Who is Kylie Jenner Husband in 2022Kylie Jenner Boyfriend & Dating History Latest Updates

Who is Kylie Jenner Husband in 2023?Kylie Jenner Boyfriend & Dating History Latest Updates

Who is Kylie Jenner Husband in 2023?Kylie Jenner Boyfriend & Dating History Latest Updates

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Kylie Kristen Jenner (born August 10, 1997)[3 is an American media personality, socialite, model, and businesswoman who was born into a family of socialites and entrepreneurs. She was a cast member of the E! reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians from 2007 to 2021, and she is the founder and proprietor of the cosmetics firm Kylie Cosmetics, which she founded in 2009. She is presently the most followed woman on Instagram, as well as the second most followed person overall.

When she was 14 years old, she and her sister Kendall teamed with the apparel business PacSun to produce the “Kendall & Kylie” collection of clothing, which was sold in stores nationwide. Jennifer Jenner debuted her own cosmetics line, Kylie Lip Kits, in 2015. The line was then renamed Kylie Cosmetics, which was introduced the following year.

They also released a mobile application called Kendall and Kylie, which quickly rose to the top of the iTunes App Store’s charts.

As a result of their tremendous influence among young people on social media, Time magazine included the Jenner sisters to its list of the world’s most influential teens in 2014 and 2015.

Jenner was the youngest person to appear on the Forbes Celebrity 100 list when it was published in 2017, making her the youngest person to appear on the list.

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Jennifer Jenner starred in her own spin-off series, Life of Kylie, which premiered on E! on August 6, 2017. Jenner is the youngest of the Kardashian sisters. In November 2018, the New York Post named her as the most influential celebrity in the fashion industry, and she accepted the honor.

According to Forbes, Jenner’s net worth was estimated to be US$1 billion in 2019, making her the world’s youngest self-made billionaire as of March 2019, despite the fact that the notion of Jenner being self-made is a source of debate due to her privileged upbringing. Jenner is the daughter of Bruce Jenner and Kris Jenner.

Forbes magazine, on the other hand, issued a statement in May 2020 accusing Jenner of faking tax documents in order to appear as a multimillionaire. According to the newspaper, she also fabricated income data for her cosmetics company, Kylie Cosmetics.

Early life

Kylie Kristen Jenner was born on August 10, 1997, in Los Angeles, California, to Kris Jenner and Kendall Jenner. Caitlyn Jenner (when known as Bruce Jenner) is the youngest daughter of former Olympic decathlete champion Caitlyn Jenner (then known as Bruce Jenner). and Kris Jenner (née Houghton), a television personality who is also an entrepreneur.

Kendall Jenner is Jenner’s older sister, and she has eight older half-siblings. Caitlyn Jenner has three elder half-brothers, Burt, Brandon, and Brody Jenner, as well as one older half-sister, Cassandra Marino, on her mother’s side of the family. Jenner has three elder half-sisters, Kourtney, Kim, and Khloé, as well as one older half-brother, Rob Kardashian, who descends from Kris Jenner’s side of the family.

In addition to being a member of the cheerleading squad at Sierra Canyon School, Jenner attended the school. Jenner claims to have acted in school plays as well as in community plays during her time in high school.

She began homeschooling in 2012 and enrolled in an at-home education program, from which she graduated with honors with a high school diploma from Laurel Springs School in Ojai, California, in July 2015, according to her mother.

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From 2007 to 2010, Jenner appeared on the reality television series Keeping Up with the Kardashians alongside her parents and siblings Kendall, Kourtney, Kim, Khloé, and Rob. The show follows the personal and professional lives of the Kardashian family members.

As a result of the show’s popularity on its broadcast network, E!, a number of spin-offs have been produced, including Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, Khloé & Lamar, Kourtney and Kim Take New York, and Kourtney and Khloé Take The Hamptons, in which Jenner has made a number of cameo appearances.

In August 2011, the sisters presented a screening of Glee: The 3D Concert Movie at the Regency Village Theater in Westwood, Los Angeles. Their photo was published in Seventeen magazine’s Style Stars of the Year issue in 2011, and the magazine named them as “Style Ambassadors” for the magazine.

