Brittanya Razavi Husband, Kids, Net Worth & More Latest Updates

Brittanya Razavi Husband, Kids, Net Worth & More Latest Updates

Brittanya Razavi Husband, Kids, Net Worth & More Latest Updates

Brittanya Razavi Biography

Brittanya O’Campo, also known by the monikers Brittanya Razavi and Brittanya187, is married to a caring man who has assisted her in turning over a new page in her personal life.

She had considerable popularity as a reality star as a result of her appearance on the Real Chance Of Love, but she gained notoriety after being jailed for attacking a lady.

Brittanya Razavi, better known by her stage name Brittanya187, is an American model and reality television star who was born in Iran. She has leveraged her web presence to establish her personal brand. She has not only adorned the screens of televisions around the world, but she has also been in various periodicals. Would you be interested in learning more about this wonderful social media influencer?

For Brittanya Razavi, taking advantage of social media has proven to be a beneficial experience. Her online presence and participation have resulted in a growth in her following over the years. Despite having had a difficult adolescent period, she has managed to achieve professional success.

Brittanya O’Campo was given the name Brittanya O’Campo when she was born on July 7, 1985. Brittanya’s nationality is unknown. Her parents are of Mexican origin, and she was born to them. She is the youngest of four children who were all reared in Oxnard, California. She is the last of five children.

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Prior to things taking a bad turn, her childhood and upbringing had been very normal. Her father, who was the family’s breadwinner, was sentenced to prison when she was 15 years old. As a result of the hardship, their mother was forced to become their primary earner.

Even at such a young age, Razavi found himself in the workforce. When it comes to her educational background, there hasn’t been much information available about the schools she attended. Although it has not been proven, it has been reported that the model attended a private college in California. Tiffany O’Campo, her older sister, is a successful businesswoman in her own right.

Brittanya Razavi Career

She has been able to establish a successful acting, modeling, and business career for herself. Her endearing nature and powerful personality have made her a household name on social media platforms. There is no doubt that this approach generates income from a variety of sources.

Beginning when she was in her early twenties, the entrepreneur’s adventure on the big screen started then. What are the titles of Brittanya Razavi’s films? Her first on-screen acting role came when she was cast in the VH1 reality show Rock of Love Bus, which aired in 2008.

The plot revolves around finding the ideal romantic partner for Bret Michaels, the lead vocalist of the legendary rock band Poison. Her time on the show, however, was cut short as she was eliminated from the competition.

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Following her breakthrough performance on Rock of Love Bus, she was given another television opportunity. Charm School, another VH1 reality television series, was cast in which she appeared. The show’s focus was on educating ladies about proper etiquette, with the winner receiving a $100,000 cash prize as a prize.

Unfortunately, the model did not emerge victorious yet again, as she was also ousted from the competition during this episode. In 2012, she also acted in the comedy-drama Dysfunctional Friends, in which she received critical acclaim. The actress’s presence on television appeared to open up a new door for her in the modeling industry.

Her modeling career saw her grace the pages of several magazines. This includes magazines such as Obscene Magazine, Spire Magazine, and MMA Sports Magazine, among others.

Brittanya Razavi Social media influencing and entrepreneurship

With a large following on social media platforms, the actress is well-known. Is there a tattoo of Brittanya Razavi somewhere? The actress’s passion for ink on her body is evident by the numerous tattoos she has. She creates a commotion on the internet by uploading videos and photographs of her voluptuous physique to her website. She also has piercings in her dimples.

Her online popularity has prompted various companies to approach her about advertising opportunities.

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Before it was deactivated, her Instagram account had 12 million followers, according to the website. Despite this, she has managed to amass a following of more than 6 million people to date. The model’s Twitter account currently has more than 2,000 followers, and her YouTube channel has more than 100,000 subscribers. When it comes to business, the model is extremely ambitious and determined to achieve her goals.

