Who is Logan Paul Girlfriend?Logan Paul Dating History,Net Worth & more latest updates

Who is Logan Paul Girlfriend?Logan Paul Dating History,Net Worth & more latest updates

Who is Logan Paul Girlfriend?Logan Paul Dating History,Net Worth & more latest updates

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Logan Alexander Paul is a YouTuber and social media star from the United States. In addition to blogging on his own YouTube channel, he has been hosting the Impulsive podcast since November 2018, and as of January 2022, he has over 23 million YouTube subscribers.

In 2013, Paul established a following by releasing doodles on Vine, a video-sharing app. Following the discontinuation of the Vine app, he started posting regularly on his YouTube channel, TheOfficialLoganPaul, on October 18, 2013.

On August 29, 2015, he launched the Logan Paul Vlogs channel, which has since become his most-subscribed YouTube channel.

The channel has 23.2 million subscribers and over 5.8 billion views as of January 2022, making it the 74th most-subscribed channel in the United States and one of the most-subscribed channels on the platform.

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Paul’s acting credits include guest roles on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit and Bizaardvark, as well as roles in the films The Thinning (2016) and The Thinning: New World Order (2018).

He’s also branching out; in 2016, he released his debut single “2016,” and in 2018, he competed in an amateur white-collar boxing battle against British YouTuber and rapper KSI. The bout was declared a draw by a majority of the judges. Paul lost a split decision to KSI in the rematch, which was a professional bout.

Paul has been embroiled in a number of scandals, the most recent of which stemmed from a trip to Japan in December 2017, during which he visited the Aokigahara “suicide forest,” videotaped a suicide victim and uploaded the clip to his YouTube channel.

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Name Logan Alexander Paul
Age (2022) 25 years
Height 6’2”
Reach 76”
Weight 190 lbs
Logan Paul’s Net worth (2022) $35 million
Residence Los Angeles, California, USA
Endorsements PepsiCo, Raycon, Dunkin’ Donuts, Verizon, Hanes, HBO
Marital status Single
Record 0-1
Last updated 2022

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Early life and education

Paul grew up in Ohio with his younger brother, Jake, a YouTuber and internet sensation. Paul started making internet videos for the Zoosh YouTube channel when he was ten years old.

He went to Westlake High School, where he was named an All-Star linebacker on the football team by The Plain Dealer in 2012 and qualified for the state-level Ohio High School Athletic Association Division I Wrestling Individual Championships in 2013.

YouTube career

Paul’s YouTube channel had amassed a moderate audience via the app Vine by the time he started college. He majored in Industrial Engineering at Ohio University before leaving in 2014 to pursue a full-time career as a full-time social media entertainer in Los Angeles, where he shared an apartment with other Vine stars.

Paul became well-known as a member of the Vine video-sharing website. He had over 3.1 million followers on various social media networks in February 2014. By April 2014, he had amassed 105,000 Twitter followers, 361,000 Instagram followers, 31,000 Facebook likes, and around 150,000 YouTube subscribers.

In the first week, after it was posted, a YouTube compilation video of his Vine work received over four million views.

He was named the 10th most influential person on Vine in 2015, with his six-second videos bringing in hundreds of thousands of dollars in advertising income. By October of that year, his Facebook videos had surpassed 300 million views. Logan refers to his fans as “Logang,” a combination of his first name and the word “gang.”

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Paul made an appearance on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit in early 2015. He also played the Paul Twins in the Fox television series Weird Loners. In two episodes of the Freeform series Stitchers, he played himself.

In 2016, he starred alongside Peyton List in the YouTube Red film The Thinning. Paul began training with theater teachers and comic troupes The Groundlings and Upright Citizens Brigade in early 2016.

Paul penned the screenplay for Airplane Mode, an adult comedy that has been dubbed “American Pie for Gen Z” and “Expendables with Internet stars” by Paul.

The film was originally scheduled to be released in 2017, but due to delays, it was finally released on August 2, 2019. He was also a part of a number of commercials, including those for Hanes, PepsiCo, and HBO. Logan Paul VS, a short-form digital TV series created by Paul, was purchased by Comcast in 2016.

Dwayne Johnson released “Logan Paul has been cut from, like all of The Rock’s movies” on his own YouTube channel in February 2017, a video starring himself and Paul in which Johnson informs Paul that he has been cut from all of Johnson’s films and consoles Paul by making him the “ambassador” for his upcoming Baywatch feature film.

Paul’s latest single, “No Handlebars,” was released on November 23, 2017, and features an interpolated sample of the song “Handlebars” by the American alternative hip hop duo Flobots. The song was widely panned for what many saw as its sexual objectification of women, particularly a moment in the music video in which Paul rides multiple women like a bicycle.