In February 2012, the two of them hosted the premiere of the film The Vow in Hollywood. During the Hunger Games premiere at The Nokia Theater in Los Angeles in March 2012, the Jenners also conducted an interview with the cast of the film. Later in 2012, she appeared in an episode of the American reality television series America’s Next Top Model, in which she appeared with her sister Kendall and mother Kris Jenner.

When the 2014 Much Music Video Awards were held in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, the Jenner sisters served as co-hosts. Kylie made her acting debut in a trailer for the show, which aired in June of that year.

The Jenner sisters made an appearance in the music video for PartyNextDoor’s song “Recognize” in August 2014. She also participated in the music video for Jaden Smith’s song “Blue Ocean,” which he directed himself.

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Rebels: City of Indra: The Story of Lex and Livia was written by Jenner and her sister Kendall, and it is set in a dystopian science fiction world in which two twin sisters, Lex and Livia, live in a “self-sustaining biosphere” constructed from the remnants of Earth known as Indra.

When the novel was first published, it was condemned for being a ghostwritten work, prompting its ghostwriter Maya Sloan to confess that, while the Jenner sisters had written a two-page plan for what they wanted the novel to look like, Sloan was the one who was actually responsible for creating it.

Although the Jenners’ creative director, Elizabeth Killmond-Roman, emphasized that they and Sloan had multiple Skype and FaceTime conversations to discuss the subject of the novel, she did not specify how many talks they had. After receiving a mixed reception from critics, the novel only sold 13,000 copies in its first four months on the shelves. There was also a sequel to the book, Time of the Twins, which was also written by the Jenner sisters with their brother.

While presenting brother-in-law Kanye West’s performance at the Billboard Music Awards in May 2015, the Jenner sisters were booed.

In May 2015, an episode of Keeping Up with the Kardashians aired in which Jenner admits to obtaining a lip augmentation. Jenner had previously denied having the procedure done. Her enlarged lips, which were the result of lip fillers, sparked suspicion and earned her media attention. Jenner had previously revealed that she just used lip liner and excessively lined her lips before the premiere of the program.

Due to this, the practice of sucking one’s lips into a small glass in an attempt to increase blood flow and expand the lips was coined as the “Kylie Jenner Challenge” and has since gained widespread popularity (though there was no indication that Jenner herself employed this method). According to Jenner’s response to the criticism, she stated, “I’m not here to try and promote people/young girls to look like me or to believe that this is the way they should appear.”

Jenner stated in August 2015 that she will be launching her debut lipstick brand as part of her self-titled lip kit, which she would call the Kylie Lip Kit. The Jenner sisters made an appearance in the music video for Justine Skye’s song “I’m Yours” in November 2015.

After being renamed Kylie Cosmetics in February 2016, Jenner’s cosmetic company saw a significant increase in production, with the number of kits manufactured increasing from an initial 15,000 to 500,000.

Kim Kardashian Jenner published a three-minute-long commercial film for a line of lip glosses in March 2016, which was directed by Colin Tilley and featured fellow models Karin Jinsui, Mara Teigen, and Jasmine Sanders among the cast.

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The song used in the video was eventually found to be “Three Strikes” by Terror Jr, a band that was formed on the same day as the video’s release; nonetheless, the lead singer, who was later proven to be singer Lisa Vatale[51], was widely believed to be Jenner herself at the time of its release. Jenner, on the other hand, has repeatedly denied any affiliation with the band.

It was in May 2016 that she made her musical debut, rapping on the song “Beautiful Day,” produced by Burberry Perry, alongside Lil Yachty, Jordyn Woods, and Justine Skye.

Another PartyNextDoor music video for his song “Come and See Me” followed the following month, in which Jenner appeared. She made a surprise appearance at the Rio Americano High School prom in Sacramento with junior Albert Ochoa in April 2017, after learning that his original date had declined to accompany him.

At the time, Jenner was 19 years old, and she was ranked 59th on the Forbes Celebrity 100, which ranks the 100 highest-paid celebrities from the previous 12 months based on their earnings of approximately US$41,000,000. Jenner was the youngest person on the list, having earned approximately US$41,000,000.

