Who Is Kim So-hyun Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend, Ideal Type, Biography & Networth

Who Is Kim So-hyun Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend, Ideal Type, Biography & Networth

Who Is Kim So-hyun Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend, Ideal Type, Biography & Networth

Who Is Kim So-hyun Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend, Ideal Type, Biography & Networth? Kim So-Hyun is a South Korean actress who began her professional career as a child star in 2006. As every K-drama fan is aware, Kim So-Hyun is a well-known face in the industry. Kim first came to public attention in 2012, when she played a pivotal and villainous role as a young Yoon Bo-Kyung in the fantasy-period drama ‘Moon Embracing the Sun.’ She has since appeared in a number of shows across a variety of genres. Kim won hearts with her performance as Lee Soo-Yeon in the melodramatic drama “Missing You,” in which she displayed complete conviction.

As a result of her versatility, Kim has been dubbed the “Nation’s Little Sister” or the “Queen of Child Actresses” by the Korean media, among other titles. As a result, it was no surprise when she was able to incorporate that into her professional life as an adult. Since then, she has appeared in shows such as ‘Page Turner’ and ‘Radio Romance,’ with her most recent appearances being in the films ‘River Where the Moon Rises’ and ‘Love Alarm,’ among other films. Having said that, let’s find out a little bit more about her personal life.

Kim So-hyun Profile

In both romantic and historical dramas, the versatile young actress co-starred with a slew of dashing actors, demonstrating her versatility. Her on-screen chemistry with several of the actors sparked speculation about the possibility of them becoming real-life partners. And which actor has the best chemistry with her? Who is her boyfriend, and which actor has the best chemistry with her? In this article, we’ll learn more about her personal life.

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Full Name
Kim So-hyun
June 4, 1999
Birth Place
TV Actress
Net Worth
$100,000 – $1M
Martial Status
5′ 5″
South Korean
N/A lbs (N/A kg)
Hair Color
Eye Color
Dark Brown

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Kim So-hyun Parents and Siblings

Kim So-Hyun was born on June 4, 1999, in Australia, to wealthy South Korean parents. His early childhood was spent in luxury and peace, thanks to his parents’ wealth. Kim’s family relocated back to their hometown in 2003, and it was there that she spent the majority of her childhood. Kim’s father passed away when she was nine years old, which was tragic. As a result, her mother, Kim Ji-Yeon, is the center of her existence.

When Kim expressed an interest in acting, her mother expressed concern about how working in the entertainment industry would impact her daughter’s academic performance. Kim Ji-Yeon, on the other hand, instead of discouraging her daughter from pursuing her ambitions, decided to provide her with proper homeschooling. Kim claims that this setting was ideal for her hectic schedule, which she attributes to its flexibility.

As expected of siblings, they had their disagreements and issues as teenagers, as Kim revealed in an interview with TenAsia, but things appear to be going smoothly for them now.

Kim So-hyun was born into a well-to-do family in South Korea. She was born in Australia, but her family relocated to Korea when she was a young child. She was never given the opportunity to attend a traditional school like other girls her age. Rather than sending her to public school, her mother chose to homeschool her instead. Her acting career benefited from her homeschooling, especially because she rose to fame at a young age as a result of her popularity.

Who is Kim So Hyun?

Kim So-hyun, also known as “The Nation’s Little Sister,” began her acting career as a child actress when she was seven years old, according to IMDB. Kim So-hyun has appeared in a slew of successful dramas and films, thanks to her fresh appearance and strong acting abilities. After a number of notable roles as a child actress, she made a seamless transition into roles that required more maturity. Her most well-known role was as a villainous young princess in the film Moon Embracing the Sun.

Kim So-Hyun has a younger brother, according to his family. Despite the fact that she does not appear to have revealed his identity to the public, it appears as if they have a close friendship.

People may assume that because she is attractive and popular, she must have a boyfriend or have been in a relationship. According to reports, Kim So-hyun has never been in a relationship and does not currently have a boyfriend. Perhaps her lack of dating experience can be attributed to the fact that she is homeschooled and has a hectic schedule. While she keeps her personal life private, one thing is certain: Kim So-hyun places a higher priority on her professional success than on her love life.

