BB&T Login, BB&T Online Banking Sign Up, BB&T Checking Account Details 2023

BB&T Login, BB&T Online Banking Sign Up, BB&T Checking Account Details 2023

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BB&T Login

In choosing BB&T to handle your banking requirements, you’ll be joining a select group of other customers. The bank has over 1,700 locations in 15 states and Washington, D.C., and has assets of slightly more than $230 billion, according to the Federal Reserve. You might be interested in learning more about how to access your account from a distance. If this is the case, read on to learn how to locate your BB&T Bank login and how to access the bank’s mobile and online banking services.

How To Log In to Your BB&T Bank Account From a Computer

By accessing the company’s website, you will have no trouble logging into your account.

Go to the BB&T home page to learn more.

In the fields on the right-hand side of the screen, type in your user ID and password to log in.

To log in, click the Login button.

In addition, there is a blue log-in button in the upper-right corner of each page on the BB&T website, which you may use to sign in to your account. From there, you’ll need to enter your user ID and password to complete the process.

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How To Log In to Your BB&T Bank Account From a Mobile Phone or Tablet

With the BB&T mobile app, you can access and manage your accounts while on the road.

To get started, go to the App Store or Google Play and download the BB&T mobile app.

Open the app on your phone and enter your information.

When asked, enter your user ID and password to continue.

Your smartphone or tablet will be able to access your account once you’ve logged in, allowing you to stay connected on the go.

How To Retrieve a Forgotten Username or Password

If you’ve forgotten your user ID or password, it’s not a problem – you can retrieve your user ID or change your password by providing some basic information about your account to the site’s servers.

In order to get your user ID, follow these steps:

Go to the BB&T home page to learn more.

On the right-hand side of the website, just below the gold “Log in” bar, you’ll find a link that says “Forgot user ID?”

“Continue” will appear after you have selected your account type.

You will require the following materials:

Your BB&T account or credit card information

Your Social Security number’s last five digits are as follows:

ZIP code for last name

Email address or phone number is required.

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Complete the form by entering the required information and clicking continue.

To change your password, follow these steps:

Go to the BB&T home page to learn more.

On the right-hand side of the website, just below the gold “Log in” bar, there is a link that says “Reset your Password?”.

You will require the following materials:

Contact information (email address)

Those last five digits of your Social Security number, employee identification number, or tax identification number.

ID of the user

To reset your password, enter your username and password and click continue.

It is important to note that you will require your user ID in order to reset your password, therefore if you have lost both, begin with the user ID reset procedure.

How To View Your BB&T Bank Statement Information

You can review your statements using the BB&T CashManager OnLine service.

Log in to CashManager OnLine using your user name and password.

Navigate to the Reports submenu in the navigation bar.

Select “Information Reporting” from the drop-down menu.

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Select “Image Statements” from the drop-down menu.

There should be a record of your previous statements available for review. Call the client service team at 1-800-774-8179 if you want printed statements instead of electronic ones.

How To Contact BB&T Bank If You Have Trouble With Your Account

If you need assistance with your account, you may reach out to BB&T in a variety of ways.

Sending a message to BB&T can be done using your online account if you have one.

In person: Simply stop by your local BB&T branch to chat with a representative about your problem.

By phone: If you have any questions, you can contact BB&T at 1-800-226-5228.

From 6 a.m. to midnight ET, associates are available to speak with you on the phone. Customers who are deaf or hard of hearing can make use of the TDD service by dialing 1-888-833-4228.

What Are the Benefits of Online Banking?

On-line banking can be a useful tool for keeping track of your finances. Instead of having to work around “bankers’ hours,” you may complete chores such as blocking your debit card from your computer without having to leave your house. Apart from the fact that it is substantially more convenient, being able to check on your accounts at any time of day or night can aid you in your daily money management.

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BB&T Bank Review

Choosing a bank may appear to be a basic decision at first glance, but once you begin your search, narrowing down your options can prove to be difficult. You’ll need to consider factors like the placement of branches and ATMs, the financial products available, and the costs that will be associated with them. In addition, in today’s digital world, you should take into consideration the online and electronic services that are available to you.

Open an account with BB&T if you want a bank with a lengthy track record of success, a wide range of financial products, and all of the advantages of contemporary technology at your fingertips. BB&T is a financial services company headquartered in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, with more than 1,700 branches in 15 states and Washington, D.C. This bank, which was established in 1872, provides a diverse range of goods, ranging from bank accounts to investment options.

Who Is BB&T Bank Best For?

BB&T Bank is one of the country’s oldest and largest financial institutions. The following are reasons to consider banking with BB&T, as well as reasons why certain depositors may want to explore banking with a different institution.


  • Large, financially sound institution
  • Competitive interest rates


  • Bank-owned branches and ATMs mostly limited to Southeast
  • Large size and rapid growth may lower quality of personal service

Who Might Want To Choose BB&T?