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Jamie Laurie, the vocalist of the Flobots, slammed Paul for the song’s “sexist” lyrical content as well as the unlawful usage of the sample, branding him the face of “douchebag entitlement.” Laurie will eventually release “Handle Your Bars,” a song featuring derogatory lyrics against Paul. Paul did not respond to Laurie’s comments or the negative reaction to “No Handlebars,” but he did remove the song from YouTube.

Suicide forest controversy

On December 31, 2017, Paul posted a video to his YouTube channel displaying the recently deceased body of a guy who had committed suicide by hanging himself in Aokigahara, Japan, which is known as the “suicide forest” due to its reputation as a suicide hotspot.

Paul and his friends had planned to camp in the woods for part three of his “Tokyo Adventures” series, but after discovering the body, they decided to contact the authorities and abandon their plans. Within 24 hours after its release, the video had 6.3 million views. Celebrities and politicians slammed Paul’s video displaying the corpse and his group’s reactions to it.

He was also accused of being insensitive to suicide victims by other members of the YouTube community.

He was also chastised for other misdeeds he was caught on camera doing during the trip, including climbing onto a moving forklift at the Tsukiji fish market, removing his clothing on a crowded street, then fighting with one of his companions, and throwing a giant Poké Ball at passing citizens, including a Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department officer.

Several petitions demanding YouTube to remove Paul’s channel were submitted to Change.org, with the greatest receiving more than 500,000 signatures as of January 12, 2018.

Following the reaction, Paul took the video down from his YouTube channel and issued a formal apology via Twitter on January 1, 2018. The next day, on January 2, Paul released a video apology on YouTube in which he described his acts as a “coping technique” and asked his followers to stop protecting him in the process.

On January 9, YouTube issued a statement denouncing Paul’s video via their Twitter account. They said in a series of tweets, “We apologize for taking so long to react, but we’ve been listening to everything you’ve said. We understand how one creator’s actions may have a ripple effect throughout the community, so we’ll have more to say about the efforts we’re taking to ensure that a video like this is never shared again.”

On January 10, YouTube said that Paul’s channels will be removed from Google Preferred, the company’s preferred ad program and that New World Order, the sequel to his YouTube film The Thinning, would be put on hold, as well as the showing of Logan Paul VS.

He was also fired from Season 4 of the YouTube Red series Foursome, where he played Alec Fixler.

TMZ reporters caught up with Paul at LAX on January 15. He believes he has been treated “fairly” and has learned a lot from his mistakes. “Everyone deserves second chances, bro,” Paul said when asked if he deserved a second opportunity.

He responded by donating $1 million to suicide prevention organizations, with a quarter going to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline.  In reaction to the incident, Paul hired Mike Majlak, a former Marketing Manager at LoveSac, to “see that no terrible things happen” and to work with Logan to help him rehabilitate his reputation.

After a three-week vacation, Paul officially resumed his daily YouTube vlogs on February 4. Susan Wojcicki, the CEO of YouTube, announced on February 12 that Paul had not broken the platform’s three-strike policy and did not satisfy the threshold for being banned.

Following the controversy surrounding the suicide video, Maverick Apparel, a juniors and children’s clothing brand, threatened Paul with legal action for using a similar name (“Maverick by Logan Paul”) for his clothing line, claiming that shoppers are confusing their line with Paul’s, resulting in a significant drop in sales.

Logan Paul Dating History

Logan Over the years, Paul has had a number of girlfriends and flings. And, while determining who he dated versus who he purported to date for views may be difficult, the list comprises all of his suspected relationships:

Logan Paul Girlfriend Josie Canseco

According to TMZ, Josie Canseco and Logan Paul met in Los Angeles because their friendship circles were similar.

“It was a crossroads of L.A. circles,” Paul explained. She’s over here, and I’m over there, and one night we went in circles… It’s an f-ing severe situation. It’s a serious situation.”

Josie and Logan were first seen together in public in 2020 when they were both holding hands at the Rose Bowl Flea Market.

Josie was born in Weston, Florida on November 5, 1996. She is the daughter of Jessica Canseco, a model, and Jose Canseco, a former Major League Baseball player. Josie went to Oaks Christian High School before becoming a model.

Who is Logan Paul Girlfriend?Logan Paul Dating History,Net Worth & more latest updates
Who is Logan Paul Girlfriend?Logan Paul Dating History,Net Worth & more latest updates

After being found by photographer Bryant Enslava, she finally dropped out of school to pursue a modeling career. Josie’s images from the 2015 Coachella Music Festival with her pal Charlotte D’Alessio went viral.

Josie had worked in the entertainment world before. She was interested in dance when she was a teenager. She also worked as a young model for brands including Kohl’s and Hollister, as well as Teen Vogue, Aeropostale, and Urban Outfitters.

In addition to being a part of the reality show, Hollywood Exes with her mother, Jessica, the celebrity model has been on television. Josie was also cast in Summer Break 2, a YouTube series. She also appeared in Kygo’s music video for the song “Here for You” in addition to these.

