Jasper Liu Wife Name, Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriends, Ideal Type & Dating History

Jasper Liu Wife Name, Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriends, Ideal Type & Dating History

Jasper Liu Wife Name, Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriends, Ideal Type & Dating History

Jasper Liu Wife Name, Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriends, Ideal Type & Dating History. Jasper Liu, the charismatic Taiwanese actor, model, and musician, has captured the hearts of fans worldwide with his undeniable talent and charming persona. While his on-screen romances have captivated audiences, many are curious about his real-life relationships. In this article, we delve into the intriguing world of Jasper Liu’s love life, exploring his wife’s name, his current and past girlfriends, his ideal type, and a glimpse into his dating history. Join us as we unravel the romantic journey of this beloved Taiwanese heartthrob.

Jasper Liu Profile

Name: Jasper Liu (劉以豪)

Date of Birth: August 12, 1986

Place of Birth: Taiwan

Nationality: Taiwanese

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 68 kg

Profession: Actor, Model, Musician (Guitarist)

Years Active: 2008 – Present

Star Sign: Leo

Blood Type: A

Talent Agency: Eelin Modeling Agency Ltd.

Instagram: @ryu19860812

Jasper Liu Biography

Jasper Liu, whose real name is 劉以豪 (Liu Yi Hao), is a Taiwanese actor, model, and musician. He was born on August 12, 1986, in Taiwan. Liu’s early life was influenced by his father, who was a swimmer and volleyball player, and his love for music. Inspired by his father’s passion for sports and guitar playing, Liu developed an interest in physical fitness and music from a young age.

After completing his studies in Visual Design at Dayeh University, a private university in Taiwan, Liu entered the entertainment industry. He initially began his career as a model, utilizing his unique and recognizable features to make a name for himself in the industry. With a height of 180 cm and a weight of 68 kg, Liu quickly gained attention for his striking appearance.

Transitioning from modeling to acting, Liu showcased his talent and versatility on screen. He made his acting debut and gained recognition for his roles in various television dramas. Liu’s performances were praised for his ability to portray characters with depth and authenticity, earning him a dedicated fan base and critical acclaim.

Some of Liu’s notable works include dramas like “Before We Get Married,” “Triad Princess,” and “The Perfect Match,” where he showcased his acting skills and captured the hearts of viewers. His performances have garnered him numerous awards and nominations, solidifying his position as one of Taiwan’s most promising actors.

Aside from his successful acting career, Liu is also a skilled musician. He is the guitarist of the Taiwanese Indie-band Morning Call, demonstrating his passion for music and further expanding his artistic endeavors.

Despite his accomplishments, Liu remains down-to-earth and actively engages with his fans through social media. He shares glimpses of his personal life and updates about his projects on platforms like Instagram, where he has a strong presence and connects with his followers.

Jasper Liu’s talent, dedication, and charismatic presence have made him a prominent figure in the Taiwanese entertainment industry. With his multifaceted abilities as an actor, model, and musician, he continues to captivate audiences and leave a lasting impact on the world of entertainment.

Jasper Liu Modeling Career

Jasper Liu’s modeling career played a significant role in his rise to prominence in the entertainment industry. With his unique and striking features, he quickly gained attention and established himself as a sought-after model.

Liu embarked on his modeling journey in 2008, capturing the attention of various agencies and fashion brands. His tall stature, standing at 180 cm, coupled with his confident and charismatic presence, made him a natural fit for the runway and photoshoots.

Throughout his modeling career, Liu graced the covers of numerous magazines and appeared in fashion campaigns for renowned brands. His ability to effortlessly embody different styles and showcase a range of emotions made him a favorite among designers and photographers.

Liu’s iconic head of curly “broccoli” hair became a trademark of his modeling career, setting him apart from others in the industry. His unique look garnered attention and helped him carve out a distinct image for himself.

With his rising popularity as a model, Liu attracted the attention of casting directors and producers, leading him to transition into acting. While his modeling career provided a solid foundation for his entry into the entertainment industry, Liu’s talents and dedication allowed him to flourish in the realm of acting.

Today, although Liu has expanded his repertoire to include acting and music, his modeling roots remain an integral part of his journey. His experience in the fashion industry has undoubtedly contributed to his versatility as a performer, allowing him to effortlessly adapt to different roles and projects.

Jasper Liu’s modeling career not only served as a launching pad for his success but also showcased his undeniable charm and magnetic presence. It laid the groundwork for his transition into other creative endeavors and established him as a multifaceted talent in the world of entertainment.

