17 Best Free Music Download Sites 2022

17 Best Free Music Download Sites 2023

17 Best Free Music Download Sites 2023

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Here is a list of numerous websites where you may obtain free music without having to resort to illegal file sharing over the internet. Expand the legal scope of your digital music collection.

There are some issues that can arise with using a music streaming service. The absence of ownership is the most significant drawback; if you use Spotify, you do not own any music; rather, you have just been given a licence to listen to the music that is on their platform.

But there is no need to fret. You don’t need to search any further if you want to know how to download songs. There are still a variety of channels through which one can acquire music at no cost. They are completely legal, and you can keep the music for as long as you like after purchasing it. These are the websites that offer the best free music downloads in MP3 format.

1. YouTube Audio Library

People that require production music that they can use in their videos but does not cost them any royalties can make use of the YouTube Audio Library. On the other hand, anyone who already has a YouTube account can gain access to the collection through YouTube Studio and download an unlimited number of songs.

You are permitted to use the tracks in any of the content that you produce, including but not limited to videos, as stated in the terms and conditions of the library. You are also allowed to utilise the tracks in videos that are uploaded to YouTube and monetized.

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You can listen to a sample of each song by clicking on the small Play icon that is located next to the song’s name. If you enjoy what you hear, you can download it by clicking the icon to the right.

The YouTube Audio Library features both free music tracks and sound effects in addition to other audio content. One more time, you are free to use them in any of your creative projects.

2. Free Music Archive

Although the Free Music Archive has been operating for quite some time, its popularity has not diminished throughout the years. It is among the most highly recommended locations on the internet for downloading music at no cost.

The content is curated by WUFM, which is an independent freeform radio station located in New Jersey. The majority of the free music downloads are from artists that are not very well known, but every once in a while, a well-known name will appear. Regardless, it is a fantastic method for finding new songs to enjoy.

You don’t have to worry about breaking any laws because all of the songs on our website can be downloaded and used for free on your own personal devices. You must, however, check the licence that is linked with each individual recording before using the music in a commercial situation. This is because each song has its own permission.

3. Jamendo

Jamendo is a platform that gives independent musicians who are not tied to a label the ability to quickly share their music to their audience. More than 240,000 songs that are not subject to royalties are now available on this platform.

The song “Communities” serves as the foundation for the music. When you navigate to a specific community, such as the Rock community, you will be presented with the community’s most popular music, albums, and performers. You have the option of sorting the music based on its all-time popularity, what is currently popular, or the most recent releases.

You can listen to any one of the site’s specialised radio stations if you want to get a feel for the content before deciding whether or not to download it.

4. NoiseTrade

Some people believe there is no such thing as a free lunch, but others disagree. And if you use NoiseTrade, that statement is at least somewhat accurate.

The musicians who have made their songs available for free download on this website often require some sort of contact information in exchange for the privilege, such as a postal address or an email address. The purpose of this is to facilitate easy communication between the bands and the individuals who like listening to their music, possibly for the purpose of promoting an upcoming tour or drawing attention to the release of a new album.

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The other side of this is that you are more likely to come across musicians who you are already familiar with. Even while you won’t be able to discover The Killers’ most recent album, the vast majority of these bands have already inked deals with record labels and have albums that can be purchased.

5. Musopen

What if you don’t like pop, rock, or any of the other genres that are considered to be mainstream? If you prefer more traditional forms of music, then you are in luck here.

Beethoven fans will find that Musopen is one of the top free music download sites available. It contains recordings made by a few of the most well-known classical musicians in the history of music. Everything from Bach and Beethoven to Tchaikovsky and Holst is included in this collection. You have the option of searching for the content you desire based on the composer, performer, instrument, time period, or form.

The website offers more than just digital music downloads. You’ll also have access to a tonne of free sheet music and even some materials geared toward education.

6. Amazon

The large selection of free music downloads that can be found on Amazon is something that a lot of people are unaware of. There are currently more than 6,000 songs that can be downloaded at the time of this writing.

