Who is Rabiya Mateo BoyfriendAre They still together or broke up Latest Updates

Who is Rabiya Mateo Boyfriend?Are They still together or broke up? Latest Updates

Who is Rabiya Mateo Boyfriend?Are They still together or broke up? Latest Updates

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Rabiya Occea Mateo Rabiya Occea Mateo (born November 14, 1996) is a Filipina model, actor, and former Miss Universe Philippines contestant who was just named Miss Universe Philippines in 2020.

As a representative of her country, she competed in the Miss Universe 2020 pageant, where she finished as one of the top 21 semifinals.

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Early life and education

A domestic partnership between Mateo’s Indian American father and her Filipina mother resulted in the birth of Mateo, who was later removed from her mother.  According to Mateo, she grew up in a low-income household.  In 2010, she completed the Bachelor of Science in Physical Therapy Program at the Iloilo Doctors’ College, where she received her degree with honors. As of 2022, Mateo is employed as a lecturer and review coordinator in a review center in the Philippines.

Acting career

Mateo inked a contract with GMA Network that would expire in 2021.


She represented Iloilo City at the Miss Universe Philippines 2020 pageant after winning the Miss Iloilo Universe 2020 competition held at the West Visayas State University Cultural Center in the city of Iloilo.

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During the Top 16 semifinalists’ question and answer session, she was asked the following question: “Throughout this trip, you have realized that you are a phenomenal woman who has been conditioned to do greater things in her future. How can you make a positive and long-lasting difference in the lives of those around you?” She reacted as follows:

“First and foremost, I must remain true to my core values, which include a strong desire to educate others. In my professional life, I am a lecturer, and I’ve chosen this path because education has enabled me to live the comfortable life that I and my family deserve. I want to inspire people, and I want them to achieve greater things in life as a result of my example, and I believe that with me as Miss Universe, anything is possible because I am a phenomenal woman with an innately beautiful heart.”

In the first round of questions and answers for the Top 5 finalists, she was asked: “If you could design a new paper currency with the image of any Filipino, dead or alive, who would you choose and why?” She replied affirmatively. She reacted as follows:

“If given the opportunity, I would like to use the image of Miriam Defensor-Santiago as my avatar. She was an Ilongga, for those who are unfamiliar with the term. The one thing about her that I appreciated was that she used her knowledge and her voice to serve the country. I aspire to be someone like her – someone who follows her heart and her passion and puts it into action. After all, she is the best President that we have ever had the pleasure of electing.”

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During the second round of questions and answers for the Top 5 finalists, she was asked the following: “This epidemic has made our priorities, whether they are important or non-essential, crystal clear. What is the current state of pageants at this time of crisis?” She reacted as follows:

“As a candidate, I am well aware that I am more than simply the public face of Iloilo City; I am also here to bring hope and serve as a symbol of light in the darkest of times.

For the time being, I’d like to contribute to my community. I want to make a difference by putting my strength to use. That, in essence, is the essence of a beauty contest. It provides us with the ability to make a difference.”

At the conclusion of the event, Mateo was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2020 by the departing Miss Universe Philippines, Gazini Ganados, and was also awarded the Best in Swimsuit award for her performance.

Mateo will be succeeded by Beatrice Gomez, who will be crowned at the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 pageant, which will be held at the Henann Resort Convention Center, Alona Beach in Panglao, Bohol, Philippines, on September 30, 2021.

Jose Mateo represented the Philippines at the Miss Universe 2020 beauty contest that took place in Miami, Florida, United States.

Mateo competed in the national costume competition in an ensemble designed by the late avant-garde designer Rocky Gathercole, which he wore. The Philippine flag was used as inspiration for the design, which had blue and red wings and three gold stars.

The entire ensemble weighed in at over 21 kilograms (44 pounds). It was meant to be completed with an enormous headdress designed by legendary jeweler Manny Halasan that represented the sun of the Philippine flag, but she was unable to wear it since it was too large for her head and kept slipping off her head.