Who Is Kim So-hyun Boyfriend Now?

Kim So-Hyun has reportedly never dated or been in a relationship despite having been in the entertainment industry since the age of seven and appearing in nearly 50 television shows and movies combined. Or, to put it another way, she is very good at keeping her personal matters private. She initially expressed a lack of interest, but now she has made the decision to prioritize work over other activities. In her words, “I think I still believe that being in a relationship is extremely difficult.” “I also believe that filming already consumes a significant portion of my emotional resources, so I don’t feel a strong need to have one.” “However, if I meet someone I like enough to overcome all of these obstacles, I think I’ll start dating right away.”

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The veteran actress also revealed that, because she has never been in a romantic environment before, she looks to other shows and films for inspiration on how to convey herself when portraying similar situations on-screen. As a result, I watched a lot of movies because I believe it’s important to see how others behave. Rather than depressing melodramas, I prefer light romantic comedies,” says the author. When Kim does find a genuine, long-term partner, however, we believe she will be more than happy to introduce them to her millions of Instagram followers.

Kim So-hyun Boyfriend List

Many of her admirers believe that a young woman of flawless beauty and an actress of her caliber must have had a number of dating experiences before she became famous. Kim So-hyun admitted that she had never been in a relationship before, not even once. She has admitted that she has no interest in dating or meeting new people at this time. Instead of dating, she prefers to devote her time and energy to her acting career and drama projects. Her time and energy have been devoted primarily to acting and filming. Being in a relationship could make her already hectic life even more difficult, and she has absolutely no interest in being in one. She has, however, stated to her fans that, if she is fortunate enough to find the right partner, she will be delighted to introduce him.

Kim So-hyun Rumored Boyfriends

She has been acting since she was seven years old, despite her young age, and has appeared in more than 50 dramas and movies to date. Many actresses find it difficult to transition from child roles to more mature roles as their careers progress. Kim So-hyun transformed from the image of a little sister to that of a beautiful young woman as a result of her versatility in a variety of genres.

A number of interviews with Kim So-hyun revealed that she has never been in a relationship, despite her flawless beauty and exceptional acting abilities. Because she has never been in a romantic relationship, the multi-talented actress frequently has difficulty portraying a lover. She frequently considers her partner in dramas and films to be her lover in order to fully immerse herself in the character she is portraying. It is for this reason that her on-screen chemistry with male actors appears to be genuine and full of feeling. Allow us to examine her on-screen chemistry and interactions with attractive male actors in dramas and films.

Kim So Hyun and Yook Sung-jae

In Who Are You: School 2015, Kim So-hyun and Yook Sung-jae star as students. Teen drama Who Are You: School 2015 starred Kim So-hyun and Yook Sung-jae as high school students. This drama featured Kim So-hyun in the roles of identical twins Go Eun-byul and Lee Eun-bi, and Yook Sung-jae in the role of Gong Tae-kwang, who falls in love with Lee Eun-bi. Yook Sung-jae and Kim So-hyun were named the best couple in the drama for their performances in it.

Kim So-hyun and Yoo Seung-ho Relationship

They both admitted that their drama partner was their ideal type, which was confirmed by both Yoo Seung-ho and Kim So-hyun. Yoo Seung-ho hugged Kim So-hyun in one of the scenes because he was completely immersed in the character, despite the fact that the scene was not scripted. Even Kim So-friends hyun’s went so far as to say that they will support her and her partner when she becomes an adult.

Kim So-hyun and Yoon Doo-jun

During the filming of Radio Romance, Kim So-hyun collaborated with Yoon Doo-jun. Throughout the filming process, they grew too close and comfortable with each other to the point where they lost their ability to express themselves emotionally. Even their kissing scenes are far from romantic due to the fact that they were straining to keep their laughter to a minimum.

On-set and Off-set Kim So-hyun and Song Kang are in love.

