Legally Blonde 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Plot

Legally Blonde 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Plot

Legally Blonde 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Plot

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Pretty in pink! As a result of Legally Blonde’s commercial success, cult following, and fans’ undying love for Elle Woods, the film spawned a successful sequel, and now production on Legally Blonde 3 has begun.

As Elle, everyone’s favorite Gemini vegetarian law school student who didn’t let her ex-boyfriend Warner (Matthew Davis) or unfair stereotypes stop her from becoming a lawyer, Reese Witherspoon became a household name after starring in the 2001 original film adaptation of Legally Blonde. The role of Elle was originated by Witherspoon.

The comedy was also responsible for giving birth to a number of memorable sayings that fans of the franchise still use to this day, such as “What, like it’s hard?” Additionally, it was the precursor to the maneuver known as the “Bend and Snap.”

According to a report from Deadline in May 2020, the production of Legally Blonde 3 had finally been given the go-ahead after years of rumors and teases. Witherspoon’s comeback as the blonde attorney who objects to catcalls and won’t stand for a fellow sorority sister being wrongly accused of murdering her husband was revealed by the site. After all, “Happy people don’t kill their husbands!” is her catchphrase.

According to Deadline, the actor best known for his role in Sweet Home Alabama has given his production firm, Hello Sunshine, the go-light to make the film. Marc Platt, the original producer of the franchise, will be working in collaboration with the firm based in Los Angeles, and it was just revealed that Mindy Kaling and Dan Goor will be the authors of the new script.

“Elle Woods is such an iconic figure because she demonstrates that a woman can be girly and clever at the same time. People, you need to flex and snap!” At the time, Kaling made a post on Instagram in which she confirmed her role in the movie.

After another five months had passed, Witherspoon facilitated a digital get-together for the original ensemble of Legally Blonde so that they could reflect on the film’s enormous commercial success. According to Variety, the first movie made $141 million at the box office, and the 2003 sequel, which followed Elle to Washington, D.C. as she fought to pass Bruiser’s Bill (named for her beloved Chihuahua), grossed nearly $125 million worldwide. The 2003 sequel followed Elle as she fought to pass Bruiser’s Bill.

“I believe that [Elle] just motivated individuals to have faith in themselves,” said one fan. During the October 2020 event, Witherspoon stated that the actress had inspired her to “truly keep an open mind.” I believe that her spirit is something that all of us right now might benefit from having a little bit more of.

The author of Whiskey in a Teacup mentioned that she was surprised by the popularity of the first movie and that she had not anticipated that it would encourage a significant number of young women to pursue careers in law.

“Oh, my gosh. No. Absolutely not. “I don’t think any of us knew what this film was going to turn out to be,” she remarked at the time. “I don’t think any of us knew what this film was going to turn out to be.” “It seems like more and more people are coming up to me and saying, ‘I went to law school because of Elle Woods.'”

Witherspoon once again paid tribute to her much-loved alter ego on the 20th anniversary of the film, which made fans even more excited for the impending third film in the series.

She made light of the situation in July 2021 by posting a joke to Instagram with the caption, “Time flies when you’re busy using legal jargon in your everyday life.” “But truly… playing Elle Woods was the role of a lifetime, and I’m so proud to have been a part of sharing her story with all of you,” she said at the end of the video. “But truly… playing Elle Woods was the role of a lifetime.” I’m curious… what Elle will decide to do next.

Scroll down to find out all we currently know about the third installment of the Legally Blonde film series:

It’s a Go!

In June 2018, Witherspoon confirmed the project by posting a video of herself acting out the role of Elle Woods. She captioned the Instagram clip that showed her in a glittering pink bikini floating on a raft in her pool with “It’s real… #LegallyBlonde3,” which was a reference to one of the many classic scenes from the first movie and will be featured in the third installment.

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Matt Davis Cameo?

When asked about the possibility of his return to the series, Davis, who played the ex-boyfriend of Elle and Vivian (played by Selma Blair), told Us Weekly in July 2018 in an exclusive interview that “I think anything’s possible.” “I’ve always told people that if it weren’t for Warner, there wouldn’t be an Elle Woods. Elle’s enrollment at Harvard was a requirement imposed by Warner. Take that into consideration. If it weren’t for Warner, there would be no such thing as “Legally Blonde!”

Holland Taylor Wants In

In the original film from 2001, Taylor played Professor Stromwell. In October 2018, she shared with Us exclusively that she would love to return in some manner and play the role again. “If they don’t have that character back as a Supreme Court justice or an even more elevated professor or as part of the government, they’re crazy,” she said at the time. “If they don’t have that character back as a Supreme Court justice or an even more elevated professor or as part of the government.”

The Dream Team

In May of 2020, Reese Witherspoon and Mindy Kaling provided confirmation that The Mindy Project creator and Goor would be writing the third episode of the Legally Blonde film series. The two actresses will work together again on this project. They previously appeared in A Wrinkle in Time and The Morning Show alongside one another.

The former cast member of The Office posted the following message on Instagram at the time: “Finally, some use for my Elle Woods fan fiction.” “So pleased to be reunited with my friends @reesewitherspoon @laurenneu and Dan Goor to work on this movie,” Reese tweeted. “This movie is going to be amazing!”

In addition, the founder of Draper James shared his excitement over the “wonderful news” on social media, stating, “Some things are just meant to be! I cannot express how thrilled I am that @MindyKaling and #DanGoor will be penning the third instalment of the Legally Blonde series! “Elle Woods has given her stamp of approval on this!”

