Who Is Li Xian Girlfriend His Ideal Type & Past Dating History

Who Is Li Xian Girlfriend? His Ideal Type & Past Dating History

Who Is Li Xian Girlfriend? His Ideal Type & Past Dating History

Li Xian, the charismatic Chinese actor who rose to fame with his captivating performances, has garnered significant attention not only for his acting prowess but also for his romantic endeavors off-screen. As fans eagerly speculate about his personal life, particularly his romantic interests and past relationships, the mystery surrounding Li Xian’s girlfriend and ideal type continues to pique curiosity. From rumored relationships with fellow celebrities to his rumored ideal type, Li Xian’s romantic journey unfolds with intrigue and speculation.

Who Is Li Xian?

Li Xian is a Chinese actor who has gained widespread recognition for his performances in various television dramas and films. He was born on October 19, 1991, in Jingzhou, Hubei, China. Li Xian began his acting career after enrolling at the Beijing Film Academy in 2010, where he studied performance.

Throughout his career, Li Xian has portrayed diverse characters across a range of genres, including romance, mystery, and historical dramas. Some of his notable works include “Who Sleeps My Bro” (2016), “Medical Examiner Dr. Qin” (2016), “Tientsin Mystic” (2017), “Only Side by Side with You” (2018), “Go Go Squid!” (2019), and “Sword Dynasty” (2019). His performances have earned him accolades and praise from audiences and critics alike.

Aside from his professional achievements, Li Xian’s personal life has also attracted attention, with rumors and speculations surrounding his romantic relationships. Despite this, Li Xian remains a highly respected figure in the Chinese entertainment industry, admired for his talent, versatility, and dedication to his craft.

Li Xian Instagram

You can find Li Xian’s official Instagram account under the handle @mr.lixian. He has over 2 million followers and shares various posts and updates about his life, work, and interests. It’s a great way to stay connected with his latest activities and projects.


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Li Xian Dating History

Li Xian’s dating history has been a subject of speculation among fans and the media. While he has been linked with various actresses he has worked with, including Zhong Chuxi, Wang Zixuan, and Yang Zi, none of these relationships have been officially confirmed. Despite rumors circulating about his romantic entanglements, Li Xian has maintained a private stance on his personal life, preferring to keep details of his relationships out of the public eye.

Li Xian Ideal Type

Li Xian has a preference for certain physical attributes like long, silky hair, as evidenced by his rumored relationships with individuals who possess such features.

Li Xian Ideal Type
Li Xian Ideal Type

Li Xian Ex-Girlfriend List

Li Xian’s romantic life has been a subject of speculation and curiosity among fans, with rumors swirling about his past relationships. Among the names linked to him in the past are actresses Zhong Chuxi, and Wang Zixuan, and his co-star from “Go Go Squid,” Yang Zi. While these rumors have circulated, Li Xian has not publicly addressed or confirmed any of these relationships. The lack of official statements or evidence has left fans to speculate about his dating history, adding an air of mystery to his personal life.

Li Xian and Zhong Chuxi

Li Xian’s romantic life has been a subject of interest among fans, particularly his rumored relationship with Eliane Zhong Chuxi, known for her role as Xiao Suizi in Feng Xiaogang’s film “Youth.” During their time together, the couple frequently interacted on social media platforms like Weibo and were often seen behaving intimately in public photos.

Reports suggest that Li Xian went above and beyond to express his affection for Zhong Chuxi, visiting her at her school and even penning heartfelt love letters. However, despite their apparent infatuation, their relationship ultimately came to an end, possibly due to their busy schedules in the entertainment industry.

While the details of their breakup remain private, both Li Xian and Zhong Chuxi have continued to thrive in their respective careers. As fans reflect on their past romance, they express hopes for the well-being and success of both individuals moving forward.

Li Xian and Zhang Qiao’er

In another chapter of Li Xian’s romantic journey, he was linked to a woman named Zhang Qiao’er. In 2017, Li Xian was spotted dining out with two women, displaying gentlemanly behavior by escorting one of them, identified as Zhang Yuwei, home after the meal. Later, Li Xian and Zhang Yuwei, who sported long hair, were frequently seen entering and leaving the same neighborhood, leading to speculation about their relationship status.

