Can You Get FaceTime for Android Here is Everything You Should Know

Can You Get FaceTime for Android? Here is Everything You Should Know

Can You Get FaceTime for Android? Here is Everything You Should Know

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The video calling service offered by Apple is known as FaceTime; but, is it possible to use FaceTime on an Android device? And what exactly does the FaceTime app look like on Android? Let’s find out.

Are you envious of your buddies who both own iPhones and can communicate with each other over FaceTime? Are you curious as to how you may use FaceTime on your Android phone, or are you looking for an Android app that is comparable to FaceTime?

In this guide to using FaceTime on Android, we will cover all of these issues as well as many others.

What Is FaceTime?

First things first, let’s go through what exactly FaceTime is and how it functions.

Apple’s video and audio calling service are referred to as FaceTime. It was first made available for iPhone in 2010, and for Mac in 2011. It is a free service on all Apple devices that are compatible with it, including the iPhone, iPad, and Mac, as well as the iPod touch. Anyone in possession of one of these devices is able to communicate with anyone else in possession of a compatible device, provided that they know the phone number or email address associated with the other party’s Apple ID.

FaceTime is primarily designed to be used for video calls; however, the program also has a capability called FaceTime Audio, which can be used for voice-only conversations. If your plan has a restricted number of minutes, you can use this as an alternative to making phone calls. You are not restricted to speaking to a single person while using FaceTime; group FaceTime calls with as many as 32 participants are also supported.

You can even share the screen of your Mac while using FaceTime, and screen sharing is enabled on the iPhone starting with iOS 15.1 and later versions.

The fact that FaceTime is already pre-installed on each and every iPhone and Mac make it a very useful application. When you set up an iPhone, you are highly advised to log into or sign up for an Apple ID. This will allow you to make a video conversation with anyone you know who also has an iPhone, and it will only take one tap to do so. You won’t have to mess around with creating new accounts or downloading a different app because these are not requirements.

Can I Use FaceTime on Android?

Because Apple owns the rights to the FaceTime program, the company dictates the conditions under which it can be used. FaceTime was first exclusive to Apple-branded mobile devices and computers. Nevertheless, in an unexpected step, Apple has made it possible to utilize FaceTime on other operating systems, including Android and Windows, in addition to iOS and macOS.

Since September 2021, FaceTime can be downloaded for use on Android devices. On the other hand, you won’t be able to find a FaceTime program that you can download from either the Google Play Store or the Microsoft Store.

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Instead, in order to invite you to a FaceTime call, someone with an Apple device needs to create a link and send it to you. If you open this link in Chrome or Microsoft Edge, a web interface will appear that will allow you to join the call. Unfortunately, you cannot initiate a FaceTime call from an Android device to an iPhone; instead, you can only join calls that were initiated by users of Apple products.

FaceTime for Android devices supports the core functionality, however, not all of its features are now accessible. This web version gives you the ability to mute both your microphone and your video, switch between your front and back cameras, and utilize full-screen mode. Altering the configuration of the call’s participants is another option. Apple products are the only ones that can access more advanced features like SharePlay, which enables users to watch media along with their friends over FaceTime.

Find out all you need to know about how to use FaceTime on Android as well as how to initiate a FaceTime call with someone who is using Android on your iPhone by viewing the appropriate guides.

In the event that this version of FaceTime isn’t enough for you, or if you’d prefer to use an app that’s similar to FaceTime but is designed for Android, you’ll find that there are a lot of FaceTime alternatives that are compatible with your device and perform really well.

What Is the Android Version of FaceTime?

Let’s take a look at some of the most impressive alternatives to Apple’s FaceTime that are built right into the Android operating system. If they don’t work for you, there are plenty of other fantastic apps available that allow you to make free conference calls.

Google Duo

Both Google Allo and Google Duo were released by Google in the year 2016. The text chat software known as Allo has since been removed from the App Store, but the video calling app known as Duo is still available and serves as the closest thing Apple has to a replacement for FaceTime. It is very similar to Apple’s FaceTime in that it has a simplified user experience with a primary focus on video chatting.

Due to the fact that Duo is well-optimized for weak connections, you should be able to experience solid call quality even when network conditions are below average. It is possible to leave a brief message for the other party if they do not pick up the call, and it is capable of supporting group calls with a maximum of 32 participants.

Duo also uses phone numbers for contacts, which means that your friends do not need to sign up for a Google account in order to add you as a contact on their account. This makes it easier for them to jump on board with Duo.

If you don’t need a complete visual call, Google Duo provides voice calling. When you get a call, it also contains a feature called “Knock Knock” that gives you the ability to view a few seconds of the live video of the person who is calling you. The last benefit is that your conversations are safe because Duo calls are encrypted from beginning to end.