Life of Kylie, a reality show centered on Jenner’s life, launched in August 2017 and has since gained widespread popularity. During Mother’s Day 2018, Kylie Cosmetics announced the debut of a makeup line named Kris Cosmetics, which was created in collaboration with her mother Kris Jenner.

Kylie Jenner and her half-sister Kim Kardashian unveiled their second collaboration collection, KKW x Kylie Cosmetics, on Black Friday 2018, following the success of their first collection, which was launched in 2017. The Kylie Cosmetics mobile application was introduced the same month.

Jenner and her half-sister Kim Kardashian’s KKW Beauty collaborated on the introduction of a new fragrance in April of this year. This cooperation marked Jenner’s first venture into the fragrance industry, and the fragrance was released on April 26.

Jenner debuted her own skincare line, Kylie Skin, on May 22nd, and has since expanded the line.

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Skincare items for the dermis were first introduced by the brand, which included face cleansers, scrubs, moisturizers, and makeup remover wipes. Koko Kollection was launched on June 14, 2019, by Kylie Cosmetics in conjunction with her half-sister Khloé Kardashian, and it is the first collaboration between the two women. This was their third collaboration, following the debut of a unique collection of lip cosmetics dubbed Koko Kollection in 2016, followed by the release of the second part of the collection in 2017.

The Kardashian-Jenner family revealed in September that Jenner would serve as the makeup artistic director for Balmain’s Spring 2020 catwalk show during Paris Fashion Week. To commemorate the introduction of the new line, Kylie Cosmetics and Balmain collaborated on a capsule beauty collection, which will be available on September 27, the day of the show, on the Kylie Cosmetics website. For Jenner, this was the first time she worked on a makeup line with someone who was not a member of her family’s inner circle.

Her presence during Paris Fashion Week, on the other hand, was canceled because she was unable to go to Paris for work due to illness. News spread that she had been admitted to a hospital for flu-like symptoms, which she later stated in response to a post by an Instagram fan account that she had never had the flu but instead had a terrible strep and staph infection in her throat, which she had discovered in March 2020. (bleeding from the mouth and all).

Jenner filed a trademark application for the phrase “rise and shine” in October of this year, a statement that quickly became a meme after a video of Jenner singing the phrase to her daughter, Stormi, went viral.

With one billion views on TikTok, the hashtag #RiseandShine has established itself as the platform’s fastest-growing hashtag trend. In addition to the usual “rise and shine,” Jenner has trademarked the phrases “riiise and shiiinnee” and “riiise and shinee.” The latter trademark would be applicable to apparel, whilst the former would be applicable to cosmetics as well.

The following month, Jenner sold a 51 percent stake in Kylie Cosmetics to Coty, which also owns other beauty brands such as Covergirl, OPI, Rimmel, GHD, and Clairol, for $600 million. Coty is the parent company of Coty, which owns other beauty brands such as Covergirl, OPI, Rimmel, GHD, and Clairol.

Jenner stated in January 2020 that she has registered the terms Kylie Con, Kylie Kon, and Kylie Museum.

Her sister Kendall stated in the same month that she and Jenner’s Kylie Cosmetics were working on a cosmetics line in partnership with Jenner’s company. Kylie Cosmetics and Kendall Jenner collaborated to launch Kylie Cosmetics x, Kendall Jenner, on June 26, 2020.

Even later in the same month, Jenner announced that Kylie Cosmetics would introduce a Valentine’s Day collection named after Jenner’s daughter, Stormi, to coincide with the holiday. It was on February 1st, the same day as her daughter’s birthday, that the Stormi Collection was officially introduced.

Who is Kylie Jenner Husband in 2022Kylie Jenner Boyfriend & Dating History Latest Updates
Who is Kylie Jenner Husband in 2022Kylie Jenner Boyfriend & Dating History Latest Updates

During the month of May 2020, Jenner had a surprise appearance in the music video for Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber’s song “Stuck with U.” The Jenner sisters responded to claims that their fashion label Kendall + Kylie had failed to pay factory workers in Bangladesh as a result of the COVID-19 outbreak the following month. It was previously stated that Global Brands Group (GBG) had the Kendall + Kylie brand displayed on its website before the scandal broke.