Zhang Yuwei, a graduate of The Central Academy of Drama, remained tight-lipped about the rumored romance, and neither party addressed the swirling rumors at the time. While the details of their connection remain shrouded in mystery, this episode adds another layer to the enigmatic love life of the talented actor, Li Xian.

Li Xian and Wang Zixuan

The on-screen chemistry between Wang Zixuan and Li Xian in the drama “Tientsin Mystic” has captivated fans, leading to the formation of numerous CP (couple) fan groups. Their frequent interactions on social media platforms further fueled speculation about a potential real-life romance.

Wang Zixuan and Li Xian often engaged with each other’s posts, with Li Xian frequently liking Wang Zixuan’s Instagram posts and vice versa. Additionally, Wang Zixuan was a frequent visitor to Li Xian’s Instagram profile. These interactions delighted fans of the drama, who eagerly hoped for a romantic connection between the two actors off-screen.

Who Is Li Xian Girlfriend His Ideal Type & Past Dating History
Who Is Li Xian Girlfriend His Ideal Type & Past Dating History

However, despite the fervent wishes of fans, Wang Zixuan and Li Xian have maintained that they are good friends and not involved romantically. While their close friendship and on-screen chemistry continue to delight audiences, their relationship remains strictly platonic, debunking any rumors of a romantic involvement.

Li Xian and Shang Yuxian

Among the list of rumored girlfriends associated with Li Xian, Shang Yuxian stands out prominently. Known for her roles in acclaimed films such as “Mr. Six,” “Kung Fu Yoga,” and “Detective Chinatown 2,” Shang Yuxian has garnered attention for her enigmatic persona and impressive acting skills.

Hailing from Sichuan, Shang Yuxian comes from a wealthy and mysterious family background, adding to her allure. Eschewing the typical path of idol celebrities, she opts to work solely in films helmed by renowned directors and producers, often portraying the second female lead with finesse.

Rumors suggest that Shang Yuxian’s aloof demeanor caught the attention of other celebrities, including Li Yifeng, during their time working on “Mr. Six.” However, it was Li Xian who eventually captured her heart, despite the initial coldness she exhibited towards Li Yifeng.

Li Xian and Yang Zi

Li Xian and Yang Zi’s on-screen chemistry in the popular drama “Go Go Squid” garnered them immense popularity as the beloved “Tong Nian CP,” becoming one of the year’s most adored TV couples. Their portrayal of Han Shangyan and Tong Nian’s sweet romance captivated audiences, leading many fans to hope for a real-life relationship between the two actors. Despite the rumors swirling around their off-screen romance, both Li Xian and Yang Zi clarified that they have been close friends for years and are nothing more than that.

As classmates from the Beijing Film Academy, Li Xian and Yang Zi share a deep bond of friendship and mutual respect. While their roles as an on-screen couple garnered significant attention, they maintain that their relationship is purely platonic.

Li Xian’s rise to fame after years of steady work in the industry was further solidified by his collaboration with Yang Zi in “Go Go Squid.” Despite their undeniable chemistry, Li Xian expressed his reluctance to work with Yang Zi again, jokingly citing her as “too powerful.”

While fans may have hoped for a romantic connection between them, Li Xian and Yang Zi’s relationship remains rooted in friendship and admiration. Their pure and genuine bond serves as a testament to their professionalism and dedication to their craft.

Who Is Li Xian Girlfriend?

Li Xian currently doesn’t have a girlfriend, as he is focused on his career. Despite being linked with several A-list Chinese celebrities such as Zhong Chuxi, Wang Zixuan, and Yang Zi, none of these relationships have been officially confirmed. Li Xian’s dedication to his craft and discretion regarding his personal life have left fans intrigued about his romantic endeavors, but for now, he seems to be prioritizing his professional aspirations over romantic pursuits.

Li Xian Girlfriend
Li Xian Girlfriend

Is Li Xian Dating Anyone?

