20 Best Google Doodle Games You Would Love To Konow in 2022

20 Best Google Doodle Games You Would Love To Konow in 2022

20 Best Google Doodle Games You Would Love To Konow in 2022

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Google has published a great number of doodles commemorating a variety of occasions over the course of its history. Sometimes, the firm that makes the search engine has exceeded our expectations by developing some entertaining doodle games. We have compiled a list of some of the top Doodle games that Google has produced throughout the years and that you may still play right now.

The majority of these games can be completed in a matter of minutes, making them an ideal diversion while you are traveling or when you are just plain bored. The items on the following list are not presented in any particular sequence. You might also be interested in reading another one of our articles, which is all about the wonderful Easter Eggs that can be found on Google.

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Best Google Doodle Games

The following are examples of some of Google’s most popular Doodle games that have been produced over the years. You can still play any of them by going to the Google Doodle archive or by clicking on the URLs that are provided below. Look around for the kind of game you’d want to participate in.

Doodle Champion Island Games

One of the most extensive doodle games that Google has ever produced is called Doodle Champion Island Games. The game can be finished in around an hour or two and features a tonne of different minigames throughout its entirety. It is a traditional role-playing game style and was developed in honor of the Tokyo Olympics.

In order to acquire all seven sacred scrolls, the objective is to emerge victorious over every sports champion located across the map. You will also have the opportunity to uncover a great deal of secret difficulty across Champion Island. You won’t find a better Google doodle game than this one anywhere else.

Experience the fun of Doodle Champion Island Games!

Play the Google Doodle Version of Pac-Man Here: best-google-doodle-games-pac-man

You can play the iconic classic game Pac-Man simply by searching for its name on Google. This will bring up the game. After that, the website will display the PAC-MAN Doodle with a map in the style of Google. The up, down, left, and right arrow buttons on your keyboard are all you need to control Pac-Man.

If you click “Insert Coin” twice, you and a friend will both be able to participate in the game. Following this, Ms. Pac-Man will appear, and the WASD keys will be used to control her movements. Fun Fact: If you want to play other classic games like Minesweeper, Solitaire, or Sanke, you may play them all by using the arrow key at the bottom of the screen.

Play Pac-Man

Best Google Doodle Games: Magic Cat Academy http://www.google.com/doodle-games/

Do you have an interest in experiencing what it would be like to live in the wizarding realm and compete in a magical duel? Now, this game might be the only thing that comes close to what you are looking for here. The action-packed video game Magic Cat Academy challenges players to eliminate ghosts by drawing the appropriate geometric forms.

The game, in contrast to the others on this list, can be difficult despite having a straightforward premise. It is one of the very few doodle games that Google has decided to bring back twice. Both times, it occurred in conjunction with the holiday of Halloween.

Quick, sketch that!


This is not a doodle game, but it is a really thrilling game, thus it has earned a spot on this list despite the fact that it is not a doodle game. Google’s Quick, Draw! is an experiment in which individuals can compete against an artificial intelligence neural network in the game of Pictionary. You will be given a word to draw in this game, and artificial intelligence will try to guess what the word is.

Doodle Game About Doctor Who doodle-game-about-doctor-who

Fans of Doctor Who, I have a quick and entertaining game for you. On the occasion of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, Google presented this game as part of its doodle. You get to choose the incarnation of the Doctor you want to play as, giving you a lot of customization options. Players need to plan their actions in order to dodge adversaries and make the most of the environment at their disposal.

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Pangolin Love (Sonic like game)

This Doodle game, which is quite evocative of the original Sonic game, is sure to be a hit with Sonic enthusiasts. On Valentine’s Day in 2017, Google created a doodle game with the goal of bringing attention to the pangolin as well as other endangered animals. You take on the role of pangolin in pursuit of flowers to bring back to its partner.

The goal of the game is to gather flowers, which serve the same purpose as coins in Sonic. The game can be completed in a few minutes, at which point you can strive for the highest score possible. Use the arrow keys to direct the Pangolin throughout the level, and try to gather as many flowers as you can.

Pony Express

In honor of the 155th birthday of the iconic Pony Express, Google created this special Doodle for the occasion. The players take on the role of horse riders tasked with delivering letters from California to Missouri while navigating their way across cacti and other obstacles. The game is not very complicated, and the end goal is to amass 100 different letters.

Savoy Ballroom

Swing dance is honored in the groovy doodle game Savoy Ballroom, which is a lot of fun to play. The Savoy Ballroom, a famous dance hall from the Swing Era, is featured in this video game. The players’ goal in this game is to push their keys at exactly the appropriate moment. You need to move along with the musical note and hit the highlighted key at the precise moment that the note is positioned over it.

You will see a white circle that you may use as a guide to help you time the key presses with the musical note.

Google Rubik’s Cube Doodle Game

At some point in our lives, each of us has given the Rubik’s cube at least one attempt to solve it. On the occasion of the toy’s 40th anniversary, Google introduced a doddle game based on the Rubik’s Cube in 2014. You are unable to play the interactive version of the game at this time; however, Chrome Cube Lab makes it possible for you to still enjoy the game.

Google Doodle Multiplayer Games

Loteria (Mexican Bingo)

A traditional Mexican card game called loteria is very much like the American game bingo. The card that the player needs to mark will be displayed on the screen by the announcer. However, in order for the player to win the game, they will need to complete a particular criterion. Get all of the cards that are in a row, get all of the cards that are in a column, and so on.

Note that you can choose to play a match with complete strangers or invite your friends by just sharing a link to the game with them.

Great Ghoul Duel’

Another multiplayer Doodle game, The Great Ghoul Duel, allows for as many as eight players at a time to compete against one another. Back in 2018, the video game was launched in time for the Halloween holiday. You can play with as few as two people or as many as eight players split between two teams. The goal of the game is to gather as many souls as you can and then bring them back to your base so that you can enhance it with more powerful items.

Google Doodle Music Games

Hip Hop

Have you ever given thought to what it must be like to work as a DJ? You are able to create your own mixtapes and perform your preferred songs using the assistance of this Doodle game. The video game was presented to the public in 2017 as a way to celebrate and remember the 44th year since the inception of hip hop. With this game, you can create your own music by combining tracks from multiple famous albums.


In 2016, in honor of Clara Rockmore’s 105th birthday, a game called Rockmore was made available to the public. The theremin is a gesture-controlled electronic musical instrument, and she was a virtuoso performer when it came to playing it. The theremin and a variety of musical notes are both at your disposal as you progress through this game.

Note that the settings can be customized so that the key, scale, octave, and waveform can be adjusted as desired.


Another game with a musical focus, Fischinger was made to honor Oskar Fischinger on the occasion of his 117th birthday. It will be possible for users to make their own original visual music compositions. The Doodle gives you access to a vast number of settings, which you can use to personalize presets, tempos, tones, keys, and other parameters.

Google Doodle Sport Games

Google has developed a number of Doodle games over the years, many of which are based on traditional sports. The following are some prominent examples:

Baseball: A set of 2019 cards that were released in honour of the fourth of July.

To commemorate the 2017 ICC Champions Trophy competition in cricket.

2012 saw the release of a soccer game in which the player takes on the role of a goalie.

The sport of basketball is featured in the interactive doodles for the 2012 Summer Games.

The Hurdles are a part of the interactive drawings for the 2012 Summer Games.

Canoe Slalom is an interactive doodle that was included in the 2012 Summer Games.

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