Who is Miles Teller Wife Keleigh Sperry Everything To Know About Her

Who is Miles Teller Wife Keleigh Sperry? Everything To Know About Her

Who is Miles Teller Wife Keleigh Sperry? Everything To Know About Her

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After relating his entertaining experience with the Royal Family, Miles will be hosting the first episode of the new season of “Saturday Night Live.” Now learn more about his stunning model wife, Keleigh Sperry, by reading this article.

Miles Teller had quite the summer as a result of the success of his film Top Gun: Maverick, which dominated the box office during the summer. Not only that but he was selected to host the debut of the new season of Saturday Night Live on October 1st, so the positive vibes just kept on coming. The matinee idol also made headlines recently with his hilarious story about being starstruck by Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Top Gun London premiere. He said that he got “lost” in Harry’s “blue as the bluest ocean” eyes, and he went on to say that he got starstruck by Prince William and Kate Middleton at the Top Gun London premiere.

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Miles is also having success in his personal life, as evidenced by the fact that he and his wife Keleigh Sperry star in the music video for “I Bet You Think About Me” that Taylor Swift created in 2021. Taylor portrays Miles’ ex-girlfriend, who he just can’t seem to get out of his head even as he makes preparations to marry his current girlfriend. During the course of the music video, Taylor offers Keleigh a red scarf as a present (a reference to the title of her song “All Too Well”) and delivers a snarky speech at the couple’s wedding.

Taylor and Keleigh have known one other for a considerable amount of time and are good friends. In point of fact, she celebrated the singer’s birthday in 2014 and attended her birthday party. At the time, she tweeted a selfie of herself along with Jessica Szohr and Taylor Swift. It would appear that the friendship has endured because Keleigh and her husband have been given the honor of starring in a music video for one of Taylor Swift’s songs. Find out more about Keleigh by reading the following:

1. What Does Keleigh Sperry Do?

Modeling is what Keleigh does. However, in addition to her profession as a model, she has also had some experience working in the acting industry. Aside from her part in Taylor’s newest music video, Keleigh has only been in a pair of short films up to this point in her career. It’s possible that this will be the factor that propels her acting career to the next level!

2. When Did Miles & Keleigh Meet?

Keleigh and Miles first connected with one another in May 2013, when they were both guests at a party thrown by the band the Black Keys, with whom they shared mutual connections. In 2019, Miles shared the following revelation: “Keleigh had grabbed my eye early in the night, and we talked.” “At the time, I didn’t think it went very well; however, after a few more tries, I was able to convince her to dance with me, and then one week later, we went on a date.” The moment I laid eyes on him, I knew he was The One. Keleigh continued by saying that she had “adored” Miles ever since the “first moment” that they met.

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Who is Miles Teller Wife Keleigh Sperry Everything To Know About Her

3. How Long Have Miles & Keleigh Been Married?

Miles popped the question to Keleigh in August of 2017, after the couple had been dating for four years. The proposal took place while they were on a safari in South Africa. The wedding took place in September 2019 on the island of Maui in Hawaii. They decided on the destination after going on vacation there with Keleigh’s family on multiple occasions during the course of their relationship. Keleigh revealed that the two of them fell in love with it at the same time. “That was the place where we had the most fun together, and we knew we wanted to make it an important part of our lives forever.”

4. Keleigh Is Friends With Shailene Woodley

Keleigh and Miles went on a couples’ vacation with Shailene Woodley and Aaron Rodgers in 2021 and posted numerous updates on social media about their adventures during the trip. Both Miles and Shailene have maintained a close relationship with one another since working together in the past, and Keleigh has also developed a close bond with the actress. During the course of the vacation, Keleigh even shared a video of herself and Aaron dancing to the music of none other than Taylor Swift.

5. Keleigh Has Five Siblings

In a post on Instagram from October 2015, Keleigh disclosed the fact that she is one of her family’s six children. She shared a picture on social media of her family attending a wedding with the caption, “My siblings and our significant others.” It rapidly becomes 12 people when there are six kids, and I adore having that many people around. Love you guys!”

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