Who is Chiquis Rivera Boyfriend Now Her Relationship Status

Who is Chiquis Rivera Boyfriend Now? Her Relationship Status

Who is Chiquis Rivera Boyfriend Now? Her Relationship Status

Who is Chiquis Rivera Boyfriend Now? Her Relationship Status. Since the beginning of 2014, Chiquis Rivera has established herself as a well-known singer as well as an actress. Many people are likely familiar with her surname.

As an actress, Chiquis’s career is also going from strength to strength right now. She made an appearance on Jenni Rivera Presents: Chiquis & Raq C, and ever since then, she has been the focus of everyone’s attention. But we both know that those things aren’t why you came to this place in the first place. Don’t worry, dear readers; we’re going to cover everything there is to know about Chiquis Rivera’s romantic life in this article.

Did Chiquis Rivera Boyfriend Jorge Cueva

The fact that Chiquis Rivera was married to Lorenzo Mendez is probably the first thing that comes to mind when we discuss her past relationships. However, as of September 2020, they are no longer married because they decided to live separate and apart lives. Chiquis was spotted sharing a passionate kiss with a Mexican businessman named Jorge Cueva, who is best known by his nickname “Mr. Tempo.” This occurred only one month after Chiquis announced that she was ending her marriage to her ex-husband.

However, many people were taken aback by this news due to the fact that Lorenzo and Chiquis were still legally married despite the fact that they were no longer together. Chiquis is said to have seen Mr. Tempo even earlier than September 2020, according to the rumor.

Chiquis did not remain silent when it came to this rumor. She did not deny that she had known Jorge for a long time; however, she claimed that there was nothing going on between her and Jorge Cueva and that their relationship was purely for business purposes. They had the intention of releasing a new tequila while simultaneously continuing to run the business together.

It’s been almost four years since I’ve known Jorge. We have engaged in a business conversation with one another for an extended period of time, and well, for the last week already. However, I am aware that he likes me since he informed me right from the bat that he does; however, he is aware that I am in the process of developing. Chiquis stated on the morning show Un Nuevo Da on Telemundo that she never cheated in her entire life, and that Lorenzo is aware of this fact.

Chiquis made the decision not to start a romantic relationship with Jorge despite the fact that he had feelings for her. Indeed, she is a loyal and trustworthy woman.

When Jorge was asked if he was interested in pursuing a romantic relationship with her, he gave an honest answer by saying: “Why on earth not? ” She is a remarkable woman who is driven by her passion, has achieved great success, and works very hard. If they knew her personally, they would find her to be very devout and a very good person.

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The rumor continued to circulate all throughout the year 2020, after which Chiquis and Jorge stopped spending time together for a while. In addition, there was no new information regarding their tequila enterprise.

Chiquis Rivera Husband Lorenzo Mendez

We have finally arrived at the ex-husband that we have been discussing: Lorenzo Mendez, a well-known Mexican-American singer and a former vocalist for Banda El Limon. We do not know how long they dated before getting married; however, we do know that their marriage lasted for significantly less than a year. Lorenzo was more than willing to discuss the troubled marriage he had with Chiquis Rivera. He didn’t mind sharing the details.

Living together after getting married is a very different experience. There were a great number of things. There were differences, including insecurities, disrespectful behavior, and lies, in my opinion. The plans that my wife had were not working out. “My plans, my dreams, and my goals were not a part of her life plan,” Lorenzo stated in the interview that he had with Tanya Charry, the reporter for El Gordo y La Flaca.

To be more specific, the decision that Lorenzo would return to the music scene as a solo artist was the spark that ignited their heated argument.

“I wanted to go back to music, and music has always been a part of me. And I was the source of her insecurities. “They didn’t come from nowhere; they came from things in the past,” said Lorenzo, who was still in the middle of his interview for El Gordo y La Flaca.

In addition to this, he mentioned that he and Chiquis started fighting four months after the wedding, which was a difficult situation to manage. Despite this, Lorenzo admitted that he was still deeply in love with her, even after they had parted ways in September of the year 2020.

Even though the breakup was painful for Lorenzo, he never had anything but kind things to say about Chiquis. Even when Chiquis was rumored to have cheated on Jorge Cueva with another man, he stood by her side.

However, despite the fact that they were no longer together, they maintained a strong relationship with one another due to the amicable manner in which they settled their differences. So, what more is there to say? Chiquis and Lorenzo are the epitomai of a wise and mature couple, despite the fact that they were unable to keep their marriage together.

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Who is Chiquis Rivera Boyfriend Now Her Relationship Status
Who is Chiquis Rivera Boyfriend Now Her Relationship Status

Chiquis Used to Date Angel Del

Chiquis’s relationship with Lorenzo Mendez was revealed to be not the only significant one she had at the time. Chiquis Rivera dated Angel Del Villar, the owner, and CEO of Del Records, for a period of four years prior to getting married to Lorenzo Rivera. Angel Del Villar, Chiquis Rivera’s former boyfriend, and Chiquis Rivera. Chiquis Rivera and Angel Del Villar both contributed to this work.

When they were together from 2012 until 2015, this couple held the title of a most desirable couple in the world. Although it had been going strong for three years, Angel and Chiquis’s relationship ultimately came to a tragic end.

Their relationship was more of an on-and-off kind of thing. Chiquis admitted that she was initially head over heels in love with Angel, but she chose not to disclose too many details about their relationship because it was still in its early stages. She was aware that some people on the internet could be very cruel at times.

“I’ve never spoken his name. I don’t feel like I need to. In an episode of Chiquis Confidential, Chiquis expressed her opinion that “I don’t think it’s necessary because that’s my private life.” Nevertheless, Chiquis admitted that she had high hopes of marrying Angel and walking down the aisle with him. She had no idea that their relationship would come to an end a few months later.

There were a lot of people who disapproved of her relationship with Angel, including the Rivera family. What exactly is the cause? mainly due to the fact that he already had a son from a previous relationship.

The reason was significantly more personal for Chiquis’ mother, Jenni Rivera. Some reputable sources claim that the reason Jenni did not like Angel was that he was the one who caused Chiquis’s relationship with her mother to become more distant. Chiquis was not deterred by any of that and continued to have a relationship with him for the full three years. Chiquis paid tribute to her ex-boyfriend with a touching caption on Father’s Day in 2015, which read as follows:

“I respect you for a lot of different reasons, but one of the primary reasons you won my heart is because you’re such an amazing parent. Something that is difficult to come by in this day and age, and I was unable to get firsthand experience with it. I love you.”

Sadly, she removed the post after they had broken up. Chiquis and Angel have not addressed the public question of why they broke up, so the reason for the breakup is still unknown.

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