Top 10 Hottest Korean Fitness Influencers

Top 10 Hottest Korean Fitness Influencers in 2024

Top 10 Hottest Korean Fitness Influencers in 2024

Get ready to be inspired and motivated as we unveil the “Top 10 Hottest Korean Fitness Influencers in 2024.” These incredible individuals have become go-to sources for fitness tips and healthy living. From workout routines to nutritional advice, they’ve made a significant impact, encouraging people worldwide to embrace a healthier lifestyle. Join us in discovering these amazing influencers who are shaping the fitness scene and setting new standards for well-being in the digital age.

1. Euddeum

Shim Euddeum, widely recognized as the “Gangnam Apple Girl,” is a prominent figure in the South Korean fitness and social media scene. Born on May 23, 1990, Euddeum has carved a niche for herself as a Pilates instructor and former bodybuilder. Her dedication to maintaining a healthy lifestyle is evident in her content, showcased on her HIPEUDDUEM YouTube channel, where she boasts an impressive 1.34 million subscribers. Renowned for her rigorous fitness routines, including the remarkable feat of completing 1000 squats daily, Euddeum emphasizes the importance of discipline and a strict diet plan in achieving and sustaining her enviable physique.

2. Jang eun sil

Jang Eun Sil, the accomplished South Korean national wrestler, CrossFit enthusiast, and ssireum player, is a prominent figure in both sports and entertainment. Born on February 3, 1991, this 32-year-old athlete has garnered significant attention not only for her sporting achievements but also for her engaging presence on social media.

Under the Instagram handle @sillllling, Jang Eun Sil shares her fitness journey with a substantial following of 492.6K. Her profile reflects a dedication to an active lifestyle, inspiring many with her athletic prowess.

In addition to her athletic pursuits, Jang Eun Sil has ventured into the realm of television. Notable appearances include her role as a Regular Member on “Bodywork: S-Class Challenge 100” in 2023, where she demonstrated her commitment to physical fitness. She also participated as Contestant #32 in “Physical: 100,” showcasing her competitive spirit and versatility.

3. Jiae Moon

Jiae Moon, recognized as a prominent figure in the fitness and Pilates community, serves as the head instructor at @moonpilates_official. With the prestigious credential of being a PMA-NCPT (Pilates Method Alliance – National Certified Pilates Teacher), she not only imparts her expertise in Pilates but also actively contributes to the educational initiatives of the Korean PITA (Pilates Instructor Training Association) at @pita_official. Through her Instagram account @moon_pilates, Jiae Moon engages with a substantial following of 251.9K, sharing valuable insights, training tips, and updates related to the world of Pilates and fitness. As a dedicated instructor and influencer in the field, she holds the title of “강사들의 강사” (Instructor of Instructors), reflecting her esteemed position within the fitness and Pilates community.

4. Jihye

Jihye is a fitness enthusiast and professional athlete, as indicated by her Instagram bio. With a passion for exercise, travel, and indulging in delicious food, she shares her journey as a Pro in the fitness industry. Jihye holds the prestigious title of 2016 WBFF Diva Bikini Model Pro, earning recognition for her achievements in the field. Her accolades include being a two-time Bikini Pro and a one-time Fitness Model Pro, with numerous other awards under her belt. Additionally, Jihye serves as a judge for competitions such as wbff and inba. She offers fitness-related services, including personal training, and posing lessons, and collaborates on advertisements. With an Instagram following of 24.7K, Jihye engages with her audience, providing a glimpse into her fitness lifestyle and sharing insights into her professional journey

5. Jea Young Jeong

Jea Young Jeong, known as @happyharuu on Instagram, is a Korean gym enthusiast and graduate student currently residing in the United States. She proudly identifies as the “unnie” (older sister) of two fur babies, Legion and a member of Chifam.official. With a substantial following of 580.3K on Instagram, Jea Young shares her fitness journey, academic pursuits, and the joys of pet ownership. Additionally, she maintains a YouTube channel under the name “happyharuu” and can be reached for business inquiries through her provided email address.

Top 10 Hottest Korean Fitness Influencers
Top 10 Hottest Korean Fitness Influencers

6. Sia Kim

Sia Kim, operating under the Instagram handle @iam_sia_, is deeply immersed in the fitness and wellness landscape. With a focus on fitness education, she is associated with the agency WECO Korea (@weco_korea), where she oversees wellness programs and events as the Director. Sia Kim is not only the founder of #힐링필라테스 (Healing Pilates) but also serves as the overall director for the program. Additionally, she holds a position as a director in the Korean Society of Sports Medicine and is a member of the Operating Committee in the Korean Meditation Instructors Association. With a considerable following of 353.7K on Instagram, Sia Kim shares insights into her roles as a fitness educator, director, and founder, providing a glimpse into her dedication to promoting wellness and mindfulness in the Korean fitness community.

7. Doyeon Won

Doyeon Won, operating under the Instagram handle @one_the_girl, is a fitness professional associated with Super Body Gym in Mapo, serving as a trainer. As an ambassador for and part of’s #힙시걸즈2기, she actively engages in fitness and wellness initiatives. With a follower count of 57.7K on Instagram, Doyeon welcomes inquiries related to personal training and posing through direct messages.

8. Shin So-young

Shin So-young, known on Instagram as @s_s_y_02, proudly represents the fitness lifestyle at the 24-hour gym RockFit, specifically the Sangnam1 branch. Affiliated with Team Rock, she emphasizes strength and determination in her fitness journey. As an ambassador for @itstan_jinhae and a member of the @fosum_7942 team, she actively participates in promoting a healthy lifestyle. Shin So-young has achieved notable success in the bikini category, clinching multiple awards, including 15 victories.

9. Yoon Jin Sam

Yoon Jin Sam, sharing insights on health and wellness, particularly focusing on the benefits of the 11:00 PM Women’s Probiotic, is active on Instagram under the handle @pilates_yj. Overcoming binge eating disorder, she identifies herself as a consistent manager of a healthy lifestyle. With a master’s degree in sports medicine, Yoon Jin Sam shares practical and easy-to-follow methods for daily well-being. Her Instagram account, with 202K followers, serves as a platform where she imparts knowledge on managing and maintaining a balanced lifestyle, especially in the realm of sports medicine and pilates.

10. Beo Deul

Beo Deul, known as @deulll_ on Instagram, is actively involved in yoga and pilates. She collaborates with @byul_yogapilates and serves as a Brand Muse for @slim9.official. As a freelancer and advertising model, she shares her journey and experiences with her 177.8K followers on Instagram. If you want to get in touch or collaborate, you can reach out to her through direct messages.

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