CBSE Training Portal Registration 2022 for Teachers Latest Updates

CBSE Training Portal Registration 2022 for Teachers Latest Updates

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The Central Board of Secondary Education, also known as CBSE, is home to a remarkable division that is known as the Training Unit. In addition to this, it works hard to create and coordinate a variety of programs that might assist teachers in enhancing their professional qualifications.

This board functions in a cascading manner, ensuring that all of the benefits offered by the various training programs are made available to all of the teachers and students enrolled in the various schools. In addition, by soliciting applications from and providing training to prospective mentor teachers and trainers.

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The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) places a high priority on quality concerns in the school education system because these concerns are essential to the development of the country. A novel strategy for the education of future teachers has been initiated by the Central Board of Secondary Education. The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has initiated the Online CBSE Training Portal in order to furnish educators with sufficient online education training.

Since schools and universities were forced to close as a result of the rising number of COVID-19 cases, there has been a significant increase in the number of people opting to receive their education online. According to the projections made by Astute Analytica, the global market for online education will expand at a compound annual growth rate of 9 percent between the years 2022 and 2030.

This article summarises all of the information pertaining to the CBSE Training Portal Login, Certificate, and Registration, among other topics.

How to download CBSE training certificate?

Direct online registration is available for anyone who is interested in participating in the CBSE Teacher Training Registration. The web portal for online registration is now accessible, and all applicants can take advantage of this feature by adhering to the straightforward processes that are explained below.

  • For further information, see the CBSE portal’s official page.
  • On the homepage, users may locate information about the training center, including information regarding fees, seat availability, day and time, etc.
  • Determine how many empty seats are still available, then click the Register button.
  • When the window pops up, click “new registration for the individual,” and the window will close.
  • When a user registers for an account, the system will direct the user to a registration page, on which the user is expected to fill out all of the required information accurately.
  • After that, send in the URL.
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What are the steps to log in to the CBSE Portal?

Teachers who are interested in gaining access to the CBSE training site can do so by logging in with the cbsedigitaledu ID and password they were issued. In addition, the login information was emailed to them when they were registering. The processes required to log in to the CBSE portal are outlined in the following paragraphs.

  • Visit the CBSE’s main website for more information.
  • Select the alternate method of login that is presented on the homepage.
  • Provide the login data, including the username and password, and then select the Login option.
  • Doing so will log you in to the online training platform for the CBSE.

To successfully download your e-certificate from the CBSE Training Portal, please follow these instructions.

Candidates will be able to access and download the CBSE Teacher Education Certificate once they have successfully completed the online programme. In order for the user to be eligible for the certificate, they must successfully complete all of the online teacher training programmes and attend all of the necessary classes.

In order to obtain a certification, registered applicants are required to attend online courses and bring them to a successful conclusion. The certificate is available for download on the user’s computer from the official website of the CBSE education portal. Follow the steps outlined in the following instructions to successfully finish the CBSE Online Teacher Training Program and receive your certificate.

  • Visit the Central Board of Secondary Education’s main website.
  • A user must select the class that will award them the necessary certification.
  • Enter your Email ID, Password, and Security PIN into the appropriate fields. Then choose the one that allows you to sign in.
  • Select the desired alternative, and then download the necessary file.
  • When the user presses the button for the download option, they will receive their certificate.

How does a user sign up for a teacher training course through the CBSE?

If they are interested in participating in the CBSE training program, teachers, principals, and other school officials can join the CBSE 2022 online training portal by following these steps:

  • To learn more, visit the official website for the CBSE Teacher Training Course or click on the following link:
  • Once this step is complete, pick the option that says “here to register for online sessions.” It will appear in the main navigation bar. You may also select a particular city from the list of cities that appears on the home page to narrow your search for programs based on their location.
  • A user has the ability to locate the specific educational program that best suits their needs.
  • Make sure the option to Register for the separate program is selected.
  • Provide the required information on the registration form and submit it.
  • You are required to finish the process of payment confirmation.
  • You are required to participate in the program at the specified date, time, and location.
  • In order to receive the certificate and critical feedback, contact the board.
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Programs Serving as an Introduction

Participants in this program must be members of the Board of Directors who hold positions as school administrators or leaders in newly established schools. The schools can receive direction and assistance from multiple seminars that provide information on regional tests, information technology concerns, and the operation of the office. Students enrolled in CBSE get instruction in Life Skills, Values, and Physical Education as part of these introduction programs.

