Who is Navia Robinson Navia Robinson Relationship, Net Worth, Facts & More Latest Updates

Who is Navia Robinson? Navia Robinson Relationship, Net Worth, Facts & More Latest Updates

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Who is Navia Robinson? Navia Robinson Relationship, Net Worth, Facts & More Latest Updates

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Robinson, Navia Ziraili is a highly sought-after teen actor, dancer, and model. Most people know her as D’Asia from the BET TV series Being Mary Jane in which she played the lead role. When she appeared in The Vampire Diaries on The CW in 2017, she portrayed the part of Janie. She is now portraying Nia Baxter on the Disney Channel family sitcom Raven’s Home, in which she plays Nia Baxter.

The young American actress Navia Robinson has carved out a name for herself in the film industry. She gained a household name because of her exceptional performances in a variety of roles. Since she was born, millions of people around the world have fallen in love with her sultry style and sophisticated appearance.

For those who are curious about this beautiful woman, we’ve compiled some extra facts that you may not have known.

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Her Birth & Family Background

Marietta, Georgia is where Navia Robinson was born and nurtured with her younger brother under the watchful eye of her parents.

Her Educational Background

Shallowford Falls Elementary School in Marietta, Georgia, awarded her an honors degree. As a result, she participated in a number of competitions.

She Is Best Known For

Navia Robinson has received critical acclaim for her roles in “Being Mary Jane” (BET TV series) and “Raven’s Home” (Disney channel’s Raven’s Home opposite Raven-Symone), but she is most recognized for her part as Nia in the latter show.

Her Zodiac Sign Is Taurus

People born under the zodiac sign of Taurus are known for their enthusiasm, loyalty, and sincerity with others.

She & Social Media

Many people follow Navia Robinson on all of her various social media platforms. To keep admirers up-to-date on the details of her daily life, she posts frequently on Instagram.

Her Hobbies

She enjoys spending time with her family and playing basketball with her brothers in her spare time. She’s also a talented artist, something she’s enjoyed doing since she was a child.

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Navia Robinson Was Inspired With

Because she is a fan of cartoons, Navia was influenced by the Disney Channel. “Disney Jr.” and various comedy shows, such as SpongeBob and Phineas & Ferb, were among the first things she watched. This sparked her interest in acting.

Most Helpful Thing She learned During Acting Classes

There are many things you can acquire from acting training, but perhaps the most crucial one is the ability to think on your feet.

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Navia Robinson

You may read about Navia Ziraili Robinson’s career highlights in her IMDB profile. She’s a self-starting dynamo with a lot of talent and self-assurance. Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ “Shine” national talent competition conducted in Orlando, Florida, in the summer of 2011.

After she was named the world’s best overall child model, nothing was the same for her again.

The following year, she was invited to participate in a two-week summer boot camp run by Disney officials. Since then, she’s starred in Raven’s Home, Free Rein, and Marvel Rising: Playing with Fire. ‘ “You can turn out the sun, but I’m still going to shine!” is her daily credo, and it sums up her professional trajectory perfectly.

1. Navia says the one movie she knows by heart is The Devil Wears Prada

During the “Truth or Dare Challenge” on Seventeen, Navia admitted it. One time was enough for her to fall in love with this particular film.

2. Navia’s hidden talent is using her toes to pick up things

The odd thing about her is that she can pick up small objects with her toes when she drops them. However, she hopes that her toes won’t be injured by the regular usage of her toes to lift objects.

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3. Navia connected most to the character of Rosie in Free Rein

The Netflix series’ Rosie is Navia’s current favorite character, according to Just Jared. “Rosie is somebody that is very different from who I am,” she explained. She found it both enjoyable and challenging to portray Rosie as a real person.

It was a struggle to represent Rosie as someone who was grounded in reality because Nia saw her as “a very snobbish, very L.A. ‘valley girl,'” Nia had a lot of fun playing Rosie, and that was important to her as well. The first and second seasons of Free Rein were shot in the UK.

When she went to London, she was able to take her father and brothers with her and spend five days sightseeing with them. She was grateful to have the opportunity to spend quality time with her family while filming in another country because of her work.

4. Portions of the proceeds of Navia’s A Book Of will go to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals

For the first time, there is a dedicated edition of A Book Of dedicated to performers who depict the most popular characters. Each “The Collector’s Issue” magazine spotlights a single great actor. Exclusive images and an interview with the star are included in each issue of the magazine.

The celebrities that appear in each magazine pick the charity from which they want to receive support.

Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals, the charity of choice for Navia, was established in 1983 by Marie Osmond and John Schneider. Almost $4.8 million was raised for children’s hospital’s thanks to a telethon hosted by the two celebrities. Over 170 hospitals have signed on as members, and celebrities like Navia continue to donate money for the cause.

It has been Navia’s pleasure to participate in the charity’s events, such as “Rock The Runway,” where she accompanied Teddy Moore.

5. Navia has always been in love with Marvel

Having joined the Marvel Rising family for a new special, “Playing With Fire,” was even more thrilling for her. Navia appears in the special as Zayla and performs the song “Roaring Thunder” as part of her role. Navia expressed her gratitude for being a part of Marvel and the “alternative universe” that the studio has built.

