Lee Soo-hyuk Plastic Surgery

HOT-Korean Actor Lee Soo-hyuk Plastic Surgery Updates 2023

Lee Soo-hyuk is a famous Korean actor and model.  Lee was born on 31 May 1988. He is famous for his roles in Scholar Who Walks the Night, Doom at Your Service, and Born Again. His famous movies are Pipeline, The Boy from Ipanema, Runway Cop.

He is a very handsome and attractive person. Many netizens claimed that he had undergone a surgical process. His appearance at an event in 2017 people were shocked to see the change in his appearance. So, he is considered one of those Korean actors who had plastic surgery.

Here is the proof that he had undergone plastic surgery.

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Nose shape:

If we look at his pictures before and after we clearly can see the difference. His nose shape is different in both pictures. His agency official stated that he had been on a strict diet. So, his facial features are more smooth and gentle. Many netizens commented that Lee’s nose shape has changed and this cannot be done by diet. It is plastic surgery.

Body shape:

His body shape has also changed. People also noticed his muscle shape. Now his muscle looks more attractive, and brawny, with perfectly cut muscle, and his six-pack abs are also stunning and attract attention instantly. It was clear evidence that it is the result of plastic surgery. But he never admitted it. He says it is the result of his hard work and exercise.

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Lee Soo-hyuk Plastic Surgery
Lee Soo-hyuk Plastic Surgery

Face shape:

His face has also changed from before. His face has gained some mass. The difference can be noticed in the pictures.

In earlier photos, he has around the natural face.

Lee Soo-hyuk Plastic Surgery
Lee Soo-hyuk Plastic Surgery

Botox Injections:

People claimed that he had used Botox Injections. These injections are an instant solution for the body’s changing shape. Botox is popular for wrinkles. Even before his plastic surgery, he was very popular and famous. His fans love the dark circles around his eyes.

There are many rumors about this but his agency did not say anything about it. Some of his fans are against the surgery because they love his natural look. But many fans supported him in this matter.

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Guys, are you ready to support him?

Whether he had plastic surgery or not you cannot stand his beauty, right?

His difference can be seen in his past pictures.

It does not matter if he had undergone plastic surgery or not, the thing that matters the most is his efforts for his career.

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