Who is Francie Frane 5 Things To Know About Dog The Bounty Hunter’s New Wife

Who is Francie Frane? 5 Things To Know About Dog The Bounty Hunter’s New Wife

Who is Francie Frane? 5 Things To Know About Dog The Bounty Hunter’s New Wife

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Get to know the newest “Mrs. Dog.” The Bounty Hunter’s Learn more about the woman who won over the heart of the Dog by familiarising yourself with Francie Frane, who later married Duane Chapman.

The bounty hunter and reality television personality Duane “Dog the Bounty Hunter” Chapman is now married for the second time. This comes more than two years after the death of Beth Chapman, Duane’s first wife and the victim of cancer. On September 2, 2021, he and Francie Frane became husband and wife.

Due to the recurrence of her cancer, Dog was forced to say goodbye to Beth in 2019, and they began dating in the spring of 2020. By May, Dog had formulated his proposal. “I believe that I had gone to pick up some food, and when I returned, he had turned down all of the lights, leaving only a few lights on and lighting a large number of candles,” she said.

When Francie shared the news of their engagement with The Sun, she said, “So when I came in, I was like, ‘Wow, this is awesome.'” “After that, he told me, ‘Come in, and have a seat, because I need to talk to you. Because I believe that it was God who brought you into my life, I don’t want to waste even a single second of it apart from you. He asked, “Are you willing to wed me so that we can spend the rest of our lives together?” Who could possibly disagree with that? It was an amazing experience.”

The following information is important to keep in mind as the two individuals go into the next phase of their lives together:

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1. Francie Frane Is A Colorado Rancher.

According to The Sun, which was the publication that originally showed photographs of Dog and Francie holding one other, Francie is a rancher who lives close to where Dog makes his home.

2. Francie Frane Is A Widow.

The unfortunate circumstances that brought Francie and Dog together in the beginning. At first, he contacted Francie’s husband to have him perform some landscaping work on the property owned by the family. Nonetheless, Francie shared the news with Dog that her husband, Bob, had passed only a few short months before Beth, Bob’s wife.

“We started crying and comforting each other over the phone as we talked to each other after we had connected on the phone. Dog remarked in May of 2020 that “and then one thing led to another.” “I can’t believe that I’ve had the chance to talk to someone like her,” said the speaker.

Dog also claimed that during the first ten months after Beth’s passing, he sat around and cried, saying, “Where’s my Bethie?” while he was caught up in his sadness. This lasted for the entire time. “Alright, because Francie is here, I’m free to talk about Beth… “As we sob together, we comfort and support one another.” Dog has been able to get through his feelings and go on with his life as a result of the two of them sharing their loss.

3. Francie Is Helping Dog Live His Best Life.

Lyssa Chapman, Dog’s daughter, told The Sun in 2020 that her mother is a “wonderful lady” for her father. “They go to church three times a week, and dad is trying to stop up smoking — she is a lovely wife for my dad,” “He is the happiest I’ve seen him in a long time; he is so head over heels in love with Francie, and he wants to spend the rest of his life with her.

“They both experienced the loss of their husbands to cancer, so they know what it’s like to go through that, and they are helping each other get through it,” she added, adding that they are on the same page about their histories. According to Lyssa, “However, at the same time, they are being extremely respectful of each other’s grief process, and they are not attempting to replace each other’s relationship.”

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4. Duane’s Daughters Approve of Francie.

Lyssa said on Twitter above a story that shared the news of their new relationship, “Love is in the air.” Lyssa did not like Dog’s most recent girlfriend, Moon Angell, who has been his lifelong assistant. She and Rainy refer to Moon Angell as “Moon-Gate.” In the meantime, Dog’s other daughter, Bonnie Jo Chapman, supported her father’s new relationship and expressed confidence that her own mother, Beth, would be pleased with Francie.

“Everyone who is passing judgment on my father ought to make a sincere prayer that they never have to experience the loss of a loved one and be criticized for attempting to fill the emptiness left by their absence. Your viewpoint is not relevant. My mother would have wished for him to find joy in life. On social media, Bonnie asked everyone to be quiet and give her father some space to live his life in peace.

5. Francie Shares Dog’s Faith.

“April 21, [2020]. “What we thought was the end has turned out to be just the beginning,” Francie said in a post on an Instagram account that was ascribed to her name. The handwritten statement appeared to be a celebration of her new connection with Dog; however, users pointed out that it was actually a verse from the Christian Bible, specifically Deuteronomy 28:13. “You are not the tattletale; you are the head. You may count on me to accompany you wherever God takes the two of us. You are my lady, made by my rib rather than by my heel, and you will walk by me for the rest of our lives together.

During an episode of The Dr. Oz Show that aired in September 2020, Dog discussed his relationship with Francie. In response to a question about how he felt about her, Dog stated, “Well, I fell in love.” “She is a Christian, and if you want to get any smooches from Christians, you have to get married to them.” I recently had the thought that I understood what love is, so I turned to the Bible and Dr. Oz for help. It is said in the book of Genesis that “God does not anticipate or wish for a man to be alone.”

“Therefore, I prayed to God, telling him that I didn’t need to visit Christian.com or any of those other websites because he already gave Adam the girl. I need a girl,'” he added. “You are aware of the variety that I require, as well as the specifics of what I require. The following day, I finally got to meet her, and at the time, I had no idea that God had already answered my request and had somebody prepared for me. After that, when I realized that I was falling in love with someone, I recalled the prayer, and God asked me, “How’s that?”

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