Love Alarm, a teen drama starring Kim So-hyun and Song Kang, was released in February. When Song Kang first started working with Kim So-hyun, he felt a little out of his element. Song Kang stated that Kim So-hyun was extremely helpful to him throughout the filming process. Kim So-hyun appeared to be enjoying herself while working with the new actor. In between takes on the set, she flashed a bright smile and an adoring glance at him.

Kim So-hyun and Jang Dong-yoon Relationship

Kim So-hyun co-starred in Tale of Nokdu with newcomer Jang Dong-yoon, who was also in the film. Particularly during the filming of the romantic scenes, they exhibited endearing chemistry. Despite the fact that Jang Dong-yoon was acting in disguise as a woman, there were numerous scenes involving the two of them sharing the same bed and sleeping together. In between takes, Kim So-hyun and Jang Dong-yoon enjoyed giving each other a bear hug from behind and making light of the situation.

The majority of the actors who have worked with Kim So-hyun have praised her maturity. She has the ability to make new actors feel at ease when they are working with her. Kim So-hyun has stated that she has no interest in dating or being in a relationship, despite the fact that she has worked with attractive actors.

Who is Kim So-hyun Dating Now?

As far as we know, Kim So-hyun is currently single, as per our records.

The South Korean television actress was born on June 4, 1999, in Australia, to a South Korean father and an Australian mother. Her breakthrough came in 2012, when she was cast as Yoon Bo-kyung in the television drama Moon Embracing the Sun, which garnered widespread attention. Since then, she has appeared on a number of television shows, including Who Are You: School, Bring It On, Ghost, and Goblin.

Who Is Kim So-hyun Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend, Ideal Type, Biography & Networth
Who Is Kim So-hyun Boyfriend, Ex-Boyfriend, Ideal Type, Biography & Networth

Kim So-hyun Relationship Status 2022

As of 2022, Kim So-hyun is not in a relationship with anyone. Kim is a 22-year-old woman. Kim So-hyun has been in at least one previous relationship before this one. She has not previously been in a relationship.

Who has Kim So-hyun Dated?

Kim So-hyun, like most celebrities, prefers to keep her personal and love life private, so be sure to check back frequently as we will continue to update this page with new dating news and rumors as they become available. Kim So-previous hyun’s relationships: She was previously involved in at least one relationship. There have been no previous engagements for Kim So-hyun. We are currently in the process of locating information about the previous dates and hookups, which will take some time.

Kim So-hyun Biography

Kim So-hyun was born on a Friday, June 4, 1999, in the Australian capital of Melbourne. Kim So-hyun is her given name, and she is 22 years old at the time of this writing. Those born on June 4 fall under the sign of Gemini, which is represented by the twins. Rabbit is the animal that represents her zodiac sign.

She first appeared as a tragic young woman in the melodrama Missing You, and since then, she has appeared in the horror-comedy series Hey Ghost, Let’s Fight! and in the drama Missing You (2016). She began her acting career as a child actress when she was seven years old.

Kim So-hyun Net Worth

The 22-year-old South Korean television actress has had a successful career. Kim So-hyun has a net worth of $100,000 to $1,000,000. There are numerous sources that discuss Kim So-net hyun’s worth, as well as her salary and earnings, but online estimates of her worth are inconsistent.

Kim So-hyun Ideal Type

Kim So-ideal hyun’s type appears to be shifting all the time. Yoo Seung-ho, her drama co-star, was recently named as her ideal type, according to her. They most recently appeared in the MBC drama Ruler: Master of the Mask, and they previously appeared in the MBC drama I Miss You, which aired in 2012-2013.

Kim So-hyun stated that she would like to spend Christmas with her future boyfriend, despite the fact that she may have revealed a temporary ideal type.

Is Kim So-hyun currently in a relationship with anyone?

Kim So-hyun is believed to be single at the time of writing. Due to the fact that she is preoccupied with her own schedule both on and off-camera, there are no dating rumors circulating about her. Despite the fact that she is sometimes rumored to be in a relationship with her co-stars, she is not currently involved in a public relationship.


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