gulmohar CHS LTD, Near Kamal Medical, Chikuwadi, Borivali (West), Mumbai 400092.


Parents Father: Sardar Ajit Singh.

Mother: Name Not Known.

Siblings Two Brothers and Two Sisters.
Guru (Mentor) Shri Shri 1008 Manath Ramadindas Maharaj Ji.
Social Media Profiles Instagram: @shreeradhemaa

Twitter: @shriradhemaa

Youtube: @MamtamaiShriRadheMaa

Facebook: @ShriRadheMaa


Highest Qualification 10th standard.
School Govt. L. S. M. Senior Secondary School.
Alma Mater. Not Attended.

Personal Information

Marital Status Married.
Affairs Ranjit Sharma (Producer).
Husband/Spouse Name Mohan Singh.
Sons 1. Harjinder Singh (Nishu).

2. Bhupender Singh (Bunty).

Career & Wealth

Net worth (approx.) INR 80-90 Crore (as of 2020).

Physical Stats

Height Feet & Inches: 5′ 7″.

Centimeters: 170 cm.

Meters: 1.7 m.

Weight Kilograms: 65 Kg.

Pounds: 143 lbs.

Shoe Size (UK) 6.
Eye Color Black.
Hair Color Black.
Tattoo? Not Known.


Early Life, Real Name, Parents & Siblings

On the Sunday, April 4, 1965, Radhe Maa was born under the name “Sukhvinder Kaur” in the hamlet of Dorangala located in the Gurdaspur region of Punjab, India. She identifies with the Sikhism religious tradition. It has been reported by a few news organisations that Radhe Maa was born on March 3, 1969. (Monday).

On the other hand, we do not have access to her birth date. The age range that has been suggested for Radhe Maa is anywhere between 51 and 55 years old (as of 2020). When asked about her family at the time, she mentioned that her father, “Sardar Ajit Singh,” held the position of SDC at the Punjab State Electricity Board.

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According to the information presented, her mother passed away while she was a young child. Sukhvinder is one of four children in his family, which also includes two brothers and two sisters. “Sukhbir Singh” is the name of the one brother that he has.

Her education was completed at the Government L. S. M. Senior Secondary School in the city of L. S. M. In some media publications, it is stated that she completed her education up until the fourth grade, but in others, it is stated that she completed her education up until the tenth standard. On the other hand, there is insufficient information accessible concerning her qualifications.

Measurements of Height, Weight, and Appearance

When it comes to Radhe Maa’s outward look, the heavy red lehnga or suit that she always wears is one of the defining characteristics of her persona. Radhe Maa does make-up like a bride. She adorns each finger of both hands with a ring that features a magnificent stone.

A Trishul is something that Radhe Maa never leaves home without carrying with her. She possesses a personality that is really appealing. Radhe Maa is around 5 feet 7 inches tall, according to one person’s estimation of her height (in meters 1.7m).

She maintains a healthy body by meditating and practicing yoga on a regular basis. When we talk about her whole body weight, we estimate that she is somewhere around 65 kilos, which is equivalent to 143 pounds. In the past, she is said to have worn nothing but white outfits, according to the sources. There is not a single tattoo anywhere on Radhe Maa’s body.

Marriage, Extramarital Affair, and Children

The woman who calls herself an Indian god is a married woman. According to several sources in the media, Radhe Maa, also known as Sukhvinder Kaur, married her current husband, whose name is “Mohan Singh,” in the year 1986. She was only 17 years old when she wed her high school sweetheart.

Her spouse was reportedly the proprietor of a candy shop in Mukeria, Punjab, according to the sources cited in the media. Let me tell you something, Radhe Maa has two sons, and their names are “Harjinder Singh” and “Bhupender Singh” (Bunty) (Nishu).

Both of her children have found successful careers in the manufacturing industry. According to the information that we have, her husband uprooted their family and moved to Doha in the country of Qatar in the hope of finding work there. After that, Radhe Maa and her children remained at the residence of Radhe Maa’s in-laws.

According to a number of claims in the media, Radhe Maa allegedly had an affair with Ranjit Sharma (Indian Producer). Radhe Maa presently resides in Mumbai with a number of her devoted followers at the present time.

How Sukhvinder Kaur became Radhe Maa

After her spouse accepted a job in Doha, she decided to leave the country on her own. After that, she would frequently go to local temples in search of authentic emotions of calm, and it was in Hoshiarpur’s 1008 Paramhans Bagh Dera Mukerian that she made the acquaintance of the monk known as “Shri Mahan Ramdeen Das.”

She received his blessing as well as otherworldly preparation from him for around half a year, and during that time Guru Ji bestowed upon her the title of “Radhe Maa.” Soon after, she started organizing the jagrans and chowkis in her town and the ones that were close by.