Jasper Liu Wife Name, Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriends, Ideal Type & Dating History
Jasper Liu Wife Name, Girlfriend, Ex-Girlfriends, Ideal Type & Dating History

Jasper Liu  Dating History

Jasper Liu, being a popular actor and public figure, has been subjected to various dating rumors throughout his career. However, it’s important to note that rumors are often speculative and may not always reflect the truth. It’s common for celebrities to be linked romantically to their co-stars or other individuals they are seen spending time with, leading to dating speculations.

While there have been rumors linking Jasper Liu to several actresses, such as Guo Xuefu, Wei Mo, Wu Yingjie, Qin Lan, and Gulnazar, it is essential to understand that these are unverified rumors and should be taken with a grain of salt. Jasper Liu himself has denied any romantic involvement and has not publicly confirmed any relationships.

Is Jasper Liu Wife Puff Kuo?

Liu Yi Hao, also known as Jasper Liu, and Puff Kuo have been involved in dating rumors in the past. The two actors have worked together on the Taiwanese drama series “Before We Get Married” in 2019, where they portrayed a couple. Their on-screen chemistry and close friendship off-screen led to speculations about a possible romantic relationship.

Jasper Liu Wife Puff Kuo
Jasper Liu Wife Puff Kuo

During the filming of intimate scenes for the drama, there were reports that Jasper Liu expressed discomfort with Puff Kuo getting too close to his private parts. However, it’s important to note that such reports should be taken with caution as they may be exaggerated or taken out of context.

Both Jasper Liu and Puff Kuo have never confirmed any romantic involvement between them. It’s common for actors to develop close friendships while working together, and their chemistry on screen can sometimes lead to dating rumors. However, it’s important to separate on-screen portrayals from real-life relationships and respect the privacy of the individuals involved.

Is Jasper Liu Girlfriend Qin Lan?

Liu Yi Hao, also known as Jasper Liu, and Qin Lan have been the subject of dating rumors in the past. The speculation about their relationship started when Qin Lan posted a video on a social platform showing her and Liu Yi Hao holding hands intimately while wearing costumes. This led to misunderstandings among netizens who assumed they were in a romantic relationship.

However, it was later clarified that the video was from their participation in the popular variety show “When We Write Love Story,” where they portrayed a couple in a time-traveling love story they wrote and directed themselves. The chemistry they displayed in the show gave viewers the impression of a real-life romance.

Jasper Liu Girlfriend Qin Lan
Jasper Liu Girlfriend Qin Lan

Despite the dating rumors, neither Liu Yi Hao nor Qin Lan have officially confirmed being in a relationship. It’s important to note that actors often have close working relationships and can generate on-screen chemistry, leading to speculations about their personal lives. Until there is a statement or confirmation from the individuals involved, it is best to consider these rumors as unverified and respect their privacy.

Jasper Liu and Guo Xuefu Dating Rumors

Liu Yi Hao, also known as Jasper Liu, has been linked to actress Guo Xuefu in dating rumors. It is speculated that they might have been in a romantic relationship due to their on-screen chemistry and collaborations in film and television works.

Guo Xuefu and Liu Yi Hao have acted together as a couple in various projects, which fueled the rumors of them dating. However, it’s important to note that actors often develop close friendships and professional relationships while working together, which can sometimes be misconstrued as romantic involvement.

What’s Jasper Liu Relationship with Wei Mo

There have been rumors linking Liu Yi Hao (Jasper Liu) to actress Wei Mo in a romantic relationship. The speculations emerged due to their on-screen chemistry and collaborations in film and television projects.

Liu Yi Hao and Wei Mo have worked together as a couple in various works, which contributed to the dating rumors surrounding them. However, it’s important to remember that actors often form close bonds and friendships while working together, which can be misinterpreted as romantic involvement.

Jasper Liu and Wu Yingjie

There have been rumors suggesting a romantic relationship between Liu Yi Hao (Jasper Liu) and actress Wu Yingjie. These speculations arose due to their collaborations as an on-screen couple in film and television projects.

Liu Yi Hao and Wu Yingjie have worked together, portraying romantic partners in various works. These portrayals, combined with their on-screen chemistry, often lead to dating rumors among fans and the media. However, it’s important to note that actors frequently develop close relationships and camaraderie while working together, which may be misinterpreted as romantic involvement.

Jasper Liu Ex-Girlfriend Gulnazar

There have been rumors and speculation about a possible romantic relationship between Liu Yi Hao (Jasper Liu) and Gulnazar. Liu Yi Hao and Gulnazar have worked together on the drama series “Twelve Legends,” where they portrayed a couple with a legendary romance. Their on-screen chemistry and interactions in the series captivated viewers and led to fans speculating about their real-life relationship.

Furthermore, their frequent interactions on social media platforms like Weibo, where they often show support and affection towards each other, have fueled dating rumors. Some netizens have expressed their excitement and curiosity about whether their on-screen chemistry has translated into a real-life romance.

