Who is Lee Joon Gi girlfriendIs he married 2021 Updates

Who is Lee Joon Gi girlfriend?Is he married 2023 Updates

Who is Lee Joon Gi girlfriend in real life?  Who has he dated? Is he married? Who is his wife? Is Lee Jun Ki married? Did Lee Joon Gi and IU date? How old is Lee Jun?  lee joon gi is he married, lee joon gi and iu, lee joon gi wife jeon hye bin

Lee Joon Gi Korean actor, singer, dancer, and model. He was born on April 17, 1982. He is very famous for his unique personality and acting skills. Many people are curious about his personal life like Lee Joon Gi girlfriend, Lee Joon Gi wife, and other things.

Lee Joon Gi girlfriend

Lee Joon Gi Dating as well as Listing of Ex-girlfriends

Right here are a checklist of Lee Joon ki validated, rumored relationship and females he dated:

Jeon Hye bin

Shin Min Ah


Yoo Ri Ah

Park Min Young

Let’s speak about each of these beautiful women relating to with their relationship to Lee Joon ki, Lee Joon ki’s rumored as well as verified connection:

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Lee Joon-gi girlfriend

Numerous celebrities do not publicly acknowledge their partnerships easily because they are bound to harm somebody. This causes them to keep their connections a secret, however, the majority of them always get caught by press reporters. Take star Lee Joon-gi and also Jeon Hye-bin as an example, both met through Gunman in Joseon and also established feelings for each other.

However before they validated their connection, Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin rejected the rumors numerous times as well as at last confessed that they had actually been dating secretly for over a year.

Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin relationship

Nevertheless, not long after the verified dating information broke out, a few months later on, Lee Joon-gi and also Jeon Hye-bin announced their separation through official statements of the Namoo Casts company. Allow’s study the information of their connection listed below!

Given that Lee Joon-gi, as well as Jeon Hye-bin, know they’re in the public eye and will likely be complied with by paparazzi when they least anticipate it, you would certainly assume that a lot of stars would certainly maintain any kind of love connection as deceptive as feasible.

Well, that’s not specifically the case– after being embroiled in dating rumors, not when, not twice, however thrice, Oriental actor Lee Joon-gi and also Korean actress Jeon Hye-bin were photographed out on a late-night day by Oriental media outlet Dispatch. Both have been captured on a supposed day and made the headlines.

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On April 4th, 2017, Lee Joon-gi as well as Jeon Hye-bin finally verified their partnership. It was reported that the two began dating in early 2016 and also familiarized each other’s feelings with the dramatization Lee Joon-gi as well as Jeon Hye-bin had actually played before Shooter in Joseon, back in 2014. Yet after two years of devotion, on August 25th, 2017, their company, Namoo Actors, confirmed records saying both ended their connection after four months of going public.

A within resource stated the reason for their separation was their busy schedules, which led them to come to be far-off and also ultimately break up. No matter that, the source has said the stars would certainly continue to support each other as coworkers.

Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin just have a one-year age gap. Lee Joon-gi was birthed in 1982, while Jeon Hye-bin was birthed in 1983.

Lee Joon Gi girlfriend
Lee Joon Gi girlfriend

The two have actually been in the very same agency, Namoo Casts, considering that 2014.

Lee Joon-gi is Jeon Hye-bin’s sunbae (elderly) in the acting globe, which is why initially, she really felt rather a space between them.

Their agency refuted their dating reports 3 times in June, August, as well as September of 2015.

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According to Lee Joon-gi’s longtime fans, the pair has been showing indicators of dating on social media sites. An example of this took place on Jeon Hye-bin’s birthday. On September 27th, 2016, Lee Joon-gi posted on Instagram a blog post with a charming subtitle that checked out, “Hello? My person ♥.”

Dispatch followed the two for a while as well as collected a lot of proof of both being suspiciously close. For instance, Lee Joon-gi was seen walking what seemed Jeon Hye-bin’s Pomeranian canine called Satisfied.

There was also a witness who saw them in a car and truck, a Black Porsche when traveling near Apgujeong-dong, Seoul, “Lee Joon-gi was brushing the face of Jeon Hye-bin, they appeared like lovers.”

Once Again, Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin were seen with each other at a bar near Yakushu Terminal as they were greeting their acquaintances there.

The eagle-eyed fans found that Lee Joon-gi, as well as Jeon Hye-bin, were using the very same pendant and phone case long prior to they validated their relationship (pictures listed below). When asked, their agency rejected their relationship, stating that Jeon Hye-bin is merely wearing a pendant she got on a Hawaii holiday two years in the past. In contrast, the one worn by Lee Joon-gi was given by followers and also appeared to be a prominent as well as usual kind of necklace in Korea.

In December 2014, before the couple disclosed their partnership to the public, performer Hong Seok-Cheon uploaded a photo on his Instagram with a subtitle, “My Sweet”/” 마이스윗” (the name of his restaurant which is well known for the numerous star couples checking out the location).

