Paybyplatema Login at EZDriveMA |

Paybyplatema Login at EZDriveMA |

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PaybyPlatema is a solution that enables all vehicle owners to pay all of their fees and fines online without spending any time. Even while it is simple to use Pay by Plate Ma to organize all of the electronic programs necessary to go through tolling places at the maximum speed allowed on the highway.

Gantries are erected on the roadway at EZDriveMA tolling stations. These gantries are equipped with technology that is ready to scan E-ZPass transponders and cameras that can capture the license plate numbers of passing vehicles. However, PaybyPlateMa functions more effectively when you are moving beneath a gantry.

To Be Paid by Plate Ma Clue \sa. Your E-ZPass pre-paid account will be debited for the amount of the toll as long as your account is in good standing and your transponder is mounted correctly.

  1. An image of your license plate is captured, and if your Registered Pay By Plate MA account is in good standing, the toll is charged to your account.
  2. If you do not have an E-ZPass or a registered account with Pay By Plate Massachusetts, an image of your license plate will be taken, and a Pay By Plate Massachusetts invoice will be mailed to the registered owner of the vehicle.

Take a look at how PaybyPlateMa functions on this page if you want to learn more about the service.

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Charges Applicable to Your PaybyPlateMa Invoice

You will be charged sixty cents for each invoice that you create using PaybyPlateMa. If you are submitting 10 invoices utilising PaybyPlate MA, then you will be required to pay ($.06 multiplied by 10 equals $6).

If, on the other hand, your licence plate number isn’t listed on E-ZPass or any other legitimate toll payment account, the information about your car will be collected through another method, which can be a lookup of the vehicle’s licence plate.

After the toll trip has been created, the citation will be mailed to the person who owns the car. The organisation will be able to prepare future trip invoices for insurance at the end of each month with the assistance of this.

Plate Ma Prepaid Account Payment Obligations and Requirements

If you have a registered prepaid account with Open PaybyPlateMa, you are able to travel on toll highways maintained by MassDOT. And with that, here are the prerequisites.

Your vehicle’s license plate number(s), as shown on the registration for your vehicle.

Make, model, and year of the automobiles.

Information regarding payments, including credit/debit card or banking details (for automatic replenishment only).

When all of the conditions listed above are met, you can continue down this page to set up your PaybyPlateMa login.

Launch the PaybyPlateMa Login Page.

Following these steps will allow you to create a PaybyPlateMa login.

Proceed to the account portal for Pay by Plate Ma.

Recognize that these terms and conditions apply (Make sure you read and understand it to the disclaimer section).

Simply add your key contact by clicking the “Add Contact” button.

In order to complete the contact information, you will need to provide details such as your personal contact information, address, phone number, email address, login information (username and password), and PIN (4 numbers to secure your PaybyPlateMa account).

Simply click the “Next” button.

To finish registering with, go to the registration page and follow the instructions there.

PaybyPlateMa account sign-in required.

The steps necessary to access your PaybyPlateMa account are outlined here.

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PaybyPlateMa Login

Visit the official website for

Simply click the “Pay by Plate Ma” button.

You can access your Pay By Plate MA Registered Account by clicking the Login button.

Choose your “Login Type,” if prompted (Account number or Email address on file).

To access your account, please enter your account number or email address.

Enter your password into this box.

Simply click the “Login” button.

You will then be brought to your registered account with PaybyPlateMa, which will contain the information that you gave before.

Make a payment on your Pay By Plate MA Invoice.

This page will walk you through sending a check or money order to pay your “PaybyPlateMa” invoice(s).

Please visit the prepaid and postpaid portal for EZDriveMa.

To settle a Pay By Plate MA invoice, click the corresponding link.

Please enter the number of your invoice(s).

Type your “License Plate”.

Select “License Plate State”.

Simply click the “Login” button.

Proceed to the payment of the bill (s).

To finish the payments, just follow the instructions that appear on the screen.

Note that you will be responsible for paying an additional $0.6 for each invoice that you process through MassDOT.

Pay By Plate: A Fee Schedule for the MA System

Monthly Invoice Based on Plate Charges:

Online and at no additional cost

Mailing costs an additional $0.60 for duplicates or special requests. Postal or faxed delivery will cost $0.60.

Statement of the Pay By Plate Registered Account for the Month:

Online and at no additional cost

Mailed – $0.60

Duplicate/Special Request Postal or faxed submissions cost $2.00

Check that was not paid and was returned: $25.00

Unpaid Invoice

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Invoice/Notice Issued Days to Pay Invoice/Notice Days Outstanding Late Fees Assessed
1st Invoice Issued 30 1-30 N/A
Past Due Invoice 30 31-60 $1.00 for each overdue toll charge
Notice of Non-Payment 30 61-90 An additional $1.00 for each overdue toll charge
Notice of Liability* Due Immediately >90 An additional $1.00 for each overdue toll charge; plus a $20.00 RMV/DMV Fee

Forgot PaybyPlateMa Password?

Have you lost the password to your PaybyPlateMa account? This is the procedure for resetting it. Plate your payment, Ma.

Visit the website for

Simply click the “Pay by Plate Ma” button.

You can access your Pay By Plate MA Registered Account by clicking the Login button.

Click the link that says “Have a Locked Account? Have You Forgotten Your Username or Password?”

In the “Account Number” field, enter your number.

To complete your profile, fill in the “Email Address” field.

Click “Submit”.

Your PaybyPlateMa password will be reset and an instruction will be sent to you from EZDriveMa.

EZDriveMA’s Support for Its Customers

The following information will allow you to get in touch with EZDriveMa’s customer service department.

The number to call is (877) 627-7745.


Come to one of our many locations of Customer Service.

EZDriveMA Customer Service Center 27 Midstate Drive Auburn, Massachusetts 01501-1800 Fax: (508) 786-5222 Please send all correspondence regarding your inquiry to this address.

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