Ewan McGregor Kids Everything About His Children

Ewan McGregor Kids: Everything About His Children

Ewan McGregor Kids: Everything About His Children

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The legendary actor from “Star Wars” has one son and four daughters, making him a proud father. Find out everything you need to know about his large family that he raises with his wife Mary Elizabeth and his ex-wife Eve right here!

Trainspotting, Moulin Rouge, and the Star Wars prequels are some of Ewan McGregor’s most famous cinema appearances. In the Star Wars prequels, he played the legendary part of Obi-Wan Kenobi. Ewan McGregor is well-known all over the world for these performances. Despite the fact that he is unquestionably a household name, it is possible that many of the Scottish actor’s fans are unaware of his personal life, particularly the complexities of his romantic relationships.

The famous actor wed his first wife, the production designer Eve Mavrakis, in 1995. The wedding took place in a traditional church setting. It was speculated that Ewan had ended his marriage to Eve in May of 2017, which caused eyebrows to be raised because he was rumored to be dating his Fargo co-star at the time, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, who had just announced that she had ended her marriage to Riley Stearns after seven years of marriage. After a period of five months, the co-stars were seen on camera kissing and making out on the streets of London. They officially became husband and wife in April of 2022, when they exchanged vows.

Their daughters Clara, 26, Jamyan, 20, Esther, 20, and Anouck, 11, continued to be significantly impacted by their parent’s divorce even after it had been a number of months since it occurred. “They blame [Mary Elizabeth] for destroying their family, and they can’t forgive her,” a source told HollywoodLife in an EXCLUSIVE interview at the time. “They can’t forgive her since she destroyed their family.” Because she is the eldest and is always looking out for her younger sisters, it is especially difficult for Clara. When she observes that they are experiencing pain as a result of the divorce, her reaction is to become enraged and lash out at Mary Elizabeth. Even Mary Elizabeth’s former partner Riley seemed to have something negative to say about her after they had divorced. In the meantime, Ewan and Mary Elizabeth would go on to have their first child together, a male named Laurie, in June of 2021. This would be Ewan’s first kid.

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Find out more about the actor’s large family in the next section.

Clara McGregor

Clara, who was born in 1996, has followed in her father’s footsteps and established a career in the entertainment industry. The stunningly beautiful young actress even demonstrated how tough she can be when she walked the red carpet for the release of her film The Birthday Cake in 2021 just hours after she had been the victim of a horrifying dog attack. Clara posted an Instagram gallery that she shared on June 13 with the following: “When a dog bite lands you in the emergency room 30 minutes before the red carpet.”

Clara was quite unhappy over Ewan’s choice to divorce her mother, despite the fact that they had developed a strong acting bond. despite the fact that she would later appear to refer to her father as “a–hole” in an Instagram post. Since then, the two have reconciled their differences and have even produced and starred in movies together, such as “Christopher Robin,” which was released in 2018.

Esther McGregor

Esther was born to Ewan and Eve in the year 2001. The young beauty, who bears a strong resemblance to her father, is currently collaborating with her older sister Clara on a modeling campaign. She was also shaken up by the divorce of her parents, and she criticized Ewan in the form of a song after images of him kissing Mary Elizabeth in London were published for the first time. Esther has made significant progress, much like Clara, and she and her well-known father have made amends in recent years.

Jamyan McGregor

It was in the year 2006 when Ewan and Eve made the decision to adopt their third daughter, Jamyan. She was just four years old at the time. According to Closer Weekly, Ewan met Jamyan when she was an orphan in Mongolia while they were filming a television series. The program was set in Mongolia. Due to the fact that they are barely five months apart in age, she is very close to her sister Esther.

Anouck McGregor

Anouck, the second child that Ewan and Eve adopted after welcoming her into the family in 2011, is a mystery to the general public in many respects. During the same year, Ewan stated in an interview with the New York Post, “My wife and four girls — 15 years old, two nine years old, and a baby of four months — often come with me if it’s a holiday or if my places and their schedules allow.” There are times when we have to uproot them and place them in a different school.

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Laurie McGregor

On June 26, 2021, Ewan welcomed his first child, a son. Jamyan is quite smitten with her baby brother, as evidenced by the fact that she took to Instagram when he was born to write: “Our little man, little Laurie, a wonderful bundle of joy came into the world on June 26.” Although the parents have revealed little about their first child together, Jamyan is quite smitten with her baby brother.

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