In the photo, he looks pleasant with Gunman in Joseon actors: Yoo Sung, Lee Joon-gi, Jeon Hye-bin. Because the photo was published, the reports about the two of them dating flowed among the netizens. But at the time, Lee Joon-gi as well as Jeon Hye-bin refuted the rumors as well as claimed it was simply a service connection, as well as they, were only friends.

Lee Joon-gi when shared a picture of his Gunman in Joseon good friends Jeon Hye-bin as well as Lee Dong-hwi. The 3 rest alongside as well as smile, gazing at the camera and also making eye call with the video camera.

Jeon Hye-bin once shared that she familiarized his sensations since Lee Joon-gi repetitively talked about her SNS.

After the connection went public, Lee Joon-gi left a letter expressing his love for Jeon Hye-bin and also his apologetic heart in the direction of his fans on his main internet fan coffee shop.

Their relationship created debate since Joon-gi was an actor’s member of My Ear’s Candy, a show in which stars are coupled with each other to develop chemistry, with any luck developing into romance. Followers examined his genuineness toward his partner (Park Min-young) in the program, leading him to ask forgiveness.

“I really feel a remarkable amount of responsibility in regards to my look in the range program. I want to regards say sorry to all the followers and audiences who revealed much love and also support,” he claimed in a declaration.

Ultimately, the show My Ear’s Candy obtained terminated to refrain from any complications or potential rating drops as Lee Joon-gi validated that Jeon Hye-bin is his girlfriend.

According to the starlet, Lee Joon-gi, as well as Jeon Hye-bin, were friends for a long time before dating. “We had been a hyung as well as a dongsaeng for a long period of time because I’m a tomboy. And we believed we weren’t suitable at all. We really did not see this coming because we were pals for a long time,” Jeon Hye-bin had said on a talk show.

Jeon Hye-bin gushed about Lee Joon-gi when they were still dating on Delighted Together 3. She shared, “I thought he was polite at first, but the much more I got to know him, a lot more I pertained to recognize that he was a good person. At some point, he began leaving a lot of comments on my social media sites too. We naturally became a dating partnership.”

An Oriental media talked about Lee Joon-gi as well as Jeon Hye-bin’s interest that they mostly took pleasure in days at Jeon Hye-bin’s suite situated in Gangwon-do. It was additionally discussed that Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin spent the 2017 New Year together too.

Additionally, according to an expert, the lovebirds are commonly fulfilled at each other’s homes. Prior to, when Jeon Hye-bin returned to South Korea from South America, Lee Joon-gi went to her house to welcome her house. The couple was likewise discovered meeting up along with friends, with Joon-gi using a mask to hide his identity.

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Lee Joon-gi girlfriend speaks about their love


Stars Jeon Hye-bin and also Lee Joon-gi have actually always been exclusive regarding their partnership, which started on the collections of 2014 KBS drama ‘Shooter in Joseon.’ This April 4, their company, Namoo Cast confirmed that they were certainly in a relationship since very early 2016.

Jeon Hye-bin has revealed just how the two co-stars advanced their partnership from being pals to fans.

Allkpop notes that Jeon Hye-bin, that has guest-starred in ‘Running Guy,’ showed up in the April 27 broadcast of ‘Delighted Together 3’ where she was asked to talk about her connection with guy Lee Joon-gi. She ended up being a little bit shy and was at first trying to smartly bypass the question but ultimately spoke about him.

” At first, I truthfully assumed I wasn’t right for him since I had an instead tomboyish as well as jolly personality. Because we were good friends for a very long time, I really did not expect it to turn out in this manner,” she stated.

Jeon Hye-bin’s followers recognize the actress isn’t simply a quiet face; she likes to remain healthy and also even take part in runs. That doesn’t suggest she can’t find love and she has.

” At first I simply thought about him as a generous sunbae that looked after his fellow juniors and also was a genteel individual. However the extra I challenged him, I recognized that he was a great individual. Afterward, we kept running across each other, and he just began leaving several talks about my social media sites page. So we slowly came to be lovers,” she remembered the progress of their connection.

On April 4, Namoo Casts launched a statement that read, “Lee Joon Gi and Jeon Hye Bin fulfilled as coworkers through a dramatization in 2014, as well as when the first dating rumor report was released, they were buddies at the time. Nevertheless, the two progressed into a dating connection sometime throughout the beginning of 2016.”

The agency included, “They had a lot of resemblances as friends and also ended up being thinking about each various other, yet they invested a long time verifying those feelings, which is why they are very carefully dating. Please look upon these 2 stars fondly as they proceed with their tasks.”