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The long train of her outfit, when combined with her massive feathered wings, proved to be too heavy for her to carry, prompting her team to make the last-minute decision to remove the train from the show because of the chances of her falling, if she lost her balance in her seven-inch heels, were too high.

It forced Mateo to waste her preparation time trimming the train and frantically searching for pins and scissors, and it left her with insufficient time to fix her hair and makeup, resulting in a performance that many critics deemed to be lacking in impact. Just after the concert, she recorded an Instagram live video to express her regret to those who had been disappointed, during which she broke down and sobbed in front of the camera.

Mateo demonstrated her ‘hala-bira’ walk during the preliminary competition.

Who is Rabiya Mateo BoyfriendAre They still together or broke up Latest Updates
Who is Rabiya Mateo BoyfriendAre They still together or broke up Latest Updates

A yellow two-piece bikini with an ankle-length coverup made of sheer fabric, she competed in the preliminary swimsuit competition in this ensemble.

She competed in the preliminary evening gown competition in a gown made by Furne One of Amato Couture, a designer born in the Philippines and headquartered in Dubai. An elegant yellow long gown with what appeared to be sun-inspired earrings is worn by the model, who represents the sun, which represents happiness, strength, and life in the world. The cape, which was made of citrine Swarovski crystals, was the highlight of the show.

Mateo walked the runway in a yellow two-piece swimsuit designed by Eva Sevahl for the Top 21 swimsuit competition on the night of the crowning.

Mateo finished in the Top 21 in the Miss Universe competition, bringing her journey to a close.

Andrea Meza of Mexico was the winner of the aforementioned pageant.

Beatrice Luigi Gomez of Cebu City was crowned Miss Universe Philippines 2021 by Mateo on September 30, 2021, at the conclusion of the Miss Universe Philippines 2021 contest. Mateo had unwittingly attracted the attention of the media just a few minutes previously when she stumbled on the hem of her long thigh-slit gown and fell during her final stride down the red carpet.

Many media and pundits pointed out that Mateo had fallen during her very last walk as Miss Universe Philippines 2020, and that Tracy Maureen Perez had fallen during her very first walk as Miss World Philippines 2021, just three days after Mateo had fallen.

Rabiya Mateo Boyfriend

The truth is, we’re no longer together, but we’re both fine, moving forward,’ writes Rabiya Mateo’s seven-year-old boyfriend on Instagram. Neil Salvacion has confirmed that he and beauty queen Rabiya Mateo have officially ended their relationship, despite rumors about their relationship status circulating.

Salvacion initially called out those who were “spreading rumors without knowing the truth” in an Instagram story posted on Friday, June 4, according to Salvacion.

“We don’t deserve all of the negativity that has been directed at us, especially towards Rab; she has worked really hard to achieve whatever she has at this time, and she deserves it all,” he stated emphatically. It’s also important to remember that “degrading another person in order to prove a point” is never acceptable, and that when someone has nothing positive to say, it’s better to “keep it to yourself.”

‘The truth is, we’re no longer together, but we’re both fine, moving forward,’ Salvacion said. “We talked about it, and we’re both content with our separate lives,” Salvacion added.

The pastor went on to say, “We think that God has placed us in this kind of situation for a reason, and that reason is for the better.”

He reminded his followers that “being kind doesn’t cost a penny,” and urged them to promote compassion and respect within themselves and with one another instead.

Following Rabiya’s admission in an interview with Boy Abunda on Sunday, May 31, that her relationship with Salvacion is “a problematic scenario,” Salvacion has confirmed his involvement. Salvacion and Rabiya had been dating for seven years until they split up. Salvacion is the first man she has ever dated.

When fans discovered that Salvacion had erased all images of him with the 24-year-old beauty queen from his Instagram page, they began to wonder about the couple’s connection.

While in the United States, the beauty queen was also being linked to Pinoy Big Brother veteran Andre Brouillette, who is also currently in the United States. The actress clarified that both she and Andre are protégés of Jonas Gaffud, a talent manager and pageant mentor and that this is why they appear in events together.

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