JoJo Part 7 Plot, Release Date & Trailer

JoJo Part 7: Plot, Release Date & Trailer

JoJo Part 7: Plot, Release Date & Trailer

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When will JoJo Part 7 Steel Ball Run be released?

One of the most popular long-running anime series of all time is JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure. Unlike other prominent shonen animes, JoJo deconstructs numerous tropes and cliches to which we have grown accustomed, providing a fresh perspective to the genre.

JoJo has a particular place in the hearts of many shonen fans, whether it’s the different sagas, the death of the main character, rotating protagonists, or the beginning of an alternate reality narrative.

The plot revolves around George Joestar and his son Jonathan, who owe Dario Brando money after being rescued from an accident. What appeared to be lifesaving assistance was a ruse as Dario attempted to ransack their stuff, assuming they were dead.

Dario dies twelve years later, leaving behind a son, Dio, whom George adopts to satisfy his obligation.

Dio is cunning and outwardly fakes admiration for George, but his true motivation is to take his fortune.

To accomplish this, Dio must cause a schism between George and his son Jonathan, which he accomplishes by outdoing his sibling and gaining acceptance into the Joestar family.

But, Jonathan feels ostracised when Dio pushes it too far, resulting in a battle between the son and his adopted brother in which Jonathan beats Dio.

They reunite briefly, but when George becomes ill in his latter years, Dio reappears with his cunning plans. The narrative is a modern-day epic that follows the saga of the Joestar family line from the 1880s to the 20th and 21st centuries.

Part is the name given to each main plot arc, which focuses on a distinct protagonist and supporting characters with varied goals, producing a completely different scenario.

With Part 6 unavoidable and set for renewal, JoJo Part 7 seems unavoidable, but when will it be released? Continue reading to find out the solution as we bring you all the latest news and updates on JoJo Part 7.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is rated 7.9/10 and ranked #732 with 1.4 million members on MyAnimeList

JoJo Part 7 Release Date

Part 5 of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean premiered on December 1, 2021, for 12 episodes, followed by the second part on September 1, 2022. Stone Ocean’s last season, which lasted 14 episodes, was published on December 1, 2022.

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JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 1 1st December 2021
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 2 1st September 2022
JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Part 3 1st December 2022
JoJo Part 6 Yet to be Announced
JoJo Part 7 Yet to be Announced

When announcing a renewal, production studios analyze a variety of consumer and financial metrics.

Before we estimate the release date of JoJo Part 7, let’s take a look at what director Naokatsu Tsuda has to say about future volumes in JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure franchise.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 6 is unavoidable, according to director Naokatsu Tsuda, who revealed his desire to see all of JoJo animated during a Q&A at Anime Boston. Naokatsu Tsuda stated that he is really thrilled to see JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 8, i.e., JoJolion, adapted into an anime.

Additionally, JoJo Part 9 has been renamed JOJOLands, and Chapter 1 is set to be released in 2023.

While Netflix owns the streaming rights, which are an important source of money, they are not a part of the anime production committee, which makes final decisions on future editions.

Despite its ten-year anniversary, JoJo Part 7 should be renewed without difficulty because the series remains popular, and the Stone Ocean anime was trending on Netflix in the United States.

Stone Ocean reached the top six in the United States and became the most-watched content in Japan, causing the Netflix Anime Twitter account to respond, “Best Anime Ever.”

There is a lot of buzz about JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, but nothing can be officially confirmed until Part 6 airs.

JoJo Part 7 will cover the seventh story arc, Steel Ball, which was also granted a patent on September 22nd, 2021.

Assuming that this development hastens the production timetable, we can anticipate a JoJo Part 7 teaser in late 2023 and a JoJo Part 7 release date in early 2024.

JoJo Stone Ocean ending explained

Stone Ocean was contentious not only because it featured the first female JoJo, but also because of the ending. The epic saga concludes with Pucci attempting to modify the universe’s timeline so that the Joestars are no longer alive and Dio rules supreme.