According to the Jenners, their company is owned by a distinct organization known as 3072541 Canada Inc., despite the fact that their brand “had previously worked with CAA-GBG in a sales and business development capacity solely” and that they “now have no contact with GBG at all.” Kylie Cosmetics announced the Summer Sailor line in August 2020, which included Jenner’s first-ever artificial lashes, which debuted in August 2020.

She appeared in Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” music video that same month, alongside vocalists Normani and Rosala; a petition requesting that Jenner’s cameo be deleted from the video garnered more than 65,000 signatures, prompting the video to be edited out.

Jenner ranked first on Forbes’ ranking of the highest-paid celebrities for the year 2020.

During the month of August 2021, Jenner teased Kylie Swim, a new swimwear brand that would be available in sizes for every woman.

Kylie Jenner’s website officially debuted on September 17 with the official launch video. Kylie Jenner launched a new skincare and hair product brand for newborns on September 21st, which she named Kylie Baby.

Jenner became the first woman to reach 300 million followers on the social media platform Instagram in January 2022, overtaking the previous record-holder, singer Ariana Grande, who had achieved the feat in December 2017.

Kylie Jenner Dating History

Even though she is one of the most followed persons on Instagram, Kylie Jenner has always maintained a high level of secrecy about her personal life. That girl has kept her relationships as private as her pregnancy – save from the breakups, kids, and bloody feuds with boyfriends’ ex-girlfriends. Judging from the dearth of information available, those non-disclosure agreements are absolutely enforceable.

That being said, there is some very strong evidence that Kylie has been involved in several relationships, most of which are probably unknown to the majority of her admirers. So you don’t have to waste time watching Kylie’s Instagram account, I looked deep into her prior relationships to find all of her serious lovers, former flings, and odd guys you’d never think she actually dated.

For a complete rundown of every relationship Kylie Jenner has ever had, continue reading this article.

Kylie Jenner Husband Travis Scott

Kylie began dating Travis Scott (whose true name is Jacques Bermon Webster II) in April of 2017, and they have been together ever since. In 2017, Travis performed at Coachella as part of his California leg of his world tour, and the two became fast friends. They noticed a spark right away, so Kylie gathered her belongings and headed out on the road with Travis to support him on his current tour.

According to Kylie, “Coachella was one of the destinations on his tour,” as she revealed in a GQ interview. “In response, he stated, “I’m going back on tour—what do you guys think we should do about this?” Because we were clearly attracted to one another. And I said to myself, ‘I guess I’ll tag along with you.'”

It was just a month later that Kylie found out she was expecting their first child, Stormi Webster, who was born on February 1, 2018, following a top-secret pregnancy.

It has been reported in the past that both engagement and cheating rumors have made their way into the public domain. According to TMZ, Kylie discovered some “overly friendly” direct messages to girls on Travis’ Instagram account in 2019. Travis momentarily disabled his Instagram account and canceled a gig on his Astroworld tour shortly after the news surfaced, claiming he was sick. Travis has categorically denied the allegations of cheating.

In October of this year, the two ultimately called it quits, although Kylie assured fans that they are still “on good terms.” The two were able to co-parent well for a few months before reuniting in a more or less formal way in March 2020. According to a source, People magazine: “Kylie and Travis are in a good place right now. They are quite pleased. Kylie hasn’t put a label on their relationship as of yet. However, it appears that they are not seeing any other persons.”

In the months that followed, Kylie’s nephew Mason Disick assured fans that “no, Kylie and Travis are not back together,” and in September 2020, stories arose claiming that their relationship is “on the rocks.” According to a source who spoke to Us Weekly, “they are so on and off that it fluctuates virtually month to month.”

Even though many fans believed Kylie was dating family friend Fai Khadra during the “off” periods (which I doubt, but that’s fine), Stormi’s parents have made it obvious that they are back together.

On June 15, 2021, Kylie and Stormi traveled to New York City to attend the Parsons Benefit, where Travis was being recognized and walked the red carpet together as a family as part of the celebration. According to E!, throughout his address, Travis expressed his gratitude to both his daughter and his longtime girlfriend, stating, “Stormi, I love you, and wifey, I love you.”

