Pretty Scale: The Truth About Prettyscale Is It Accurate? Latest Updates 2022

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This post will provide in-depth information regarding a website that uses a calculator to determine a person’s level of attractiveness or unattractiveness.

How attractive or repulsive would you say you are? There are a lot of websites out there that will make the claim that they can tell you that. One of them is Pretty, which offers a computerized beauty scale that you may use to gauge your own attractiveness. These kinds of websites came into existence as a direct result of the growing preoccupation that individuals have all over the world with their outward appearances in modern times.

In this post, we will do an in-depth analysis of the website, and we will supply you with all of the information that you require. The advantages and disadvantages of using this website, as well as how helpful it is in the modern world! Since it is owned by a US firm, there has been a fair amount of activity on this website over the course of the many years that have passed.

Before using the Pretty Scale website, one ought to have complete knowledge of everything associated with it, which is why we present all of the relevant information here.

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Pretty is considered to be an adult website because it offers a number of different scales that can be used to assess a person’s attractiveness. In order to evaluate all parts of your face and body, you will need to take both a face test and a body test. You have the option of selecting one of the two kinds of tests provided here on the website.

According to the information provided on the website, the company’s computer system is equipped with a beauty calculator that can determine how attractive your face and body are. It is recommended that people who have a low sense of their own worth do not take the exam since they may be startled by the results. They require you to upload your picture before allowing you to store it or share it with others.

They provide a help option on their website, through which users can get in touch with them. Filling out a form on the Pretty Scale website is the only way to obtain support from the company.


  • Site type – Online Beauty Calculator
  • United States of America
  • Nil/free test price
  •  Embedded system – Measuring criteria
  •  The results are yet presented in the form of percentage
  •   Available: Privacy Policy
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  • This website has reached its full potential (launched nine years ago).
  • This website may be helpful for persons who have concerns about their physical appearance.
  • The device includes a scale that evaluates your attractiveness, and some people who struggle with insecurities will benefit from using it since it will help them feel more confident in themselves.
  • Visiting the website of the United States does not cost anything, and any images that are posted or shared will not be altered in any way.
  • You can get in touch with them by submitting a form if you have any questions.’s negative aspects

The Pretty Scale website has a simple user interface, its owners are relatively unknown, and the site receives very few reviews despite the fact that it has been there for quite some time. People who already struggle with poor self-esteem may find that unexpected results cause them to lose their self-confidence.

What are the important steps to follow for using the website?

Because it is so uncomplicated, the Pretty Scale website is accessible to virtually anyone. The following is a discussion of the steps:

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  1. Launch the primary website in your web browser by selecting the official link and clicking on it.
  2. A face test or a body test can be carried out, depending on the kind of investigation that you are interested in carrying out.
  3. After you’ve told us your gender, upload a photo of yourself and click “Next.” While you are reading this, you are welcome to take a picture of it.
  4. Before you align the measuring scale, make sure you read the directions that are located underneath your photo.
  5. When all of the alignments have been finished, you will then be able to retrieve the result.
  6. When you have finished the test, you will be required to read over your results, including your overall percentage. That wraps up our discussion.

What do people think of

It is essential to get feedback from individuals who actually use a website in order to determine how effective it is. Through some online searching, we were able to locate a couple of the most significant Pretty reviews. The measuring scale that can be found on is not well liked by the general public. The attractiveness or unattractiveness of a person can be determined by taking into account a great deal more information.

The Pretty Scale website does not have any kind of positive reviews anywhere on the vast expanse of the Internet. Amazingly, considering how ancient the website is, it has been live on the internet for a considerable amount of time.

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Is Prettyscale Legit?

They certainly are not. I’ll explain why.

#1 Not enough measurements

The fact that Prettyscale has you set points on your face before it analyses it gives you the impression that the company knows what it’s doing.

To tell the truth, in order to accomplish what they state, you would want a great deal more measurements than this.

The fact that Prettyscale asks you to measure two different aspects of your nose is evidence that it does not capture you in any level of detail whatsoever.

Think about all that is not included: Prettyscale does not care if your teeth are clean or rotten, if your eyes are covered in boils, or if you have bird feathers in place of skin.

#2 Pretending symmetry is everything

Prettyscale behaves as if symmetry is the only factor that can determine who is beautiful and who is not.

The truth is that it does not work that way. This exam would be a resounding failure for a great number of models, actors, and actresses. Despite this, many people believe that they are among the most physically appealing persons who have ever lived.

#3 Using pictures

In conclusion, Prettyscale is not accurate since it relies on photographs, and what you seem like in a photograph is not the same as how you appear in real life.

For instance, photographs can amplify the appearance of one’s forehead, nose, or chin, making them appear larger than they actually are. Alternately, you can lengthen or shorten the appearance of your face.


To summarise, it is important to point out that the Pretty Scale website features a beauty calculator that may also be used for amusement purposes. There is no assurance that the parameters they utilize will precisely reflect your attractiveness or your ugliness. Those words are merely educated guesses.

Because of this, we strongly advise that you give it a shot and simply use it for a lighthearted moment of entertainment, rather than using the findings to evaluate who you are as a person. The beauty that comes from within is incomparably superior to the outward appearance or attractiveness any day of the week.

Our evaluation of Prettyscale comes to an end here. It’s possible that playing Pretty Scale could be amusing for some individuals, but how accurate is it? No. You shouldn’t put too much stock in the outcomes at all. Prettyscale is a fake website that cannot accurately judge a person’s physical attractiveness.

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