Pucci even appears to be successful with his ultimate Stand ability Made In Heaven (officially translated as Maiden Heaven), as he constructs a parallel universe and kills the heroes one by one. Ironically, it is Emporio who kills Pucci, trapping his soul in the collapsing world and thereby erasing the villain from existence and preventing the previous events from occurring.

With the JoJo timeline continuity gone, the Joestar family’s history is drastically altered. Jotaro continues to live in this new scenario, but he names his daughter Irene rather than Jolyne, implying that additional JoJo generations are superfluous in this tranquil realm.

Despite the fact that Jotaro and Jolyne/Irene are permitted to develop a better father-daughter connection, it’s arguable if this bittersweet Stone Ocean ending should be considered a happy ending. While some people are revived with the same basic personality, the death of the Foo Fighters is the ultimate sacrifice because her existence as even a different person is inconceivable because it was Pucci who gave the plankton colony sentience in the first place.

Worse, the Jolyne we knew has vanished. Jotaro fails not just to save his daughter from the blades. Jotaro is killed by having his face slashed open, precisely as Thoth predicted in Part 3.

And poor Emporio was there to see all of these awful deaths. Emporio is the only one who has to deal with the anguish of watching his pals reconnect at the expense of their genuine identities and memories.

Resetting time in this way also means that the vampire Dio’s influence stopped in 1989 when Jotaro destroyed the main villain. With no one alive to carry on Dio’s malicious scheme, the weird experience of the entire Joestar family, which began with Jonathan and Dio, has come to an end after 100 years.

Despite its contentious nature, this final combat with Picco surely sets the stage for JoJo Steel Ball Run. This capstone event also establishes a multiverse in the JoJo world, and these multiple universes become an essential plot point in the coming story arcs.


Hirohiko Arak wrote and drew the JoJo manga. On January 1, 1987, it debuted in Weekly Shonen Jump.

The manga has been divided into eight parts, with the most recent issue, JoJolion, set to be released on December 17th, 2021.

As of January 2021, the JoJo manga series had sold over 120 million copies, with an average sale of 0.92 million per volume, and was placed 14th on the list of best-selling manga.

On MyAnimeList, JoJo manga is rated 9.2/10 and ranked #2 with 223k members.

JoJo Part 7 Plot

JoJo Part 7 will cover the seventh arc of the manga ‘Steel Ball Run,’ and will star Johnny Joestar, Gyro Zeppeli, Lucy Stee, Diego Brando, Hot Pants, Wekapipo, Mountain Tim, Pocoloco, and many more.

Steel Ball Run takes place in an alternate universe that is unrelated to the one in which parts one through six took place.

For example, the ending of Part Six has nothing to do with the Steel Ball Run universe and has nothing to do with the other universe.

Steel Ball Run follows our main character Johnny Joestar, who longs to walk again and unravel the mystery of the rotation.

Meanwhile, Gyro Zeppeli is willing to stake his life for justice in order to rescue the life of an innocent child from his birthplace.

Their voyage across America as part of the Steel Ball Run horse race is filled with intrigue, twists, and emotions.

JoJo Cast

The cast of JoJo Part 7 has yet to be finalised, but as with previous editions, there will most likely be a change of personnel.

Parts 1 through 3 were directed by Kenichi Suzuki, who also served as the chief director for Part 6: Stone Ocean. Toshiyuki Kato directed Part 4: Diamond Is Unbreakable, the Thus Said Kishibe Rohan OVA spin-off, as well as Part 6: Stone Ocean. Part 5: Golden Wind was directed by Naokatsu Tsuda.

Studio David is responsible for the animation, which is set to continue in JoJo Part 7. Yasuke Kobayashi will continue to work on series composition, as he has done since the beginning.

You can find the list of the latest JoJo characters and voice cast below:

Jolyne Kūjō Fairouz Ai
Enrico Pucci Tomokazu Seki
Emporio Alnino Atsumi Tanezaki
Narciso Anasui Daisuke Namikawa
Jōtarō Kūjō Daisuke Ono
Foo Fighters Mariya Ise
Ermes Costello Mutsumi Tamura
Dio Takehito Koyasu
Weather Report Yuichiro Umehara

Final Words

JoJo Part 7 may take a while, but the bizarre adventures will undoubtedly continue.

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