How much is Dana Perino Net Worth 2023

How much is Dana Perino Net Worth 2023?

How much is Dana Perino Net Worth 2023?

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Net Worth: $6 Million
Date of Birth: May 9, 1972 (50 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 1 in (1.57 m)
Profession: Commentator, Talk show host, Journalist
Nationality: Italy

What is Dana Perino net worth and salary?

The American political analyst known as Dana Perino has a net worth of $6 million dollars at the present time. Her tenure as the 26th White House Press Secretary, during which she worked for President George W. Bush, is largely credited with launching her career in the public eye. After Dee Dee Myers, who served in that capacity during the Clinton administration, Dana Perino became the second and only other woman to hold the position of White House Press Secretary. Additionally, she serves in this capacity for Crown Forum, which is the publishing division of Crown Publishing Group that is known for its conservative leanings.

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Early Life

Evanston, Wyoming is the place where Dana Perino was born on May 8th, 1972. Ponderosa High School is located in Parker, which is a suburb of Denver. Perino received his bachelor’s degree in mass communications from Colorado State University-Pueblo in the mid-1990s. He grew up in Denver, Colorado, and attended Parker, which is a suburb of Denver. During her time as a student, she worked as a producer and host for a number of shows on politics and current affairs for several campus radio stations. She was also a member of the school’s forensics team, which competed in speech and debate competitions, and she worked at the Rocky Mountain PBS affiliate station that was situated on her campus. She continued her education at the University of Illinois in Springfield, where she received a Master of Arts degree in Public Affairs Reporting. While obtaining her Master’s degree,


She worked as a staff assistant for Representative Scott McInnis in Washington, District of Columbia, after she relocated there. This resulted in her being hired by Representative Dan Schaefer to serve as his press secretary, a position she held for over four years. She and her husband Peter McMahon relocated to England in 1998, and she did not return to the United States until November 2001, two months after the terrorist atrocities on September 11. After that, in the year 2001, she was appointed to her current position as the spokeswoman for the Department of Justice. After that, Perino worked at the White House Council on Environmental Quality as the Associate Director of Communications.

In the end, she was promoted to the role of Deputy Press Secretary under the administration of George W. Bush. In 2007, when Tony Snow was undergoing treatment for his illness, Dana Perino filled in as the acting press secretary for the White House. Between 2007 and 2008, she served as Press Secretary in her full capacity. Amid a news conference in Baghdad in December 2008, a TV journalist by the name of Munstadhar al-Zaidi hurled two shoes at President Bush, and during the commotion, Perino’s eye was wounded by a microphone stand. From September to January 2009, while the Bush administration was winding down and President Obama was taking office, Dana Perino served as the White House Press Secretary and also had the position of Assistant to the President during that time.

After leaving her position in the White House, Perino went on to work as a political pundit for Fox News. In 2009, she became one of the co-hosts of the chat show “The Five.” In the latter half of that year, President Obama put her up as a candidate for a position on the institution known as the Broadcasting Board of Governors. In June 2010, she received confirmation from the Senate. In addition to that, she started instructing classes in political communications at the Graduate School of Political Management at George Washington University. She started working as a book editorial director and publishing executive for the Crown Publishing Group of Random House, but she departed that job after just a few years in the role. In September 2016, she and Chris Stirewalt launched a podcast under the name “Perino & Stirewalt: I’ll Tell You What.” The two of them co-host the show. Before Stirewalt was let go from Fox News following the 2020 presidential election, the show was shown on a weekly basis as a series. Fox News gave Perino the opportunity to host “The Daily Briefing with Dana Perino” in October 2017. She resigned at the beginning of 2021 in order to begin working alongside Bill Hemmer as a co-anchor on “America’s Newsroom.”

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Dana has published three books outside of her successful careers in politics and the media. The first of these, “And the Good News Is…Lessons and Advice from the Bright side,” was published in 2015. The other two are “Let Me Tell You About Jasper…

How My Best Friend Became America’s Dog,” which was published in 2016, and “Everything Will Be Okay: Life Lessons for Young Women (from a Former Young Woman,” which is scheduled to be published in 2021.

Personal Life

In August of 1997, she was traveling to Denver when she made the acquaintance of Peter McMahon, who was born in Britain. Eleven months later, the couple secretly wed in England. In spite of the fact that they spent some time in the United Kingdom, the couple has spent most of their lives in Bay Head, New Jersey. Additionally, Perino became known for her beloved Vizsla, Jasper, who sadly passed away in September of 2021. Jasper helped Perino attain some prominence. A few months later, she revealed on Fox that she and her husband had added another Vizsla to their family through adoption.

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