Jennifer Coolidge Is Ready to Return

Coolidge, who portrayed the role of nail salon worker Paulette, shared an exclusive comment with Us in January 2020 regarding the upcoming movie. She said, “I did hear at one point during The Morning Show [that] it’s going to [happen].” “But of course, there are stories that you read every day in the papers that say, ‘Legally Blonde is opening May 20 this year,’ and you’re like, ‘Well, ugh.’ The truth of the matter is that there is no confirmation that these rumors are true. But I’m not really sure. I’d jump at the chance to play Paulette once more.”

In July of 2021, Kaling stated to Andy Cohen that Coolidge will “1,000 percent” be making a cameo in the third film.

Luke Wilson Doesn’t Have Any Updates

In an exclusive interview with Us in December 2020, Wilson, who had previously portrayed Elle’s lover and future husband Emmett, stated, “Of sure [I’d do it].” “As for the Legally Blonde rumors that we are hearing about right now, I don’t know anything more than the average person walking down the street. And that is the reality of the situation. I’ve heard that they’re writing it and trying to put it together, but they’re trying to keep it very tightly under wraps, so I can’t say much more about it.”

Wilson gushed about the success of the franchise and said that he “liked working with Reese.” He also commented on the success of the franchise. “It’s just a really nice sensation. It is one thing to make a movie that people enjoy, it is another thing to make a movie that is successful, but to have one that acquires legs because of how people feel about it, that is a terrific feeling,” he continued. “For a movie to successfully bridge the gap between generations.”

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Legally Blonde 3 Release Date, Trailer, Cast, and Plot

The Script Is in the Works

During her interview on Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen in July 2021, Kaling disclosed that the writing staff is “still working on our first draught” of the screenplay for the upcoming show. She mentioned that the most nerve-wracking aspect of the endeavor up to this point has been “capturing the voice” and doing justice to the illustrious moments from the first two movies. She went on to add that “things like the “Bend and Snap.” There are so many famous moments in [the movies] that we have to come up with our own new version of it.”

The Script Status

“There isn’t a script for us to use yet!” While promoting the second season of The Morning Show with Jennifer Aniston in September of 2021, Witherspoon shared her thoughts with ET. “The schedule for Mindy is full. Mindy is putting a lot of effort into it. That much is clear to me. And I can’t express how much I care for her. Simply pondering the question, “What Would Elle Woods Be Doing Right Now?” gives us a good belly laugh… There have been so many shifts, but there are also many aspects that are still very much the same.

When asked about the possibility of Aniston appearing in the movie, the actor who played Ross in Friends responded with a jest saying, “I’ll be unlawfully blonde.”

Jennifer Coolidge’s Script Idea

On the red carpet at the 2021 Emmy Awards, Coolidge shared with EKaramo !’s Brown that she does not have a clear understanding of what is happening with Legally Blonde 3. She shared her frustration by stating, “I was hoping tonight somebody could fill me in because I haven’t heard anything.” “Every week, I get something like a tiny text or anything saying, ‘It’s happening,’ or whatever, and then I don’t hear anything again,” the person said.

The actress continued by saying, “I know Reese has a lot going on, but I really hope it happens.”

In the event that it happens, the actress who plays Paulette in The White Lotus has a plan for what she’d want to see her character accomplish, and no, it doesn’t involve more bending and snapping. She made light of the situation by joking, “I hope that Reese and I are running pretty quickly for the majority of it.” “We’re trying to get away from something as quickly as we can.”

Making the Script ‘Awesome’

The former cast member of The Mindy Project shared with Extra in November 2021 that “we’re still working on the script.” “Reese is incredibly busy. I just want to give something that everyone loves, therefore for that reason, we’re taking our time.

While Mindy Kaling remained mum regarding the sequel that is now in the works, she did share her thoughts on where she saw Elle Woods in the modern world. She told the outlet, “I’m always intrigued to see where Elle would be in 2021 with all of the political movements that have happened.” I’m very sure she’s settled down with Emmett by now, and the two of them have a lovely little family.

Legally Blonde 3 Cast

Although Witherspoon has signed on to feature in the movie as well as produce it, no other official cast members have been announced as of yet. However, back in July of 2018, Regina King, who portrayed Grace in Legally Blonde 2, and Matthew Davis, who played Warner in Legally Blonde, both expressed interest in coming back to their respective roles.

Davis remarked, “I would love it if you could let me know where the writers think Warner is at this moment.” “I think it would be really interesting to see a story in which Warner is married to a politician or to a lady who is running for politics, and in which he serves in some capacity as a type of a kept man. And the person who is running against her is another candidate, and Elle Woods is the one in charge of handling the campaign. It seems that Elle Woods is the one who is directing this campaign against Warner’s wife.”

In response to the announcement about the film, King stated, “I freaking love Reese, and if she asked me to come back, even if it was just for a scene, I would.”

Legally Blone Release date

The real question is, after all these years of speculation, when exactly are they going to release Legally Blonde 3? Initially, it was going to be released in theatres on February 14, 2020, which is Valentine’s Day.

After that, due to all that happened in 2020, the release date of the picture was pushed back to May 2022.

However, we do not yet have a date set.

In March of 2022, Kaling disclosed to Time that the production of the movie had been put on hold indefinitely so that she and Goor could continue to work on the script. “”We don’t want to be responsible for damaging what is practically Reese’s Avengers franchise,” Kaling stated, dropping hints that the film will tackle issues like “What is Elle Woods like at 42? Does she finally accomplish everything it was that she set out to do? How does that personality come across in a lady who is fully grown? Is it possible that she has gotten more cynical? When she was 22, her positivity and cheery disposition were a huge asset to her, but how has her life since then altered the way she sees the world?”

One thing is certain: whoever claimed that making movies was simple had some severe mental health issues.

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