Li Xian is currently not dating anyone. However, he has been previously rumored to be in relationships with actresses Zhong Chuxi, Wang Zixuan, and Yang Zi. Despite speculation surrounding his romantic life, Li Xian has chosen to keep his current relationship status private, focusing instead on his career in the entertainment industry.

Is Li Xian Dating Influencer?

While there have been rumors suggesting that Chinese actor Li Xian is dating an influencer named Xiao Xue, there has been no official confirmation from either party regarding their relationship status. The speculation arose due to various clues observed by fans, such as similar IP addresses and attendance at the same events. However, without concrete evidence or statements from Li Xian or Xiao Xue themselves, it remains unclear whether they are actually dating.

Li Xian Drama List

Here is a list of dramas and TV shows featuring Li Xian:

  1. Flourished Peony – as Jiang Chang Yang
  2. A Love Never Lost – as Liang Xiang / Yu Bu Gu
  3. Yang Guang Xian Sheng
  4. Will Love in Spring – as Chen Mai Dong
  5. Shooting Stars – as Xiang Yuan Sheng / Hua Zhen
  6. Meet Yourself – as Xie Zhi Yao
  7. 11 Left – as Chen Zhen Yu / Fan Qiang / Yao Yi
  8. Go Go Squid 2: Dt. Appledog’s Time – as Han Shang Yan / Gun [Wu Bai’s cousin]
  9. Sword Dynasty – as Ding Ning
  10. Go Go Squid! – as Han Shang Yan/ Gun
  11. Women of Shanghai – as Chen Xiao Wei (Guest Role)
  12. Only Side by Side with You – as Chang Jian Xiong
  13. Tientsin Mystic – as Guo De You
  14. Rush to the Dead Summer – [Li Xia’s second boyfriend] (Guest Role)
  15. Medical Examiner Dr. Qin – as Lin Tao
  16. Four Ladies – as Ding Zi Hui (Support Role)
  17. Who Sleeps My Bro – as Xie Xun
  18. City of Fantasy – as Ah Liang
  19. Quan Pan Chu Ji – Regular Member (TV Show)
  20. Hello, Saturday 2023 – (Guest, TV Show)
  21. Young Forever – Regular Member (TV Show)
  22. Go Fighting! Season 7 – (Guest, TV Show)
  23. Six Princesses – (Guest, TV Show)
  24. Beep Plan – (Guest, TV Show)
  25. Relativity of Life – Regular Member (TV Show)
  26. Keep Running Season 5 – (Guest, TV Show)
  27. Super Premiere – (Guest, TV Show)
  28. Happy Camp – (Guest, TV Show)

These are some of the notable dramas and TV shows in which Li Xian has appeared.

Is Li Xian dating anyone?

Li Xian is currently not dating anyone. However, he has been rumored to have been in relationships with several actresses and influencers in the past.

What are some of Li Xian’s most popular dramas?

Some of Li Xian’s most popular dramas include “Go Go Squid!”, “Only Side by Side with You”, “Tientsin Mystic”, and “Sword Dynasty”.

Is Li Xian active on social media?

Yes, Li Xian is active on Instagram under the username @mr.lixian, where he shares updates, photos, and videos with his 2 million+ followers.

Has Li Xian won any awards for his acting?

Yes, Li Xian has won several awards for his acting, including the Weibo TV Drama Awards for Best Actor and the China TV Drama Awards for Most Promising Actor.

What is Li Xian’s background in acting?

Li Xian studied at the Beijing Film Academy, where he majored in performance. He has appeared in various movies, TV dramas, and TV shows, gradually gaining recognition for his talent and versatility as an actor.


In the realm of celebrity gossip and fan speculation, Li Xian’s romantic life remains a topic of fascination and intrigue. While fans eagerly await confirmation or denial from the actor himself regarding his dating status and ideal type, it’s essential to remember that speculation should be taken with a grain of salt. As Li Xian continues to charm audiences with his on-screen performances and captivating presence, his personal life remains a subject of interest and speculation for fans worldwide.

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