What is Genish Impact? Genish Impact Plot, Setting, Characters & More Updates 2022

What is Genish Impact? Genish Impact Plot, Setting, Characters & More Updates 2022

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Genish Impact

miHoYo is the company that was responsible for developing and publishing the role-playing video game Genshin Impact (b). In 2020, it was made available for Microsoft Windows, the PlayStation 4, iOS, and Android, and in 2021, it was made available for the PlayStation 5. The video game will also be made available on the Nintendo Switch platform. The game contains an open-world setting reminiscent of anime as well as an action-oriented combat system that makes use of elemental power and allows players to alter characters. The game is offered without charge to users and generates revenue through the use of gacha game features. These mechanics allow players to acquire additional characters and weapons. Using a paradigm known as games as a service, the core game is routinely enlarged through the use of updates known as patches.

The action of Genshin Impact takes place in the fantastical realm of Teyvat, which is the setting for the game. Teyvat is the home of seven unique nations, each of which is associated with a unique element and is controlled by a unique god. The Traveler is the protagonist of this tale. Prior to becoming separated in Teyvat, the Traveler and their twin sibling had traversed a vast number of planets together. The Traveler and their companion Paimon set off throughout Teyvat in quest of their missing sibling. Along the way, they become embroiled in the political struggles of various Teyvati states.

The development started in 2017 and is still continuing at this point. The game garnered reviews that were mostly favorable, with critics appreciating the game’s combat mechanics and the open-world immersiveness of the game while criticizing the game for its shallow conclusion and monetization scheme. The game was a commercial success, bringing in more than $3 billion in its first year of release, making it the video game with the biggest ever first-year launch revenue. As of March 2022, it has generated more than $4 billion in revenue across the globe.

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Genshin Impact is an action role-playing game that takes place in an open environment and gives the player the ability to control any one of four playable characters that are part of a party. The player has the ability to quickly switch between characters while they are engaged in combat. This provides the player with a variety of options for combining their abilities and attacks. There are a number of different methods by which the abilities of a character can be improved, such as via raising the character’s level or by enhancing artifacts and the weapons that the character carries.

In addition to exploring, the player has the opportunity to compete in a number of different challenges in order to earn rewards. Resin is a currency that is used up when claiming highly valuable resources like the Stormterror and the Electro Hypostasis that can be found strewn throughout Teyvat; nonetheless, resin slowly regenerates itself over the course of gameplay. Bosses and challenges may be found all across Teyvat.

Completing these challenges offers the player progress towards raising their Adventure Rank, which in turn unlocks new quests, challenges, and boosts the World Level. Completing these challenges grants the player progress towards increasing their Adventure Rank. The World Level is a measurement of both the difficulty of the adversaries that can be encountered inside the world and the rarity of the rewards that can be obtained by vanquishing those creatures.

The player has control over their character and can do actions such as sprinting, climbing, swimming, and gliding; however, these actions have a stamina cost associated with them.

Certain characters have skills that can change the landscape. One such ability is the ability to freeze water, which can be used to create an ice trail that can help the player traverse difficult terrain.

There are many teleportation nodes located throughout the world that players can warp to as a form of fast travel; among these are landmarks known as Statues of The Seven that can heal and revive characters, and provide benefits such as increasing player stamina. Players can warp to these locations using the warp ability.

Items such as food and ore can be obtained from the open world, while adversaries and treasure chests drop different types of resources that can be utilized to enhance a character’s power. These resources can be used to make a character stronger. Food can be obtained by the player through a variety of means, including hunting animals, gathering fruit and vegetables, or purchasing it from a store. In addition, there are unique instances of combat known as Domains, which not only award materials but also experience points that can be used to level up your character and your weapons.

Ingredients that, when combined in a dish, have the potential to restore a character’s health or improve their performance in a variety of numbers. Players also have the ability to acquire ores, which, once polished, can be fashioned into weapons or utilized to increase their physical prowess.

An elemental talent and an elemental burst are the two distinct combat abilities that are available to each character. The Elemental Skill can be used at any moment, with the exception of the period of time during which it cannot be used again immediately after it has been used. In contrast, the usage of the Elemental Burst has a cost in terms of energy, and the user must first build up a significant amount of elemental energy by vanquishing foes or inflicting elemental status effects on others. Each of the seven natural elements—ice, plants, fire, water, wind, electricity, and rock, respectively—are within the characters’ power, and they are denoted by the following abbreviations: Cryo, Dendro, Pyro, Hydro, Anemo, Electro, and Geo. These elements can interact with one another in a variety of ways; for instance, if an enemy is hit by a Hydro attack, they will be given the “Wet” status effect; conversely, if they are hit by a Cryo attack, they will be given the “Cryo” status effect.