Programs for Potential Future Resource Persons

The participants in a learning scenario are referred to as resource persons when the experts who give information and opinions to them are called resource individuals. They are most commonly employed to carry out pedagogical tasks, although a committee charged with program planning may also profit from their utilization.

People who can act as resources could come from either within or outside of the firm. Users should select a program according to their level of familiarity with the topic at hand, as well as their capacity to cover the content and present it to an audience. This program encompasses all of the programs that are available through the subject-specific as well as the general CBPs.

How to Retrieve Forgotten Password for CBSE Training Portal?

If you are interested in learning how to retrieve the password for the CBSE Training Program, then you should follow the instructions that are listed below:

Step One: Go to the official CBSE website and either click the “Forget Password” option or visit the website.

Step Two: Enter only your User ID (email address) and your Security Pin, and then click the “Forget Password” button.

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Check the box for the Cellphone option, then enter your mobile number and the security code. This concludes Step III.

The final step will involve an OTP being sent to your mobile device. After you have entered the OTP, you will need to press the submit button.

Step V: At this point, you will be presented with the opportunity to alter the new password. Make sure to update your password.

How to Record Your Attendance on the CBSE Online Training Portal 2022

The official website for the CBSE Portal now makes it simple for educators who wish to mark their attendance in the CBSE Training Portal to view the various ways in which they can mark their attendance. The attendance link will be provided during the session, and in order for the candidate to mark that they were present, they will need to be present during the live session that is being held.

After that point, the candidate will be counted as having attended the meeting. In order to facilitate the process of registering attendance for the candidates who are taking part in the online session.

Form for Teachers to Provide Feedback on the CBSE Training Portal

If you attended the session after registering for it, then you will be required to fill out two separate forms after that. A first form is an Assessment Form, which can also be referred to as an Attendance Form, and the second form is a CBSE Training Feedback Form. The following instructions should be followed in order to obtain information regarding “How to fill Feedback Form in CBSE Training Portal”:

Step One: Either visit the official website of the CBSE Portal by clicking here, which will take you to the Feedback Form Page, or click here.

Step Two: After selecting the aforementioned link, you will be brought to the Login page.

Step III: Enter your User ID, Password, and Security Pin, and then click the “Login” button at the bottom of the screen.

Step IV: Once you have successfully logged in, the Participant Dashboard will become available to you. All of the information that you need to know will be shown on this dashboard. How many trainings have you enrolled for, how many trainings have you attended, how many times have you paid the fee, and how many times have you filled out the Feedback Form?

Step V: At this point, navigate to the Feedback Submitted section of the menu and select the “Count” option.

Step Six: In the top right corner, you’ll see an option that says “Submit Feedback.” Click it, then select “Online Session.”

Step VII: Pick the “Online Session” option for the training topics you’re interested in.

Following the selection of your online session in Step VIII, the Feedback form will become available. You will now select the questions that will be asked of you in this feedback form.

Clicking on the “Submit Feedback” button at the end of Step IX will ultimately result in the submission of your Feedback form.

Methods of Sign-In for Each Participant Individually

Step One: Navigate to the CBSE Login Page on the Training Portal by Clicking Here or you can use the URL given above to “login in Individual Participate.”

Step Two: Ensure That You Enter Your Username and Password Correctly

Enter the Security Code that is displayed on the screen at this point (Step III).

Click on the “Login Button” at the fourth step.


Helpline information for the CBSE portal can be found on the website. The programs that the CBSE offers for educators help lay the groundwork for an effective educational system. The board is working on a variety of fronts to enhance the professional standing of the teaching staff.

The Education Act of 2009 places an emphasis on the significance of adequate teacher preparation within the context of a high-quality education system as a whole. In addition, this might be supported by the teacher training programs offered by CBSE. It featured everything a user required to know about registering for the CBSE Training Portal, logging in, and obtaining a certificate through the portal.

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