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Radhe Maa Popularity

After she became Radhe Maa, she started organizing Mata ki Chowkis and Jagrans in her hometown. These events are still being held there now. Her followers claim that word began to travel in the nearby towns about the wonders and occurrences she was responsible for, and as a result, people from the surrounding areas started going to see her.

However, some of the people who lived in her neighborhood claimed that she had learned about dark magic and had started using it on others. During that time period, she continued to lead a simple life and always wore white dresses.

After a period of time, she relocated to Delhi and immediately began leading religious jagrans and giving preachings. When a Mumbai businessman named Sanjeev Gupta saw her at one of her chowkis in Delhi, he invited her to attend a jagran in Mumbai.

Radhe Maa was able to correctly predict something about Sanjeev, according to Sanjeev Gupta. This prediction turned out to be correct. As a result of seeing this miracle, Sanjeev Gupta became a follower of hers. He requested that Radhe Maa permanently relocate to the living arrangement he had established in Mumbai.

From that moment forward, Radhe Maa began to gain fame among the wealthy groups of Mumbai, and a large number of well-known Indian celebrities, including those from Bollywood, became her bhakts (devotees). She continues to this day to have a massive following all over the world.

Radhe Maa’s Work in the Field of Philanthropy

In her capacity as a humanitarian and community organiser, Radhe Maa heads up an organisation in Mumbai known as the “Shri Radhe Guru Maa Charitable Trust.” According to the information gathered from the sources, this trust was founded by the Singh family with the intention of assisting those who are disadvantaged and oppressed.

Radhe Maa encourages devotees to participate in Jeev Seva activities, which include donating blood, donating clothing, donating books, donating food, and donating prescriptions to homes for the elderly, sadhus (sages), and other places that house people who are in need.

During the worldwide pandemic known as COVID-19 in April 2020, the Shri Radhe Maa Charitable Society in New Delhi is said to have contributed Rs 10 Lakh (as a donation) to Prime Minister Cares Fund and Rs 5 Lakh to the Maharashtra Chief Minister Relief Fund. This information comes from reliable sources.

In addition to this, Radhe Maa bestowed upon the Golden Temple kitchenware with a value of twenty million rupees. She has been observed assisting women in becoming stronger and providing social and governmental aid.

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Controversies regarding Radhe Maa

According to the sources, she was supposedly the primary driving force behind the self-destruction of a hapless group of seven individuals in Gujarat. This group had spent crores of rupees on Radhe Maa but had received nothing in return for their investment.

It was suggested that Radhe Maa had offended traditionalists by introducing herself as a manifestation of the goddess Durga while also dressing in western attire. This led to the assertion that she had done so. People were also very vocal in their disapproval of it.

Dolly Bindra, who plays a role on television, stated that Radhe Maa frequently hosts’sex parties.’ In response to this, followers of Radhe Maa attacked Dolly directly in the year 2015.

At one time, Niki Gupta, a member of the extended family of Radhe Maa’s trustee Mr. Gupta, asserted that her spouse and his family were pressuring her to reach a settlement in accordance with an order from Radhe Maa. The Bombay High Court issued an order directing the Borivali police to make a recording of the announcement of Niki on April 28, 2017.

Sanjay Sharma, the Station House Officer of the Vivek Vihar Police Station in New Delhi, and Brij Bhushan, an ASI, were both placed on administrative leave on October 5, 2017, after an image of them with Radhe Maa went viral on the internet. In this particular photograph, Radhe Maa was positioned so that she was seated on SHO’s chair, while SHO was depicted standing close by with her hands folded.

Local legal advisor Gaurav Gulati filmed a police protest so that he could take legal action against Radhe Maa for tarnishing the image of Delhi Police across the country.

Facts About Radhe Maa

  • When she was younger, she frequently went to worship at the temple dedicated to Kali Maa that was located in her hometown. She married into a family that was part of the lower working class, and because her family was in a difficult financial situation, she began working as a tailor.
  • Later on, she opened a little tailor shop in the neighbourhood of her in-laws’ home and called it Babbu Tailor. In addition to this, she instructed young women and girls in the community in the art of stitching.
  • According to reports from several news sources, worshippers of Radhe Maa have constructed a shrine dedicated to her in the city of Gurdaspur.
  • As of the year 2020, many media sources estimate that Radhe Maa has a net worth that is approximately in the range of 80–90 Crore Indian Rupees.
  • She owns a large number of high-end vehicles, including a Jaguar that has been modified (black).
  • In 2018, the Hindi film “Raah De Maa” starred Radhe Maa, who was also included in that film.
  • Her followers established ashrams in other countries, including the United States of America, Canada, and Japan, as stated by a number of media stories.
  • During the course of an interview, Radhe Maa mentioned that she enjoys dressing in western attire.
  • There are a great number of entertaining TikTok lip-sync videos featuring Radhe Maa that can be found on the internet.

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