Who is Harry Jowsey Dating Now? Harry Jowsey Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend & Dating History

Who is Harry Jowsey Dating Now? Harry Jowsey Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend & Dating History

Who is Harry Jowsey Dating Now? Harry Jowsey Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend & Dating History. Since breaking up with his fiancée and co-star Francesca Farago from Netflix’s Too Hot To Handle, Harry Jowsey has been linked to a number of women. After Fargo, Harry apparently sent a DM to Madison Wyborny, his other Too Hot To Handle co-star, to ask how she was doing. The duo allegedly dated for months after meeting while filming the Netflix series, though this is unconfirmed.

Stassie Karanikolaou, Kylie Jenner’s best friend, and Larsa Pippen, who has been on The Real Housewives of Miami and Keeping Up With The Kardashians, have both been linked to him. Despite the claims, Jowsey has only ever confessed to dating Julia Rose, Jake Paul’s ex-girlfriend.

Are Sveta Bilyalova and Harry Jowsey Dating Now?

The reality star shared a carousel of photos of himself, his cars, and Bilyalova on December 3. As she faced away from the camera, the Russian native wrapped her legs around Jowsey’s waist. Fans and celebrities congratulated him in the comments section, while some inquired if he was dating. Ryan Pownall, the host of the Pillow Talk podcast, made one comment. He penned, “HARRY HAS MARRIED!!! GIRLS ARE GOING TO DM ME RIGHT NOW!!!!”

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“A journey I will never forget,” Jowsey said in the post, revealing little. The photographs were taken in Dubai, according to his geo-tag.

He also stated that he would publish more images from the trip in the comments area of his tale. Perhaps more images of Jowsey with Bilyalova will be released for eager fans. Bilyalova did not post any images with Jowsey, but she did post a video to her Instagram and Tiktok of herself and a buddy dancing to Black-Eyed Peas’ Boom Boom Pow’. The clap emoji was also used by Jowsey in the comments area.

Jay Alvarrez and Sveta Bilyalova Relationship

Although many people were curious about who Bilyalova was in Jowsey’s comment, some recognized her as the girl from the viral coconut oil video by American travel blogger and model Jay Alvarrez. The video gained notoriety after Logan Paul and Mike Majlak featured it on their Impulsive podcast, and naturally, interested minds began looking for it.

Alvarez was seen going close to Bilyalova in the footage. On TikTok, the video went viral, prompting several reactions and recreations. Fans also remarked on how well-made the video was, leading some to suspect Alvarrez and Bilyalova produced it themselves. Bilyalova, on the other hand, has claimed that Alvarrez disclosed it without her permission on multiple occasions.

The assertions, however, are false, according to Alvarrez and several of his friends.

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Harry Jowsey Hook Up With Nikita Dragun

Jowsey has stayed relevant since his reality show stint by appearing in a variety of dramas.

He appeared on the BFFs with Dave Portnoy and Josh Richards podcast on September 23 to discuss the newest turmoil surrounding his claimed hook-up with Dragun. When the hosts asked about his arrangement with Dragun, he did not immediately respond. Instead, he remarked about how Dragun wouldn’t allow him to flex his legs in the video, and that his legs looked like noodles. People had inquired about Jowsey and Dragun hooking up, but the presenter had responded that it was likely that it was untrue and that Jowsey was attempting to keep people talking about him.

Jowsey said that he would not answer any questions concerning Dragun’s life unless he first made sure she was comfortable talking about it. The host, on the other hand, was not giving up and begged Richards to assist him. They both urged Jowsey to be honest with them. Jowsey eventually gave in and revealed that he had had a relationship with her. He went on to say that he was open and that he didn’t think it was a big problem. The host then inquired as to why, if they were good friends, Dragun had not informed him about the video. Jowsey stated that their hook-up had taken place the previous year.

Who is Harry Jowsey Dating Now? Harry Jowsey Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend & Dating History
Who is Harry Jowsey Dating Now? Harry Jowsey Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriend & Dating History

Truth About Harry Jowsey and Khloe Kardashian Dating Rumours

Harry Jowsey, 24, and Khloe Kardashian, 37, were recently linked romantically. After Kardashian’s breakup with Tristan Thompson last spring, speculations began to circulate. The two have been “DM-ing back and forth,” according to one of Kardashian Jenner’s fan accounts, @theekarjenners.

The account was published,

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“There have been many rumors going round and round the social media that Khloe and Harry Jowsey are dating. Apparently they have been messaging each other back and forth and Harry picked up Bentley and flowers just to deliver them to Khloe’s house. I’m pretty sure it’s not true but what do you guys think about this?”

Khloe, on the other hand, did not allow the allegations to flourish and promptly put an end to any doubts. “ABSOLUTELY NOT TRUE,” Khole answers in the comments section of the posts. It has been established that the two are no longer together following Kardashian’s comment.

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Who Is Harry Jowsey Dating Now?

The Too Hot to Handle alum, on the other hand, is clearly dating someone else. Harry was photographed holding hands on the beach in Costa Rica with his new girlfriend Sveta Bilyalova a few weeks ago. While taking a plunge in the pool, the two were even seen kissing passionately.

Khole, on the other hand, is still recovering from her recent breakup with NBA star Tristan Thompson. Since 2016, they’ve been in an on-again, off-again relationship.

More information about the Harry Jowsey relationship

Harry Jowsey’s current dating status is unknown. He hasn’t revealed any information regarding his affair or girlfriend. In 2020, however, he dated Francesca Farago. His ex-girlfriend is a reality TV and web sensation from Canada.

In March 2019, they began dating while filming the reality show Too Hot to Handle. They exchanged rings through the Zoom meeting in May 2020. However, after only a month together, this couple broke up.

Harry Jowsey’s Relationship Facts

Currently, Harry Jowsey is not having an affair with anyone. He has a straight sexual orientation.

Harry Jowsey and Larsa Pippen Dating History

When Harry was seen having dinner with Larsa Pippen in October 2020, he drew the attention of the media. Larsa later posted that Harry was her friend, and Harry added that they were planning to take salsa lessons together.


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