Who is Mariya Putin Everything About Putin’s Daughter

Who is Mariya Putin? Everything About Putin’s Daughter

Who is Mariya Putin? Everything About Putin’s Daughter

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Mariya Putina is the older of the two daughters that were born to Vladimir Putin, the current President of Russia, and Lyudmila Aleksandrovna Shkrebneva, who was Vladimir Putin’s ex-wife. The acrobatic prowess of Mariya’s younger sister is well-known. After their father became president, Vladimir Putin chose to educate both of his daughters at home. Mariya, who is the daughter of the “First Man of the Nation,” has never been allowed to speak to the press because of her father’s position. Her true identity was never revealed to anyone when she was a student at any of the universities that she attended. After the bombing of a Malaysian airliner over the skies of Ukraine, Mariya became the object of a significant number of demonstrators’ anger. There is a strong possibility that she is married to a Dutchman whose name is Jorrit Faassen.

Before Birth

The wedding of Mariya’s parents took place on July 28, 1983, and their divorce took place in 2014. Since 2008, it is widely thought that her father has been romantically involved with a Russian gymnast. Putin and the Russian gymnast have both, however, refuted the rumor that they were involved. Mariya’s mother tied the knot with Artur Ocheretny, a businessman who is significantly younger than she is, in the year 2016.

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Birth & Education

Mariya Vladimirovna Putina was born on April 28th, 1985 in Leningrad, Soviet Union. Her full name is Mariya Vladimirovna Putina. Yekaterina Putina, who is her younger sister, was always by her side as they grew up. Yekaterina was born in the German country of Germany. She is the director of two different programs at “Moscow State University,” in addition to being an acrobatic dancer. “Masha” is a term of endearment that Mariya’s friends and family use to refer to her. In 1996, Mariya’s family made the big journey to the capital city of Russia. She received her secondary education in German in Moscow, Russia, in schools located in the Troparyovo-Nikulino neighborhood. After Putin was elected president, she was reportedly removed from her academic environment. Mariya and her sister were also homeschooled then.

Between the years 2006 and 2011, Mariya studied in the ‘Fundamental Medicine department of ‘Moscow State University.’ In order to conceal the fact that she belonged to a prominent family, she used the alias “Vorontsov” when signing up for classes at the university. In addition, Mariya graduated from ‘St. Petersburg State University with a degree in international economics. In addition to that, it is reported that she received her degree from the “State Linguistic University.”

Putin is a doting parent who is very cautious about protecting his daughters’ personal space. As a result, he has never allowed his daughters to be in the public eye, particularly in the media. Because of this, the material that is now available about Mariya and her sister contains several inconsistencies and contradictions. It has been suggested in a variety of different places that Mariya worked in the field of endocrinology during the course of her professional life. It is said that she completed her doctoral studies in a research centre run by the health ministry and directed by the academic Ivan Dedov. It has been stated that Ivan served as Mariya’s mentor when she did her research in the medical field. On the other hand, a great number of sources have given the impression that Ivan agreed to act as Mariya’s research mentor in exchange for financial support for the expansion of the institute. According to reports, the money were approved by the health ministry. After some time had passed, Ivan was elected to the position of president of the “Russian Academy of Medical Sciences.”

Family & Personal Life

According to rumours, Mariya wed her Dutch fiancé, Jorrit Faassen, and the couple now had a kid together. The identify of the daughter has not been disclosed as of yet. Jorrit was an official at “Gazprom,” the Russian state-controlled gas corporation that is partially owned by Vladimir Putin. Jorrit worked there for a period of time. The pair has settled down in Voorschoten, which is located in South Holland and is known for its high standard of living.

Mariya was the previous owner of a penthouse in the Crimean neighbourhood of Voorschoten, which was sold in 2017 for approximately $3 million. The penthouse was once selected as the location for an anti-Putin demonstration that took place.

Pieter Broertjes, the mayor of the city of Hilversum in the Netherlands, once said in a radio broadcast that Mariya should be removed from the country of the Netherlands. After the terrible downing of “Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17” when it was flying over the battlefields in eastern Ukraine, the statement was made. The explosion took the lives of all 298 passengers on board. Initially, the governments of the Netherlands and Australia placed blame on the Russian government for the explosion. During that time, Mariya was in the Netherlands. Her presence in the nation when it was in a state of mourning incited indignation among the populace. There were also demonstrations held in front of Mariya’s home by some of the country’s residents.

When Putin does discuss his family with the media, it is only occasionally. In spite of this, Putin acknowledged his daughters in 2015, saying that Mariya and Yekaterina were the source of his pride. He went on to say that both of his daughters were exceptionally talented, with one of them even being able to speak three European languages at an advanced level. He did not, however, specify which of his two daughters he was referring to when he was talking about her.

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