Josie would sign with NEXT Model Management after deciding to pursue a modeling career. She was a part of Sports Illustrated’s casting call in 2016, and she auditioned for the publication. Josie was also named Playboy Playmate of the Month in June 2016 during the same year.

Josie made an appearance in the Moschino resort runway show the following year, which was her favorite runway show to see. Aside from that, she also tried out for a spot in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. She didn’t make the cut that year, unfortunately.

Canseco will eventually join the roster in 2018 when she debuted at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show. Josie was also the cover girl for Galore in the same year, and she walked in the Frankie’s Bikinis Fashion Show in Los Angeles.

Josie has made a name for herself as a model. She has even modeled for Sherri Hill, a well-known fashion designer. In April of this year, Josie was featured on the cover of ELLE Serbia.

Josie has also appeared in shoots for Harper’s Bazaar Mexico, Chinese Vogue, Numero Russia, Maxim, and a variety of other publications. While Josie has reaped the benefits of her modeling fame, she did not have an easy road ahead of her.

Josie claimed to have struggled at the outset of her profession.

“A lot of models believe you aren’t a real model unless you’ve lived in a model apartment with six or seven ladies,” she remarked in an interview with the New York Post. There are some girls using drugs, some cooking fish at 7 a.m., stinking up the house, and smoking. You don’t have any privacy, which is difficult. But it was the only way I could begin.”

Josie’s modeling career has progressed significantly. In reality, she aspires to work as a model for American Vogue.

“I believe having an American Vogue cover would be great,” Josie added.

Josie works hard in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. She works out every day at Dogpound, the same fitness center where Gigi Hadid works out. Josie also works out with boxing, cycling, circuit training, running, weight training, golf, and dance. Josie is a brand ambassador for Alo Yoga, a company that provides sportswear for men and women.

Josie is passionate about the outdoors, especially animals, in addition to her modeling job. Josie said in an interview with Flaunt that she is assisting an animal organization called The Real Bark, which aids dogs who have been labeled as “Tough Cases.”

Since November 2020, Josie and Paul are said to have broken up. Paul said that he is “too selfish” to be in a relationship. Josie, on the other hand, stated that Paul wasn’t the proper man for her and that he was only interested in her because of her celebrity.

To make matters worse, Jose, Josie’s father, expressed his displeasure with the breakup. It’s worth noting that Paul’s revelation of the breakup came just a few days before his brother’s knockout victory in a boxing exhibition battle against former NBA player Nate Robinson.

Josie apparently cut off her father for his provocative remark, and the affair took a drastic turn. In addition, Josie’s ex-boyfriend would answer right away.

Fortunately, Josie and her father have reconciled their differences. In reality, Josie and her father were seen joyously dancing together at Delilah in West Hollywood for her 25th birthday celebration in November 2021.

Josie has been linked to romance rumors involving rapper G-Eazy and Tiktok actor Bryce Hall since her separation from Paul. Canseco, on the other hand, appears to have remained single since then. Nonetheless, here’s to Josie’s continued success and happiness as she pursues her modeling goals.

Logan Paul Girlfriend Corinna Kopf

Kopf is a YouTuber and vlogger from the United States. Between January and February of this year, she dated Logan for a month.

Logan Paul Girlfriend Chloe Bennet

Paul and Bennet dated between July and October 2018, and Paul was a popular actress who starred in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Logan Paul and Olga Safari

Between November 2017 and early 2018, Logan Paul and actress/model Olga Safari had a brief romance.

Logan Paul and Chantel Jeffries

Paul and actress Chantel Jeffries allegedly hooked up in November 2017.

Logan Paul and Lydia Kenney

Kenney and Paul started dating in August of 2017.

Logan Paul and Alissa Violet

Definitely the messiest of his relationships, it’s unclear what exactly their connection was like. Alissa was a member of Jake Paul’s team 10 in the past. Between 2016 and 2017, she dated Jake for around a year. In 2017, she was booted out of team 10 after breaking up with him. She’s also said to have had a romance with Logan Paul around the time he released his Jake diss track. These rumors have yet to be confirmed.

Logan Paul and Ayla Woodruff

In 2017, Ayla and Paul were rumored to have hooked up.

Logan Paul and Teala Dunn

Teala Dunn, an American actress, and YouTuber was believed to be dating Logan in 2016.

Logan Paul and Amanda Cerny

Logan Paul and Amanda Cerny, a social media star, had a brief relationship in 2016.

Logan Paul and Jessica Serfaty

Logan Paul is a character in the film Logan Paul Between 2014 and 2016, he dated actress Jessica Serfaty.

Logan Paul and Amymarie Gaertner

Amymarie Gaertner is said to have hooked up with Logan Paul.

While the specifics of Logan Paul’s partnerships, as well as the existence of the relationships themselves, are unclear, it’s clear that he has dated a lot of women over the years. While it’s unclear how long his current relationship with Josie Canseco will survive, the two have been together for a year.

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