The couple’s second kid is due on September 8, according to Kylie, who confirmed the news after weeks of persistent speculation. And for any fashionistas who happen to be reading this, your gal is already out here dishing out terrible pregnancy attire.

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott marriage

Kylie Jenner fueled suspicions of a secret engagement and wedding yesterday when she shared a snapshot on her Instagram Story of her left ring finger with two extremely symbolic rings on it: a diamond-filled band and a smaller gold band. Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are engaged, according to reports.

The Kardashian-Jenner family has not responded to reports that she and her on-and-off partner Travis Scott are secretly married, but some media sources have speculated that Jenner may have gently communicated significant relationship news with Instagram posts.

Jenner and Scott have mostly kept the details of their rekindled romance under wraps, but Jenner has been the source of engagement and marriage rumors in the past that turned out to be nothing more than rumors. She is also known for wearing engagement-ring-like rings on her ring finger as a fashion statement.

According to an insider at E! News, the last time Jenner ignited engagement rumors by displaying matching diamond rings that Scott gave her and their daughter Stormi, the “speculation is completely untrue.” “They haven’t shown any interest.”

The most recent major development in Jenner and Scott’s relationship came last month through E!, when a source discussed how the couple is faring following the birth of their son Wolf Webster in early February, according to E! It was reported by a source that Kylie and Travis were “doing incredibly well together” and were “adapting to a new routine.” When Stormi was born, they had their schedule down pat.

Now that they have two children, they have to get back into the groove of things, which includes being up at all hours of the night and accommodating two children at once.

Jenner last spoke openly about her and Scott’s relationship status in February 2020, when she spoke to Harper’s Bazaar about their future plans. Despite the fact that Jenner and Scott were not dating at the time, they remained friends. Jenner stated at the time, “We have such a wonderful friendship.” “We’re like best friends,” says the author. Stormi is dear to both of us, and we want the best for her. We maintain constant communication and coordination. I imagine what [my parents] would do if they were in a similar scenario as Stormi’s. They were really hands-on with me, and I want Stormi to have the same experience.”

Kylie Jenner Boyfriend Fai Khadra

Hold on to your hats, because this supposed relationship is a hot mess. In 2019, rumors were positive *swirling* that model Fai Khadra was dating reality TV star Kendall Jenner, according to Us Weekly. Despite the fact that the two donned a couples’ costume for Halloween last year and Kendall has even joked about “creating a family” with him, she has clarified that they are only pals with the statement “we don’t date.”

Two years previously, he was ALSO photographed holding hands with Jordyn Woods, who is considered the number one persona non grata in the entire Kardashian/Jenner clan. In 2020, Fai began surfacing on Kylie’s Instagram in an unexplained manner, and many are sure that the two were once in a relationship — if only for a brief moment.

It all started in June 2020, when Kylie began uploading sultry lingerie photos with a mysterious man-shoulder on her social media accounts. 👀👀👀

Clearly, a girl was attempting to communicate with us. After a week, the beauty entrepreneur took his family on a vacation to Utah, which is when Fai appeared. The dude received a grid post on Kylie’s Instagram (yes, she’s taking things seriously) as well as a spot in this half-naked carousel.

Kylie managed to find a way around the European travel ban (???) in August 2020, and she took a vacation to Paris, France, during that time. You’ll never guess who tagged along with us. Yes, Fai, that is correct. Kylie shared photographic evidence on her Instagram Stories as well as on the internet.

All of this is extremely crucial because Kylie almost seldom uploads images of individuals other than her immediate family and best friend Stassie Karanikolaou to her Instagram grid, which is a big source of controversy (which is fair, considering that kind of exposure is literally worth millions). As a result, the majority of the internet believes the two were a couple, and Kylie has neither confirmed nor denied this.

She has, however, sent Fai a birthday greeting in the form of an eight-photo Instagram Story, which she has shared with him.

Despite the fact that all of this evidence has led some to assume they exist, I personally do not believe it. Fai has been a long-time friend of the Kardashian/Jenner family, and I’m sure Kylie’s Instagram postings are just a lot of bff energy. You’re going to have to make your own decision on this one, I’m afraid.