Duo is, all things considered, the app that most closely resembles an Android version of FaceTime. The fact that it is not an all-in-one messenger is, however, something that some people find appealing. Because Duo can be used on both the iPhone and the web, your friends who have iPhones and don’t mind adding yet another app to their devices will be able to quickly contact you.

Note that by the end of 2022, Google will rebrand Google Duo to Google Meet, deprecate the existing version of the Google Meet app, and combine some of the functionality that is currently available in the current version of the app into Duo.

Google Chat

As you have probably deduced from what has been discussed thus far, Google’s chat apps have undergone a number of perplexing name and functionality changes. Another example of this is Google Hangouts, which, after undergoing a number of revisions throughout the course of its existence and finally reaching the end of its support life, has finally been discontinued. If you are currently using Hangouts, you will be given the option to switch to the new Google Chat service instead of using Hangouts.

Historically, Hangouts functioned as an all-in-one communication app comparable to WhatsApp. Instant messaging, video calling, and other features were made available by it. The functionality of Google Chat is comparable to that of Yahoo! Messenger; however, video calls must be made through Google Meet. Since people have differing opinions on it, you might want to look into other options as an alternative to FaceTime, especially if you’re more interested in making video calls than anything else.

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Although some of the material about Google Chat indicates that it is geared toward users in the corporate world, Google is gradually making Chat more appropriate for personal accounts as well. You are welcome to give it a shot, but we think most people would be better off using WhatsApp instead. There is a good reason why WhatsApp is so widely used.


The ever-popular Skype was one of the first apps to support video calling. Even while it functions without any issues, there isn’t much of a reason to utilize it instead of Google Chat or Duo unless all of your pals are exclusively on Skype. The aforementioned apps interact more seamlessly with Android, however, Skype requires that you sign in with a Microsoft account. Plus, some of Skype’s redesigns haven’t been terrific.

If you decide to use Skype, be sure to read our tutorial on how to get the most out of it on Android.

Download Skype for free on your Android, iOS, or web device (Free, in-app purchases available)

The Best FaceTime Solution for Android

Using the official technique provided by Apple is your best option if you want to FaceTime with friends who have iPhones but are using Android phones. Simply have your friend who has an iPhone generate a link to a new call and email it to you; once you click on the link in your browser, you will be connected to the call.

It is recommended that you maintain Google Duo (and eventually Google Meet) on your device if you frequently call other people using Android or the web. It is easy to set up, so even if you are attempting to have a video chat with a relative who is not very sophisticated when it comes to technology, they will not have to do too much to get started. Having your Duo profile linked to your phone number also removes the need for you to take the additional step of signing up for an account with either Google or Microsoft.

Duo does not become bogged down by a large number of features that are not necessary, and it is accessible everywhere with complete support. Your iPhone-owning pals who refuse to download further apps are the only ones who can prevent you from using it.

Will We Ever See Full FaceTime Support for Android?

Despite the fact that Apple’s decision to make FaceTime links accessible on other platforms came as a surprise, this solution is not yet a complete implementation of FaceTime for Android. During the time that Steve Jobs was announcing FaceTime, he made the statement that the firm will collaborate with various standards bodies in order to make it an “open industry standard.” However, this is not exactly the case as of yet.

Apple does offer a select number of its apps for download on the Android platform. These apps include Apple TV, Apple Music, and Move to iOS. However, Apple Music and Apple TV are also subscription services, which means that these are not free apps that Apple is making available to its customers.

FaceTime is different. The “magic” of using an Apple product includes this absolutely free feature that adds to the experience. If Apple made FaceTime completely available on Android or any other platform, it might potentially water down the experience that Apple provides, which is one in which its own products function in sync with one another. FaceTime would cease to be a streamlined method for video chatting between Apple products and instead become just another tool for video calling.

In addition, it should come as no surprise that Apple’s software engineers are most experienced with the Mac and iOS platforms. Creating an application that is compatible with Android would require a significant amount of effort, would most likely not function as fluidly as the Apple versions, and would be detrimental to the brand as a result. Because of this, it is quite unlikely that a full version of FaceTime will be ported over to Android.


You should now be familiar with the operation of FaceTime on Android. You can participate in FaceTime calls by using links that are generated by iPhone owners, or you can give one of the services that are a suitable alternative a try. As the Android equivalent of Apple’s FaceTime, Google Duo performs admirably, and it also enables you to make video calls to iPhone users in the same hassle-free manner.

Remember that the immensely popular messaging app WhatsApp combines text, voice, and video chatting into a single platform for users’ convenience. This is an additional option to consider.

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