Lee Joon-gi apologized to every person for keeping their partnership trick for such a long time and wrote on his fan web page, “My heart really feels extremely heavy simply thinking about every person’s stunning as well as confused state. Though it is a bit late, I would love to provide my real feelings” and added “I had actually felt a various feeling after meeting with her on the dramatization collection as well as I required a long time to correct my ideas. That pal was a person who understood and comforted me a lot that happened to be a bright as well as a cozy person.”

Internet site Dispatch had additionally released many pictures of Lee Joon-gi as well as Jeon Hye-bin out on days, after the relationship was publicly acknowledged. In any case, regardless of Hye-bin’s earlier bookings, both certainly look excellent together.

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Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin break up


Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin’s agency reported that they have finished their partnership on August 25, 2017. The firm launched a declaration that both Lee Joon-gi and Jeon Hye-bin had active routines as well as will remain to support each other like an elderly and also junior.

Lee Joon-gi, as well as Jeon Hye-bin, ended the connection the same year they revealed it. Netizens guessed that apart from their busy schedules, the other factor could be the hate comments left by Lee Joon-gi’s followers.

Apparently, the hate that discusses Jeon Hye-bin’s Instagram was rather extreme; cursing, harassing her, calling her names, as well as abusing her verbally. The comments were mainly from worldwide fans in English as well as Chinese.


Shin Min Ah


Lee Joon Gi was rumored to be in a connection with Shin Minutes Ah. Lee Joon Gi rejected the rumors that were going on for some time. He made an appearance on ‘Healing Camp’ as well as stated that they just worked for five months with each other and he was not dating starlet Shin Min-Ah.

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Lee Joon Gi girlfriend
Lee Joon Gi girlfriend



An additional rumored Partner of Lee Joon Gi is Uee. Yet by appearing on One Night TV Amusement, Lee Joon verified that they were not dating as he was as well hectic today.

Lee Joon Gi girlfriend
Lee Joon Gi girlfriend

Yoo Ri Ah


Yoo Ri Ah is likewise Lee Joon Gi’s rumored Sweetheart. The fans felt that they were dating as they were detected at a beauty parlor and also a coffee shop with each other. Lee Joon Gi’s company denied the rumor. They stated he just met Yoo Ri Ah to Provide her acting lessons.

Lee Joon Gi girlfriend
Lee Joon Gi girlfriend

Park Min Young

Park Min Young as well as Lee Joon gi’s connection, Park made several appearances together with Lee Joon Gi, and also everyone believed they remained in a partnership, yet in the future, Lee Joon verified his partnership with Jeon Hye Container.

Lee Joon Gi girlfriend
Lee Joon Gi girlfriend


Lee Joon-gi, as well as IU, were a lot closer off camera making fans question if the two were privately dating. Nonetheless, according to documents, IU and also Lee Joon-gi are simply friends who love supporting each other.

Lee Joon Gi girlfriend
Lee Joon Gi girlfriend

Lee Joon-gi marriage


Lee Joon-gi is currently around 38 years of age. It’s natural for a person his age to be currently married however not in the Korean show business. There is a lot of males as well as female stars who are already his age but are still single.

It coincides with Lee Joon-gi. He dated a couple of females in the past. Among them was verified in public, and also it’s Jeon Hye-bin. Yet because Lee Joon-gi and also Jeon Hye-bin ended their relationship, there disappears dating information regarding Lee Joon-gi neither regarding his marriage.

Lee Joon-gi marriage
Lee Joon-gi marriage

Lee Joon-gi typically pointed out planning a marriage when he can shortly. When he was shooting The Flower of Evil with actress Moon Chae-won, Joon-gi again mentioned his interest in marital relationships. He will if he can meet someone that he is implied to be with in the future. Individuals always ship him with his co-actress, however, they only come to be good friends or coworkers in the same industry.


Lee Joon-gi wife


Lee Joon-gi has another half, Moon Chae-won, in among his dramas. Regrettably, it’s not an actual spouse and also just for acting. Lee Joon-gi is not wed yet. Although he commonly believed as well as revealed his rate of interest in it in a few of the meetings in the past. He is playing the role of another half in a marriage partnership with Moon Chae-won in the drama labeled The Flower of Evil.

Lee Joon-gi wife
Lee Joon-gi wife

Lee Joon-gi work as a strange man whose other half obtains suspicious about his past. He can’t grin like other individuals and also fabricates his life. This dramatization had a solid presence when it was broadcast as well as got huge interest from K-drama lovers. Lee Joon-gi truly has terrific chemistry with Moon Chae-won that serves as his wife. Do you believe that they will make a good couple also?

Lee Joon-gi is a rising celebrity right after he filmed The King as well as the Clown back in 2005. He actively acts in Korean dramas as well as movies. He made a good appearance in the Hollywood Flick Local Wickedness with Milla Jovovich. He’s an Ajusshi now, yet it’s not stimulated his lethal appeal to his fans. Allow’s hope we hear great news concerning his love partnership in the future.

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