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The combination of these two status effects results in the “Frozen” status effect, which prevents the target from executing any actions for a short period of time or until the player deals enough physical damage to the adversary. The ability to engage in certain elemental interactions is granted to the player when they switch between characters during combat and make use of those talents. In order to complete some of the puzzles found throughout the overworld, you may need to make use of certain elemental powers.

A cooperative multiplayer mode is one of the game’s playable options. The overworld and the Domains can be explored cooperatively by up to four players at a time. One of the ways to find a compatible partner among other players is to send out a connection request.

If the player indicates that they would like to clear a Domain alongside other players, they will be placed in a group with other players who are attempting to complete the same objective. Players on different platforms are able to compete against one another thanks to the game’s cross-platform play features.

The player can initially acquire four additional playable characters by completing tasks to advance the story, and further characters can be earned through a gacha feature and in-game events. [There are also] other characters that can be unlocked through quests.

The gacha system allows players to win characters and weapons through the usage of a variety of premium in-game currency, which may be obtained through in-app purchases as well as through playing the game itself. A pity system is one that ensures a player will obtain uncommon items when a predetermined number of draws have been completed.

Game Seeting and Story

The story of Genshin Impact takes place in the planet of Teyvat, which is made up of seven great nations: Mondstadt, Liyue, Inazuma, Sumeru, Fontaine, and Natlan; each of these nations is controlled by a different god. Snezhnaya is the eighth and last nation to join Teyvat. It is said that gods and humans who have attained godhood by accomplishing great deeds call the enigmatic, floating island of Celestia home. The nation of Khaenri’ah was obliterated by gods some 500 years before the events of the game, and its ruins can be found buried deep underground.

Khaenri’ah was not one of the seven great nations to be controlled by a god, in contrast to those nations.

Teyvat becomes a prison for the player character, the Traveler, who can be either a male or a female depending on the player’s choice. The Traveler also becomes separated from their twin. During their travels around Teyvat in quest of their misplaced sister, they are accompanied by a travel companion named Paimon. Despite the fact that players have the ability to select the name by which they would like to be known, the Traveler’s sibling always refers to the Traveler as either Aether or Lumine, depending on whether the Traveler is a male or female.

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Each of the seven nations pays homage to and takes its name from one of “The Seven,” a set of gods also known as “Archons” who are responsible for governing one of the nations individually. Each individual that makes up The Seven has a connection to one of the game’s elements, which is mirrored in the facet that represents their homeland. Barbatos, Rex Lapis, the Raiden Shogun, and the Tsaritsa are the respective Archons of Mondstadt, Liyue, and Snezhnaya. The Tsaritsa is the Archon of Snezhnaya.

The deity that serves as the Archon may, however, shift over time when other Archons become extinct.

Visions are magical gemstones that give their carriers the capacity to command an element and the opportunity to ascend to godhood and reside in Celestia. Certain persons are chosen by the Archons to receive a Vision, and those individuals are bestowed a Vision.


Mondstadt, also known as the “city of freedom,” is located on an island in the centre of a lake. This city is dedicated to the Anemo Archon Barbatos.

The Knights of Favonius are tasked with safeguarding the city of Mondstadt and its populace, and they are responsible for providing this protection. Liyue is the greatest market harbor in Teyvat and is located southwest of Teyvat. It is here that worship of the Geo Archon Rex Lapis, also known as Morax, takes place. Ancient guardians are known as Adepti, who are a class of magical beings that includes Rex Lapis himself, watch over the harbor city on behalf of the Liyue Qixing, a group of corporate leaders that serve as the city’s presiding authority.

The authoritarian regime of the Raiden Shogun, also known as Baal, and three governmental bodies that together make up the Tri-Commission oversee the isolationist island nation of Inazuma. These bodies are the Tenryou Commission, Kanjou Commission, and Yashiro Commission; they are responsible for military and executive affairs, finances and foreign affairs, and ceremonial affairs respectively. Inazuma is located across the sea to the southeast.

Snezhnaya, which is governed by a Cryo Archon known as the Tsaritsa, dispatches ambassadors known as the Fatui. These Fatui keep a polite exterior while employing more underhanded means in the background.

The Tsaritsa has bestowed exceptional powers and executive authority upon a group of individuals known as the Eleven Harbingers, who is also in charge of the Fatui.

