Nadine Caridi Biography, Net worth, Husband,Divorce & More Latest Updates

Nadine Caridi Biography, Net worth, Husband,Divorce & More Latest Updates

Nadine Caridi Biography, Net worth, Husband,Divorce & More Latest Updates

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Naomi Lapaglia, Margot Robbie’s breakout role, was in The Wolf of Wall Street. For those who don’t remember her, the Aussie stunner proved to be one tough cookie as a trophy wife. As a bonus, she speaks with a full-blown New York City accent.

There is a real woman behind the character, though, and she has an interesting backstory. Nadine Caridi, the ex-wife of disgraced “Wolf” Jordan Belfort, was the inspiration for Lapaglia (played on-screen by Leonardo DiCaprio.) What do we know about her, including what she’s doing 16 years after divorcing Belfort?

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Are you familiar with Nadine Caridi? Assuming you’ve never heard of her as a model, you might recognize her as Jordan Belfort’s wife, if you’ve heard of him. The two fell in love in the late 1980s when they first met. Although she and her ex-husband had a short-lived happily ever after, she maintained her star power despite their split. Let’s continue reading this article to learn more about her.

The Duchess of Bay Ridge is another name for Nadine Caridi. On December 24, 1967, she was born in London, England. Capricorn is her zodiac sign, and she is British-American. Even though she was a model, her career as a model didn’t hold up as well as her popularity as Jordan Belfort’s ex-wife, which she had.

On November 6, 1962, Nadine Caridi was born in Bay Ridge, London, the United Kingdom. After moving to Brooklyn as a child in search of work, she was accepted into John Dewey High School Brooklyn.

She has an interest in fashion and hairstyling as a child. Hairstyles and new fashion trends were frequent topics of conversation, and she was never shy about showing off her own style or that of her friends.

Later, she recognized that her true passion lay in this field and decided to pursue a career as a professional model. Rather than pursuing a college education, she began working as soon as she finished high school.

Her appearance in the “Miller Lite” beer poster helped her hone her modeling talents and get her foot in the modeling door. She partnered with a variety of companies to gain a strong following among her fans.

After her divorce from Belfort in 2008, she decided to return to school and enrolled in the Pacifica Graduate Institute. She earned a bachelor’s degree in clinical psychology in 2010 and a doctorate in 2015, both in clinical psychology.

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Early Life And Education

In London, Nadine was born and raised. But soon after, she and her family relocated to Brooklyn, New York, where she grew up for the rest of her life. As a result, there is very little information on the model’s parents or family members.

We know she attended Brooklyn’s Dewey High School as a child. She attended the Pacifica Graduate Institute after high school to earn a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. In 2015, she earned a doctorate in the same field.

Career Graph

Nadine Caridi began her career as a model, but after she became the face of Miller Lite, her life took a turn for the better. Aside from that, she’d appeared in a number of commercials for major brands. Even if she had a career in modeling, it would pale in comparison to what she achieved while dating Jordan.

In fact, after she married Jordan, the model decided to give up her profession in modeling. Her degree in Clinical Psychology earned her a steady income after she divorced the stockbroker who made her a household name.

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Nadine Macaluso is the name she goes by when she works as a career counselor and a family therapist. Since therapy aids in the reconnection of people with their genuine selves, she believes in its efficacy.

Nadine never changed her name to Nadine Belfort after the marriage, so maybe the connection between Nadine and Jordan’s bond was only a publicity hoax all along. The fact that Naomi does not go by the name of Naomi Belfort in the film is another evidence that Jordan faithfully depicted the events as they transpired in real life.

How Did The Two Meet Each Other?

At the end of the 1980s, the two met. Alan Wilzig, Jordan’s ex-boyfriend, invited them to a party he had planned.

“Twenty-odd years ago while ‘The Wolf’ was still developing his fangs—I had my first post-college romance,” he posted on Facebook in reference to his film The Wolf of Wall Street.

Nadine and I went to Jordan Belfort’s 4th of July party at his Westhampton Beach House as friendly-exes, and that’s when the two of them met.” The rest of the movie shows how he ended up marrying her after leaving his high school sweetheart wife.

They talked about their feelings for each other and agreed to go out with each other for a while. In 1991, the pair decided to take things a step further and wed. Chandler and Carter were born as a result of their union.

They filed for divorce in 1998 since they couldn’t keep their marriage going any longer. Nadine was said to be Jordan Belfort’s second wife when they met at the party, and Jordan was already married when they first met.

Personal Life Details

Nadine, the stockbroker’s yacht, was a sign of his undying devotion to the duchess. Jordan was frequently in the news during this time due to his dubious business practices. In fact, he received a four-year prison term in 2003. However, the US government released him after completing a term of one year and ten months because of his good behavior records.

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In the wake of this incident, Jordan’s addictions, and his extramarital affairs. As a result, Nadine’s choice to end their marriage was influenced by Jordan’s physical abuse of her.

She married John Macaluso, a former entrepreneur, and CEO of Wizard World, after divorcing him. Eight million dollars’ worth of shares is still his. Macaluso, who was 22 years older than him, had no issue with it because they were still in love and making plans for the future.

In addition to Macaluso’s three daughters from his former marriage, the couple doesn’t have any biological children of their own. Nadine already has two children, so this is a third. Nadine even goes by the name Nadine Macaluso when she conducts her treatment sessions professionally.

Nadine Caridi Biography, Net worth, Husband,Divorce & More Latest Updates
Nadine Caridi Biography, Net worth, Husband,Divorce & More Latest Updates

Net Worth

Nadine’s beauty and elegance are a gift from the Lord. As of right now, she is 56 years old. Jordan Belfort’s divorce prompted her to return to her career as a therapist. She later returned to her original role as a therapist.

Her estimated $5 million monetary worth is based on the most recent available data. Her divorce from Jordan Belfort is presumed to have resulted in a fair amount of money. It’s because he was a millionaire, after all. Nadine, on the other hand, makes a big salary as a therapist. As a result, the majority of her fortune is a direct result of her efforts and tenacity.

What Is Nadine Doing Now?

Caridi is now known as Dr. Nae in her professional life. She is a professional marriage and family therapist and relationship expert in private practice. For most of the year, she lives in both Hermosa Beach and Glen Cove, New York.

Dr. Nae’s Talking Bar is a mental health YouTube channel that features “people who prospered after surviving tough traumatic situations and demonstrate how adversity transformed them, enriched their lives, and helped them fulfill their unique potential,” according to the channel’s description.

We get the impression that much of Caridi’s work is influenced by her own experience with Belfort. Despite her ex-husband’s evasion of problems and rebuilding of his reputation, Dr. Nae appears to be on the road to recovery.

1: Why Did Nadine Leave Jordan?

When Nadine and Jordan tied the knot, it was an extravagant affair that quickly turned sour. The pair wed in 1991 and divorced in 2005. When she discovered Jordan was a stockbroker with a history of dishonesty and deceit, she knew it was time to move on from him.

2. What Is Nadine Caridi Doing Now?

John Macaluso, a former entrepreneur, is Nadine Caridi’s current husband. She works as a therapist in Florida, where she lives. Patients call her “Dr. Nae” because of her enigmatic stage name. The bulk of her $5 million fortune is the product of her career as a clinical psychologist, which has required a lot of dedication and hard work.

3. What Happened To Jordan Belfort’s 2nd wife?

Nadine Caridi, Jordan Belfort’s second wife, is cementing her reputation as a trophy wife. In spite of her marriage to Jordan Belfort, she retained a high profile even after the ex-stockbroker legend’s departure from the family business. She has more than 9,000 Instagram followers and tweets regularly on Twitter.

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