In contrast to several other websites offering free music downloads, you may commonly find well-known bands here. There is music available right now from a wide variety of artists, including Carole King, Tony Elman, Ashaneen, and the Foo Fighters. The artists are not always the same, so if you find some music that you enjoy, you should get it as soon as you can if you want to keep listening to it.

Aside from well-known artists, this compilation is also surprisingly strong when it comes to addressing lesser-known musical subgenres. Regrettably, Amazon has eliminated the tool that formerly allowed users to sort free music by genre; however, this functionality is still available for premium music. As a result of this, you will be responsible for conducting the research on your own.

7. An archive of the internet

Did you know that the Internet Archive can be used for a lot of different things besides just making fun of how terrible the web looked back in 1999? It is also an excellent website that offers free music downloads.

The Live Music Archive is the section of the website that is most valuable to a person who enjoys listening to music. It was developed in collaboration with etree.org and contains performances and concerts by a variety of well-known musicians and bands. All of the bands included in this compilation are considered “trade-friendly,” which implies that they have given their fans permission to freely transfer parts of their music for purposes that are not commercial.

The library provides more than just music; in addition to that, you may listen to radio shows, audiobooks, poetry readings, and vintage news and current affairs conversations.

8. ReverbNation

If you are in a band that is just starting out and you want to sell your music online, ReverbNation is an excellent website to use.

On the other hand, it also serves as a wonderful resource for anybody who is interested in downloading free music. You won’t find songs by artists who are currently at the top of the charts on this website because its primary focus is on up-and-coming artists.

But you shouldn’t let that deter you in any way. ReverbNation has been instrumental in the beginning stages of several successful bands’ careers, notably that of the Alabama Shakes and Imagine Dragons. Therefore, if you download music from some of tomorrow’s hippest artists before they become famous, you have the potential to be the most popular child in school.

9. SoundClick

SoundClick, much like a significant number of the other websites on our list, primarily highlights newer musicians who have not yet established themselves as notable figures in the music industry.

The artist is responsible for making each track available to download on a case-by-case basis, and some of the tracks demand a minor charge before they can be downloaded. The site does not make all of the songs available for free download. When there are downloads available, you typically have more than one quality option to choose from. A lossless WAV file, a 320 kbps MP3, and a 160 kbps MP3 are typically the three options available to select from.

10. CCTrax

The songs that may be downloaded for free from CCTrax are all distributed under a Creative Commons licence. It places a particular emphasis on electronic music as well as dub music, techno music, and ambient music.

Every song that’s available on the site can be downloaded, and there are no fees or payment requirements of any kind. Be sure to keep an eye out for the tracks that have a unique “BY License,” as those are the only ones that can be included on other websites.

11. Bandcamp

Bandcamp is a music-sharing platform that enables artists to easily distribute their work in a “name your price” environment. This indicates that although you have the option to pay for the music, there is also the possibility to leave the payment box blank and download the song without paying for it.

The Discover page is an excellent resource for discovering new music, as well as the most popular tracks on Bandcamp, as well as songs that have been recommended by other musicians.

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There are certain songs that cannot be downloaded for free, but for the ones that don’t have a minimum price, you may just type 0 in the payment box and then follow the on-screen steps to get the song downloaded. Not all songs can be downloaded for free. The vast majority are downloadable in a variety of formats, the most common of which are MP3, FLAC, AAC, OGG, and WAV.

Additionally, there isn’t always a set minimum price for an album’s purchase.


There are other pages on Last.fm that offer free music downloads that cover a variety of genres. You have the option of perusing this collection of free downloads by category, recent releases, upcoming releases, or simply by glancing through the entire list.

Just one selection will download your chosen song.

You are able to stream hundreds of songs in addition to downloading music, and you can also get recommendations of bands that you will like.


On the website SoundCloud, you may listen to and download free music. Some of the content is offered by individual musicians, while other times it is posted by professional artists.

Not all SoundCloud songs are available for download, and others only become available once you “Like” a Facebook page. However, songs that may be downloaded immediately and without creating an account either have a FREE DOWNLOAD button beneath the song or a Download file button in the More menu.