She is the founder and CEO of 187 Clothing, a popular online clothing retailer. Her designs are suitable for both men and women, as well as children. She also owns a real estate company, Lucky Kings Inc., which she uses to supplement her income. She is also a co-author of the book Millionaire SelfTalk, which she wrote with her husband.

Brittanya Razavi merch 

  • Wallets
  • Clothing
  • Adult toys

Brittanya Razavi Personal life

The entrepreneur is married to Lucky Moe Razavi, with whom she began dating in 2009. They have two children. They eventually got married, and it was at that point that she decided to alter her last name to Razavi. There are two children born to the couple: Cash King, who was born in 2011, and Legend King, who was born in 2012.

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There have been rumors that she is the mother of five children, but she has never verified or denied the rumors. What is Brittanya’s current residence? Her home is in Los Angeles, California, where she lives with her family.

Brittanya Razavi Controversial news

In 2009, the fearless model was sentenced to six months in prison.

She had pleaded guilty to assaulting a woman with what the police described as a “pimp chalice,” and she was sentenced to prison.

Because of this, the 36-year-old was arrested and charged with felony assault with a deadly weapon as well as misdemeanor violence.

The aforementioned incident occurred in 2008, but Razavi was arrested and sentenced to prison in the Ventura County Jail two years later.

When Razavi was sentenced to prison in 2009, she was three months pregnant with her son, Cash, at the time.

It was until approximately a decade later that the reality star brought the information to light. Razavi took to Instagram on July 27, 2019, to remind those who doubted her during those difficult times that she has come a long way since then.

In the caption, she stated that her tale of overcoming adversity should serve as an inspiration to those who have faced adversity in their lives. The television personality stated particularly that she was three months pregnant at the time of her sentencing in court.

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“In this photo, I’m 3 months pregnant with some Chola brows that are hating life,” she wrote in the caption of the photo.

“I’m sharing the most unflattering photo of myself with you guys to reveal the true me to you and to demonstrate to you that there is always hope!” she says. She went on to say more.

Razavi is married to Marcello Razavi, popularly known as Moe Drama or Lucky Razavi, who is also a musician and actor. Having spent more than a decade together, the two have become close.

It’s no wonder that her husband has been at her side through every high and down point in her life. He was there when she first became famous, and he was still there when she was sentenced to prison.

In a nutshell, Marcello, who came to her with a background in fashion design, has remained by her side as a faithful companion through every stage of her life.

Brittanya Razavi Husband, Kids, Net Worth & More Latest Updates
Brittanya Razavi Husband, Kids, Net Worth & More Latest Updates

He cared so much about her that he tattooed her name over his face while she was serving her prison sentence.

On January 23, 2020, the reality star shared a special anniversary post in which she raved about her husband’s loyalty.

Her husband’s dedication was highlighted in a lengthy comment in which she showed her appreciation: “He loved me at my worst, therefore he has my loyalty at my finest.”

She went on to say:

Moe, you’re still not happy a decade after everything started?

You tattooed my name on your face while I was in prison a long time ago, and I told you smart move, I’ll never make you regret it,’ and I have never lied to you since!

Razavi further revealed that her husband had the tattoo done “before we had children and at my lowest time.”

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Brittanya Razavi

Brittanya O’Campo has absolutely no trouble attracting the attention of both men and women at any given time. Whether you like her or dislike her, she always manages to find a way to be front and center when it counts. The actress and model have never been afraid to show off her body or express herself verbally.

According to her, many people make snap judgments about her since they are unfamiliar with her. Even if I am willing to acknowledge that we live in a society that is extremely judgmental and hypocritical, I still believe that there are certain boundaries that should not be broken.

At the same time, I can’t tell someone how to spend their lives; all I can tell them is how I believe their actions will affect their lives in the long term based on my observations.

Brittanya has not sought my counsel to this point, therefore I will use this opportunity to assist you in becoming more acquainted with the budding entrepreneur in question.

Here are ten things about Brittanya O’Campo that you probably didn’t know about her.