In addition to the Fatui, another party in the game that is actively working to undermine the player’s success is the Abyss Order, which is comprised of a legion of monsters that sees all humans as their archrivals. They are headed by someone called the “Prince” or “Princess,” who is the Traveler’s long-lost sibling.

A set of twins who have traversed multiple worlds make their way to Teyvat, where they discover the nation of Khaenri’ah is undergoing a catastrophic siege but immediately make plans to depart. On the other hand, a god removes one of the twins and encases the other in a seal, so they are never reunited. Five hundred years later, the twin who had been locked away, now known as the “Traveler,” comes to life and meets Paimon. Together, the two set out on a journey to locate the twin who went missing.

The two travelers initially make their way to the city of Mondstadt, which has been the target of an assault by a dragon known as Stormterror. They talk to Venti, a local poet who wants to put Stormterror at ease. Stormterror is actually Dvalin, one of the old defenders of Mondstadt, and Venti believes he can help. Venti, after recovering a sacred lyre that had been stolen from the Fatui, makes an attempt to use the lyre to calm down Dvalin. However, the dragon is coerced into attacking Venti by the Abyss Order. They chase Dvalin and liberate him from the control of the Abyss Order after the encounter reveals that Venti is in fact the Anemo Archon Barbatos. Following the successful resolution of the emergency, Fatui Harbinger La Signora ambushes Venti and takes his Gnosis, which is the representation of an Archon’s authority.

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Venti suggests to the Traveler that they make their next stop at Liyue, where they might attend a ceremony and meet Rex Lapis, the Geo Archon. However, it appears that Rex Lapis passes away during the ceremony, and his body is secreted away somewhere. In order to avoid being suspected, the Traveler seeks assistance from funeral parlor consultants Zhongli and Fatui Harbinger Childe. The latter manipulates the Traveler into sowing discord between the Qixing, which is an organization of trade heads that administers Liyue Harbor, and the Adepti, which are ancient guardians who defend Liyue. Childe finds out where Rex Lapis’ body is buried, but he is unable to locate the Gnosis and is under the impression that Rex Lapis is still alive. Childe resurrects an ancient deity in an effort to lure out the Archon, but the combined efforts of the Traveler, the Qixing, and the Adepti are able to kill it. Following this victory, the three organisations come to an agreement to usher Liyue into a new age. After that, the Traveler learns that Zhongli is actually Rex Lapis, and that he offers Signora his Gnosis as part of a covert agreement with the Tsaritsa, who is the Cryo Archon and the leader of the Fatui. Zhongli reveals that he pretended to pass away so that he could abdicate his position as Archon, and that their successful defence of Liyue demonstrated that they did not want his protection.

After that, the Traveler goes back to Mondstadt, where he runs up a man named Dainsleif who has his sights set on the Abyss Order. They explore together their plan to make an artificial god to dethrone Celestia, but as they try to stop it, they are met by the Traveler’s brother or sister. They disclose that they are the leader of the Abyss Order, which is comprised of the inhabitants of Khaenri’ah who have been cursed to become monsters, and they tell that Dainsleif was a guard of Khaenri’ah who has been cursed to wander the globe. The Traveler tries to keep up with Dainsleif as he pursues their sibling, but he is unable to do so.

As the Traveler searches for a route into Inazuma, he learns more about the Vision Hunt Decree that is being imposed to seize the Visions of individuals who live in Inazuma, which would result in the beginning of a civil war. After arriving in the country, the Traveler makes a deal with the resistance army to assist in overthrowing it. They discover that the Fatui coerced the Shogun into signing it, and in response, they conduct an assault on a Fatui facility, where they are ultimately beaten by the Fatui Harbinger Scaramouche. They are rescued by the shrine maiden Yae Miko, who reveals to them that the so-called “Raiden Shogun” is actually a puppet that Ei fashioned in order to control Inazuma while she was absent in her thoughts.

The Traveler approaches Signora at the palace of the Shogun and challenges her to a duel, ultimately prevailing over her in the confrontation. The Raiden Shogun orders the execution of Signora, and the Traveler, with the assistance of Yae Miko, defeats Ei. Ei then repeals the decree, which brings an end to the war. Miko confesses that she was the one who was entrusted with Ei’s Gnosis, but that she gave it up to Scaramouche so that she might save the Traveler.

The Traveler is reunited with Dainsleif, who had been searching for their sibling but had been unsuccessful. After having a vision in which their sibling was striving to restore Khaenri’ah, they find themselves split between assisting their sibling and destroying the Abyss Order. Dainsleif insists that the Traveler make a decision before setting off on their journey.

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