Jasper Liu and Yoona Relationship

On November 30, Taiwanese actor Jasper Liu delighted his fans by sharing a heartwarming moment he experienced with YoonA, a member of the renowned South Korean girl group Girls’ Generation. Jasper Liu took to social media to express his gratitude towards YoonA for her kindness and support during the 2018 Asia Artist Awards, which took place on November 28.

Accompanying a photo of himself with YoonA at the event, Jasper Liu conveyed his appreciation in a heartfelt message. He expressed his sincere gratitude to YoonA for going out of her way to help him overcome the language barrier. During the ceremony, YoonA noticed that Jasper Liu might have been facing difficulty understanding certain aspects, and she generously took the time to explain them to him in Chinese. Jasper Liu couldn’t help but praise YoonA’s remarkable proficiency in Chinese and her overall amazing nature. He expressed his heartfelt thanks for the care she had shown him.

Jasper Liu and Yoona Relationship
Jasper Liu and Yoona Relationship

Furthermore, Jasper Liu enthusiastically urged his followers to show their support for both himself and YoonA’s upcoming projects. Specifically, he highlighted YoonA’s film “Exit,” encouraging everyone to give it their love and attention. In a playful manner, he added hashtags indicating his dedication to studying Korean diligently, showcasing his determination to improve his language skills.

This genuine moment of gratitude and encouragement shared by Jasper Liu not only demonstrated his admiration for YoonA’s linguistic abilities but also showcased their mutual support and camaraderie within the entertainment industry. Their interaction at the Asia Artist Awards left a lasting impression on both fans and colleagues alike.

Jasper Liu Famous TV Shows, Dramas, and Movies

Jasper Liu has been involved in various popular TV shows, dramas, and movies throughout his career. Here are some of his notable works:

Jasper Liu TV Shows/Dramas:

  1. “In Time with You” (2011)
  2. “When I See You Again” (2015)
  3. “Before We Get Married” (2019)
  4. “Triad Princess” (2019)
  5. “Lost Romance” (2020)
  6. “The Devil Punisher” (2020)
  7. “The Perfect Match” (2017)
  8. “Take My Brother Away” (2018)
  9. “Detective Chinatown” (2020)
  10. “The Victims’ Game” (2020)

Jasper Liu Movies:

  1. “My Egg Boy” (2016)
  2. “More than Blue” (2018)
  3. “Stand by Me” (2020)
  4. “Take Me to the Moon” (2021)
  5. “Ride or Die” (2021)
  6. “The Sound of Stars” (2022)
  7. “A New Species” (2023)

These are just a few examples of the TV shows, dramas, and movies in which Jasper Liu has appeared. He has worked on numerous other projects as well, showcasing his versatility as an actor.


Who is Jasper Liu?

Jasper Liu, also known as Liu Yi Hao, is a Taiwanese actor, model, and musician. He gained popularity through his roles in various TV dramas and movies.

When was Jasper Liu born?

Jasper Liu was born on August 12, 1986.

What is Jasper Liu’s real name?

Jasper Liu’s real name is 劉以豪 (Liu Yi Hao).

What is Jasper Liu’s height and weight?

Jasper Liu stands at a height of 180 cm (5’11”) and weighs approximately 68 kg (150 lbs).

What is Jasper Liu’s profession?

Jasper Liu is primarily known for his work as an actor and model. He has also showcased his musical talents as a guitarist in a Taiwanese Indie-band called Morning Call.

How long has Jasper Liu been active in the entertainment industry?

Jasper Liu has been active in the entertainment industry since 2008, which marks over a decade of his career.

What is Jasper Liu’s star sign?

Jasper Liu’s star sign is Leo.

Does Jasper Liu have any siblings?

Jasper Liu has a cousin named Xie Cheng Jun who is also an actor.

Which talent agency represents Jasper Liu?

Jasper Liu is represented by Eelin Modeling Agency Ltd.

Where can I find Jasper Liu on social media?

You can find Jasper Liu on Instagram with the username @ryu19860812, where he shares updates and interacts with his fans.


As an accomplished actor and beloved celebrity, Jasper Liu has successfully kept his personal life mostly private. While fans may be curious about his wife’s name or his current relationship status, Jasper Liu has maintained a level of secrecy when it comes to his romantic life. Throughout his career, he has been linked to various actresses and fellow celebrities, fueling speculation and rumors. However, it’s important to respect his privacy and remember that celebrities, like everyone else, deserve to keep certain aspects of their personal lives hidden. Ultimately, Jasper Liu’s focus has remained on his professional endeavors, captivating audiences with his exceptional talent and charm. Whether on-screen or off-screen, he continues to be adored by fans around the world for his remarkable performances and magnetic presence.

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