1. She Lives for Social Media

Brittanya, like so many other celebrities of her generation, understands how to take advantage of and leverage social media in order to improve her exposure and build her personal brand. What looks to many to be mere vanity is actually part of a well-planned strategy to consolidate her position in the market while also endearing her to her admirers, according to her.

2. She Has Roots in Reality Television

Despite the fact that Brittanya has become well-known for her modeling and apparel company, she truly has roots in the world of reality television. It appears that finding a method to appear on reality television shows is the key to achieving success, at least if fame and money are your primary goals. Only a select fraction of these reality stars are able to negotiate the maze-like passageways of the industry without being stereotyped in a bad light.

3. She is Instagram Famous

Even though I can’t believe I just said “Instagram famous,” Brittanya qualifies as such based on the criteria established by individuals who frequent the social media network, having amassed over eight million followers. While the actress posts on a variety of social media platforms, Instagram is unquestionably where she prefers to hang out.

4. She Comes From a Big Family

She grew up with five siblings – four brothers and one sister – and is the oldest of them. Despite the fact that she remains close to her siblings, growing up with so many children in one house explains why she is not intimidated by competition and exudes such self-assurance.

Brittanya enjoys conversing and growing up in a large family provided her with plenty of opportunities to speak on a variety of topics of interest. She acknowledges that her siblings had a significant influence on her development into the person she is now.

5. Her Father Went To Prison When She Was Just 15

Brittanya’s father was arrested and sentenced to prison when she was 15 years old. One of the things her father stressed was the necessity of family taking care of one another, and when he went to jail, his family made certain that this was exactly what happened.

The members of the family became closer to one another and became more supportive of one another. Because of his manner of life, Brittanya was always aware that there was a possibility that he may end up in prison, and she made it a point to work hard to become more self-sufficient.

6. She Was Sent to Jail Herself

A pimp chalice, or a fancy drinking cup, was used by Brittanya to assault another woman, and she has become fairly renowned for it. Following the attack, the woman required numerous sutures to close the wounds that had been caused by the attack, which took several hours.

Brittanya was charged with criminal assault with a deadly weapon after being found in possession of a lethal weapon. She was sentenced to six months in the Ventura County Jail after entering a guilty plea to the allegations against her.

7. Rock of Love Stardum

Brittanya’s natural edge appears to be amplified on VH1’s Rock of Love reality television show, which airs on the network. Brittanya competed against numerous other ladies for the affections of Brett Michael, the lead singer of the rock band Poison, on the show.

In the words of the reality television personality, she was in the right place at the right time. She made it to the final six, and while she did not take home the prize, she had been bitten by the fame bug and was hooked for life.

8. The Next Move in Reality Television

After her behavior on Rock of Love was deemed unacceptable, Brittanya was put on another reality television show, Charm School with Ricki Lake, which was an absolute 180-degree turn from her behavior on Rock of Love.

There was a desire to take some of the worst-behaved women from the Rock of Love series and transform them into well-mannered young girls, which was the goal of the show. Let’s just say things didn’t work out very well in this case.

9. Seizing the Right Opportunities

However, while reality television did not provide the long-term success that the star had hoped for, it did open the door to other changes, including the opportunity for Brittanya to pursue a career as a professional model.

She took advantage of the situation. In the aftermath of her appearances on reality television, Brittanya was asked by a slew of magazines to do modeling, and she appeared on the covers of various publications, including MMA Sports Magazine, Spire Magazine, Tattoo Energy, and Savage Tattoo, among other publications.

10. She Co-owns an International Clothing Business

Brittanya’s determination to succeed grew even stronger as a result of her brief spell in prison. She became determined to forge a better route for herself in the future, one that would not include serving time in prison or prison.

She made the decision to launch a clothes company, which she named 187 Avenue. Fashion store 187 Avenue is an online apparel store that sells items for men, women, and children of all ages and sizes.

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