House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones Map Full Explained

House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones Map Full Explained

House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones Map Full Explained

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The House of the Dragon has arrived, and it is everything we had imagined it would be: dynastic warfare, beards, armor, and ridiculous wigs. Additionally, it has made us realize that we have forgotten where everything is in Westeros. King’s Landing appears to be the same, albeit slightly changed, but where was Dragonstone once more? What constitutes a Stepstone? We’d better try to refresh our recollections because they appear to be significant to those irate old males and young women.

This useful collection of maps fills that need. You can now quickly recall Dragonstone’s location in relation to, say, King’s Landing. The location of the Iron Islands is visible. Here are actual maps of Westeros and Essos with all the key sites from Game of Thrones and House of the Dragon marked, in case you want to check up on Winterfell. The continent of Sothoryos has been omitted from the list because nothing happens there and no one is actually sure how big it is. (And since you had never even heard of the mysterious fourth continent, Ulthos, you can disregard it.)

1. Dragonstone

Before Aegon’s Conquest, the Targaryens’ ancestral home, and the current residence of Daemon (Matt Smith)

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Stannis Baratheon held it for most of Game of Thrones. (Ser Davos was knighted for smuggling onions into it during a siege.) Daenerys recovered it in the season seven debut, which is understandable given that she was born there.

2. Sunspear, Dorne

Prince Doran of Dorne in the moments just before his relatives executed him.

2. Dorne and the Stepstones

No one’s favourite Game of Thrones tale was set here, and Prince Oberyn and the Sand Snakes called it home. In addition to being quite hot, Dorne has a decidedly Hispanic flavour. Beautiful but dull. The Stepstones, a group of small islands immediately to the east, got their name since it just takes a short hop to get from Westeros to Essos and back. As part of the Triarchy (an alliance of the Free Cities of Essos), the Crab Feeder is operating there, eliminating pirates and strengthening the position of the Targaryens’ adversaries.

3. Braavos

Here is Arya talking about the Titan of Braavos just before The Waif stabs her.

3. Braavos

The place where Syrio Forel, the First Sword of Braavos, was born and raised. Arya fled Westeros and ended up in The Free City, where she was taught the ways of Jaqen H’ghar and the Faceless Men. If you enjoy that sort of stuff, lots of canals, and a massive Titan monument all by itself.

4. The Eyrie

That is Bronn throwing Ser Vardis Egan out of the lunar portal. He is missed by us. (We hardly recall that man.)

4. The Eyrie

The Eyrie was the insane Lysa Arryn’s castle, which her weak son Robin inherited. The castle is practically impenetrable and is located in the Vale, a lush area bordered by mountains on all but one side. Among the colourful locals is Mord the gaoler.

5. Casterly Rock

You cannot recall it. In Game of Thrones season 7, it was only briefly mentioned.

5. Casterly Rock

The Lannisters’ home is where they literally sit on a goldmine or at least did during the first season of the television series.

6. King’s Landing

Since Cersei destroyed the Great Sept of Baelor, it doesn’t appear as it did before.

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6. King’s Landing

The Red Keep, which serves as the Iron Throne’s official residence, and the Great Sept of Baelor’s remains are among the region’s notable features. Don’t miss the distinctive sights of Littlefinger’s brothels and the distinctive scents of Flea Bottom if you’re thinking of visiting.

7. The Iron Islands

I wonder how those castles were constructed.

7. The Iron Islands

Home of Theon Greyjoy, a sad, salty place. We Do Not Sow is the motto of the Greyjoys, so don’t anticipate lush farmlands on Great Wyk, Pyke, and the other islands; instead, expect a lot of seafaring reavers, religious fanatics, sheep, and possibly some incest.

8. Meereen

This is the largest of the three old cities on Slavers’ Bay, where Daenerys used to hang around for decades (the others are Yunkai and Astapor). It has a substantial pyramid and once housed a statue of a harpy. It consequently had a large number of freed slaves and erstwhile wise masters who had been deep-fried.

9. Oldtown

Oldtown is a university town that resembles a mediaeval version of Oxford or Cambridge. It is the location of the Citadel, a huge tower where the nation’s maesters receive their training. Sam picked up a few bookish skills there.

10. Qarth

After crossing The Red Waste on foot, Daenerys, Jorah, and the remaining members of Khal Drogo’s khalasar ended up here, malnourished and without money. Beware of the Warlocks—weird guys with blue lips and magical abilities. Far Asshai By The Shadow is farther than Qarth is from the known world’s edge, yet it is the farthest East anyone on the show has ever travelled.

House of the Dragon and Game of Thrones Map Full Explained

11. Riverrun

This is the largest house in the Riverlands, and it is where Catelyn Stark, nĂ©e Tully, and her sister (Mad) Lysa originate. Later, the Freys surrounded Catelyn’s uncle The Blackfish inside until Jaime appeared and took control of the situation pretty peacefully. Quite dull, in fact. Wet.

12. Hardhome

So, if you’ve ever wondered why Jon, the Wildlings, the Thenns, and Wun Wun the giant had to escape the White Walker assault via boat, here’s your answer: Hardhome is located at the northernmost point of a peninsula. There was no way to escape the throng.

13. The Twins

The Red Wedding took place here. The only place where the Green Fork of the River Trident crosses is between Walder Frey’s two unassailable fortresses. He had the authority to wield power in such a capricious and petty manner because, for example, everyone who wished to cross the river with an army required his approval. At least, until Arya went full-on Titus Andronicus on his behind.

14. Vaes Dothrak

The sole Dothraki city, located beneath the Mother of Mountains (duh, they’re nomads). There may be no use of bladed weapons or violence. Strangulation is acceptable when it’s required. The temple of the Dosh Khaleen, where the widows of Khals gathered, was destroyed when Daenerys was transported there as a prisoner. She survived the flames stronger than ever, and BOOM! BOIIII, MOTHER OF DRAGONS!

15. Valyria

We barely caught a glimpse of it in Game of Thrones as Ser Jorah and Tyrion traversed its ruins and were attacked by Stone Men (advanced greyscale sufferers).

Old Valyria served as the regional capital of the ancient civilization and the former global hub of Valyria, where people had knowledge of magic and the control of dragons, among other things. 400 years before the events of Game of Thrones, numerous volcanoes simultaneously erupted and submerged much of the peninsula into what would eventually become the Smoking Sea, wiping out the whole nation along with its knowledge. Currently thought to be a Bad Scene and haunted.

16. Winterfell

If you’re wondering how the Starks survived in the freezing weather up there (and, briefly, Ramsay Bolton), there is a hot spring beneath the castle, and water is pumped through the walls.

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