Kylie Jenner and Tyga

Kylie’s first serious relationship was with rapper Tyga, who she met through a mutual friend (real name: Micheal Ray Stevenson). There was plenty of drama in their three-year relationship: public fights with Tyga’s baby mama (who later had a child with Kylie’s brother, Rob Kardashian), constant pregnancy speculation, and several ugly public breakups.

Kylie and Tyga initially met in November 2011 during Kendall Jenner’s 16th birthday party, when Kylie was 14 and Tyga were 21 years old, respectively. Years later (in July 2014), Tyga makes his first appearance on Kylie’s Instagram page, and in August of the same year, he joins her in celebrating her 17th birthday. The rapper later calls off his engagement to Blac Chyna, his long-term girlfriend and the mother of his baby, which had been planned for two years. Consequently, Blac Chyna and her entourage have been dishing out shade, controversy, and screenshot sharing for approximately two years.)

In October 2014, the two made their Instagram debut by dressing up as a pair in a Halloween costume. The two began dating in the public eye from this point forward but maintained that they were “just friends” until Kylie turned 18 (for which Tyga gifted her with a $320k Ferrari).

In September of 2016, Kylie showed a big promise ring, revealing that she and Justin intend to tie the knot one day in the not too distant future.

Unfortunately, that day did not come to pass. They had been dating on and off until April of 2017 when they announced their separation only weeks before Kylie was photographed holding hands with Travis Scott at Coachella.

Kylie Jenner and Jaden Smith

It’s widely thought that Will Smith’s son Jaden was Kylie’s first love back in 2013, despite the fact that the two never publicly confirmed being together. Interestingly enough, when Kylie was 13, Jaden introduced her to her lifelong best friend (now ex-best friend) Jordyn Woods, who became her lifelong best friend.

During that time, Kylie refuted rumors of romantic involvement with Jaden, telling Seventeen that Jaden is simply a close friend of the couple. Although she does not have a boyfriend, she expresses a strong desire to enjoy the “boyfriend prom experience.”

Later in the interview, though, she did mention Jaden, saying that if she wanted a date to prom, she could call him up and ask “Jaden [Smith], for example, is one of my best male friends with whom I would like to travel. I know I’d have a good time with him because he makes me laugh and is a fantastic dancer.”

It’s unknown how long the two were truly together, but two years later, Kylie got into a heated altercation with Jaden’s then-girlfriend, Amandla Stenberg, which was shown on television. Kylie responded angrily to Amandla’s criticism of her for sporting cornrows “I’ll be mad if I don’t, and I’ll be mad if I do…. Go hang out with Jaden or anything like that.”

Kylie and Jaden appear to have reconciled later in the year, as they were seen together at a Justin Bieber performance later in the year.

Kylie Jenner and Cody Simpson

Kylie had a brief relationship with musician Cody Simpson before meeting Jaden (the pictures are really cute, FYI). Because their brief romance took place before the advent of social media, there isn’t much information available on them, but Cody did make light of their breakup on Hello Ross.

After Ross Mathews brought up Kylie, Cody answered by saying, “The entire K-O-D-Y thing didn’t work for me.” When Ross Mathews joked that if the relationship had worked out, Cody would have become a Kardashian, Cody responded, Cody was actually dating Gigi Hadid at the time of the incident.

Kylie Jenner and Ramsey IV

The artist Ramsey IV was reportedly Kylie’s first lover, according to MTV. According to rumors, the two were in a relationship from 2008 to 2011, beginning their relationship when Kylie was 12 years old. The screenshots show Ramsey confirming that they had been dating for “3 years and counting,” according to the screenshots.

Did Kylie Jenner date her bodyguard?

Although the entire internet suspected that Kylie’s Hot BodyguardTM Tim Chung was in fact Stormi’s father (*eye roll*), the allegations were proven to be absolutely untrue by DNA testing. Tim was even forced to publish a statement in order to put an end to the speculations.

I am a pretty private person, and I would never respond to rumors or things that are so ludicrous that they are amusing in the usual course of events.

I’d like to correct the record to make it clear that my dealings with Kylie and her family have been completely professional in nature and that I have a great deal of respect for Kylie, Travis, their kid together, and their families. In this case, there is no narrative, and I respectfully request that the media refrain from using me in any narrative that is extremely hurtful to their family.

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