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During her appearance at Beautycon LA, Navia said she felt “empowered to be in even a very small part of that cosmos” for the first time. Aiming to be a bigger part of the Marvel Universe is something she intends to do in the future.

Who is Navia Robinson Navia Robinson Relationship, Net Worth, Facts & More Latest Updates
Who is Navia Robinson Navia Robinson Relationship, Net Worth, Facts & More Latest Updates

6. Navia used to hate eggs

Southern scrambled eggs were so delicious that they completely transformed her opinion of the humble egg when she was taught to cook them by her mother.

7. One of Navia’s favorite on set memories happened during the second episode of Raven’s Home

A memory of Navia’s attempt to communicate her want for solitude while her bra was paraded around her house for everyone to see “how cute it was” came back to her. Everyone on site was in fits of laughter as the bra was “whipping it about” and circling the heads of the cast and crew. Raven and Anneliese were the perpetrators, while Navia was stumbling through the chaos while trying to deliver her lines.

She was unable to recite her lines. In the end, she collapsed into Raven’s arms, hysterically laughing. Having the reassurance that the ensemble was having a good time while filming the scene made her feel good about her part in it.

8. Navia says that she would let a crush know she liked them by leaving notes

She claims that she doesn’t leave notes because she’s afraid to face people. Her first step would be to leave a trail of notes. It might work out if she can locate a companion who can express her feelings to that individual in a straightforward manner. Despite her best efforts, it’s something she believes she must work on. She also believes she needs to work on her self-confidence so that she can approach strangers and speak what she thinks.

9. Navia studied horseback riding with one of the best coaching families in the UK

Rosie Phillips, her character in Free Rein, inspired her to take on this new position. After coming to the English countryside, Rosie is a city girl who has a hard time getting along with horses. In the novel, she appears as Zoe’s younger sister.

Rosie is having a hard time adjusting to life in England away from the horse stables. Navia, on the other hand, is a huge fan of horses. Because they have doubles, just like human actors, she said that horses in the UK receive better treatment. That way, the horses had plenty of time to rest and eat. Free Rein’s stunt trainer, Steve Dent, was a master.

From Ben Hur to Gladiator he has trained horses for some of Hollywood’s most famous films. In addition to the white Prothos and the black Raven, the show’s star horses also included a Welsh cross named Monty, a Spanish horse named Benjy, who played Bob, and the black and white Raven. Filming took place outside London and Beaumaris, in Shropshire and Cheshire.

For the show’s first two seasons, Navia played Rosie. Rosie’s return to Los Angeles marked the end of the actress’ role in the film.

10. Navia’s favorite corny Dad joke is playing along with her “What’s up?” gag line

There are so many various jokes that her father tells, she can’t decide which one to tell. “What’s up?” is the most common question he gets from her when she calls him. What he has to say: The sky is visible from here. The roof. et al. In the future, if she gets tired of it, she’ll switch to “What’s sideways?” and watch him struggle with that one.

As a result of their shared amusement at the reactions and hilarity, she considers that moment to be the most enjoyable. She uses it a lot when she and her dad are goofing about.


Year Title Role Notes
2014-2015 Being Mary Jane D’Asia Guest/Recurring Role (10 episodes)
2017 The Vampire Diaries Janie Guest Star (1 episode)
2017 Disney Channel Stars: DuckTales Theme Song Navia Ziraili Robinson Herself
2017-2018 Free Rein Rosie Main Role
2018 Disney Channel Stars: Legendary Navia Robinson Herself
2017-2021 Raven’s Home Nia Baxter-Carter Main Role (Seasons 1-4)
2019 The Real Navia Rovison Herself (1 episode)
2019 The Rocketeer Valerie Guest Star (1 episode)

Navia Robinson: Height, Weight, Body Measurements

Navia is 4 feet 9 inches tall, according to her Body Measurement. She is approximately 35 kg in weight. Navia has dark brown eyes and black hair.

Navia Robinson Boyfriend

Navia Robinson, a young actress, is now unattached. She is too young for a relationship. Despite this, she appears to keep a low profile when it comes to discussing her private life. It’s also likely that she’s more interested in pursuing her career than finding a romantic partner. We can now discuss Navia Robinson’s personal life, but it’s important to note that most celebrities prefer to keep their relationships and personal lives secret.

This post will be updated as soon as we acquire any new information regarding Navia Robinson’s relationship, but for now, we don’t have any precise results to share with you.

Navia Robinson Net Worth

It’s one of the most frequently asked questions about Navia Robinson’s earnings and net worth.

Well-known TV actress and rising social media star Navia Robinson is no stranger to you.

Because her net worth is entirely dependent on her sources of income, the most important of which is her work on social media, she has amassed an enormous fortune from her affiliation with several social media accounts

She charges a reasonable fee for sponsorship, and it all depends on the size of her fan base.

On Instagram, she has 1.2 million followers and an average of 50-100 thousand likes.

Her estimated Net Worth is in the vicinity of $100,000.

In addition, if she owns a private firm, its value is not included in this calculation. With the help of the internet, we’ve been able to examine their social media accounts and determine their net worth. No one can be certain that this information is correct.

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