Browse the Creative Commons section or look for music that has been designated as free; nevertheless, additional pieces of music that aren’t in these categories might also be available for free.

14. Audiomack

If you are a fan of SoundCloud and are interested in discovering new music, you will like using this website. You can stream all of the music on this website for free at any time, and depending on the artist, you can even get music downloads there. All of the music is completely legal.

The website is incredibly simple to use and utilise. You can do a search for songs, albums, and artists, or you can explore the categories titled Trending or Top Songs. At Audiomack, you may also visit the page labelled “Recently Added” to locate all of the most recent musical additions.

This website features music from a variety of genres, including afrobeats, reggae, pop, R&B, and hip-hop, as well as instrumental tracks.

There is no requirement for a user account in order to download songs from Audiomack. The most of the songs, if not all of them, are available in MP3 format.

The Android app and the app for iOS devices both allow you to stream music from your mobile device, so you can use Audiomack even if that’s how you listen to music most often.

15. BeatStars

In addition, BeatStars offers free music downloads to its users. Simply clicking on the link provided below will provide you with a comprehensive list of all that this website has to offer, which is one of the many benefits of the content that it provides.

You are able to sort the list in order to locate the recently added songs, as well as filter it by genre and a number of different moods, such as humorous, relaxing, inspiring, and inspiring. Key, instrument, beats per minute (BPM), duration, and energy level are some more filters (such as low or very high).

The most notable distinction brought about by using this website is that in order to obtain the download link for some pieces of music, you will first need to subscribe to the artist’s profile or follow them on their social media account. It can be accomplished with only a few mouse clicks, and there is no charge for doing so. To receive the download link from some websites, you are need to submit your email address.

16. Spinrilla

Mixtapes of hip-hop music can be downloaded for free at Spinrilla. You have the option of searching for these audio downloads by the name of the mixtape, single, or chart, such as the mixtapes that are currently, currently this month, or all time popular.

You can obtain individual songs or entire albums all at once, and the navigation on the website is straightforward and simple to understand. You may also check which mixtapes will be released in the future with this feature. On the tab titled “Upcoming Mixtapes,” the release dates of each mixtape are detailed.

You can obtain these music downloads on the website, but you can also listen to them using the mobile application.

17. DatPiff

Because the majority of the free music downloads available on this website are mixtapes and rap tracks, if you enjoy either of those genres, you will absolutely adore DatPiff. Both streaming and downloading options are available for the song.

Mixtapes created by fans aren’t the only thing you’ll find on this website; there are also releases by musicians who are hoping to get exposure by making their music available for free.

Checking through the categories labelled “most listened to,” “most downloaded,” “highest rated,” and “hot this week” is a simple approach to locate free files that can be used. To get a better idea of what has been popular over the course of time, you can further categorise those results by “all time,” “this month,” “this week,” and “today.”

Artists such as Lil Wayne, Wiz Khalifa, Big Sean, Meek Mill, and Jadakiss have produced some of the most popular mixtapes available for download on DatPiff.com.

What Happened to FreeAllMusic?

The vast majority of these websites focus on assisting users in downloading music by up-and-coming musicians rather than offering tracks by established artists. It’s pretty much a given, seeing as how bands that have already achieved mainstream success have no need to give out their music for free.

If you come across a website that promises to provide you a free copy of the most recent album released by Justin Bieber or Taylor Swift, you can assume that downloading the record will be against the law. If this is the case, you need to move on with the utmost caution.

FreeAllMusic is an example of such a prohibited service. Similar to The Pirate Bay, it has been knocked offline on multiple occasions, only to reappear at a different domain each time. To this day, a refreshed version is still available. Stay away from it is our recommendation.

Free Music Downlaoad

Even while it’s great to be able to get free music downloads in a legal manner, there are still a lot of different ways to pay for the most recent and most popular albums.

However, before you pull out your wallet, it is a good idea to determine in advance whether or not you enjoy the music being played.

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