As a pioneer in online and mobile banking technology, BB&T Bank is a fantastic choice for customers who are comfortable managing and monitoring their accounts from the comfort of their own homes. Customers can pay their mortgages, credit cards, and other bills online, as well as keep track of their daily spending, thanks to the convenience of digital features.

BB&T also provides mobile banking services. Account-holders can access their accounts through the bank’s free app, which can be downloaded to their smartphone or tablet computer. They will be able to see and manage their accounts, as well as make mobile check deposits, after installing the app. Owners of small businesses now have the option of accepting credit cards with the use of a mobile device.

Another advantage is that BB&T aims to offer competitive interest rates on all of its interest-bearing deposit accounts. Any time you can earn a greater rate of return on your investments, you may accelerate the growth of your funds and achieve your savings goals sooner.

Who Might Want To Skip BB&T?

People who travel frequently or who relocate outside of BB&T’s service area may find the bank inconvenient, as they may be forced to use another financial institution or pay exorbitant ATM fees as a result of the inconvenience.

Aside from that, as one of the largest financial holding firms in the United States, BB&T is developing a reputation as a major financial institution. As a result, BB&T’s customer service may be inferior to that of a smaller, more community-oriented bank.

A huge number of consumers can sometimes result in a lack of personalized care, and the ability to cater to the specific demands of each customer might become a problem.

Types of Accounts Available

Members of BB&T Bank can take advantage of a variety of different sorts of account options. Here’s a quick glimpse of what I mean.


BB&T Accounts at a Glance
Type of Account Rates Fees Features
Checking 0% to 0.01% APY $0 to $30 a month (waivers available)
  • Cash-back rewards program
  • Customizable dashboard
Savings 0.02% APY $0 (no monthly service fees)
  • Interest compounded daily
  • Can be used to provide overdraft protection
Money Market 0.01% to 0.15% APY $12 to $15 a month (waivers available)
  • Check-writing privileges
  • Tiered interest
Certificates of Deposit 0.01% to 0.75% APY (depending on term) $0 (no monthly fees)
  • Specialty CDs available
  • Automatic renewal


Customers can choose from five different checking account options at BB&T Bank, including special accounts for students and senior citizens. With any BB&T checking account, you’ll get access to online and mobile banking, as well as a complimentary debit card and free transactions at any of the bank’s more than 2,400 ATMs. Elite Gold, the bank’s top checking account, is the only checking account offered by the bank that pays interest.

Service rates ranging from $0 to $30 per month

Monthly fees are waived if a minimum balance or deposit is met.

College students can take advantage of a no-cost option.

Minimal initial deposit amounts are kept to a minimum.

There is overdraft protection accessible to you.

There are generous incentive packages available.

Discounts on bank products

According to the company, BB&T Bank has a checking account to suit the needs of every banking customer. Here are some of the advantages and disadvantages.


  • A good assortment of checking accounts is available.
  • Students can take advantage of a no-cost option.
  • Seniors who are burdened by medical expenditures are given special care.
  • Programs that provide incentives
  • There are several options for avoiding monthly fees.


  • There is only one interest-bearing option available.
  • There is no way to avoid the $3 monthly cost. Account with BB&T Fundamentals
  • Minimum balances and fees on the bank’s premier checking account are prohibitively high (options to waive)

Savings Account

Bank clients who want to open a savings account with BB&T can do so through one of two options: eSavings or Young Savers. There are no minimum deposit requirements, no minimum balance requirements, and no monthly service fees for any account.

The bank’s only pure savings account, known as eSavings, is intended for adults who want to save money. This account is only accessible online and only generates digital statements.

The Young Savers savings account is intended to assist young people under the age of 18 in their learning about saving and banking practices.

There are several benefits to having one of these BB&T savings accounts:

Deposits, withdrawals, and transfers are all completely free at BB&T locations and ATMs.

Interest rates that are competitive

Interest accrue on a daily basis.


  • No monthly fees
  • Easy to open
  • No deposit or balance minimums
  • No hidden charges for transactions


  • Limited savings account choices
  • No paper statements
  • No tiered interest rates

Money Market Account

BB&T offers two money market accounts: the High-Performance Money Market Account and the Investors Deposit Account. Both accounts are available to individuals and businesses. Both accounts offer check-writing privileges as well as a tiered interest rate structure. However, while the Investors Deposit Account is more expensive, it offers a greater interest rate.


  • Higher tiered interest rates
  • Monthly fees easily avoided
  • Check-writing privileges


  • Only two money market choices
  • Relatively high balance requirement for premier account

CD Rates

BB&T, in contrast to other financial institutions, is rather inventive with its CD rates. This company provides terms as short as seven days and as long as 60 months, with numerous options in between. It offers “Can’t Lose CD Rates” to safeguard depositors when interest rates are falling, as well as “Stepped Rate CDs,” which guarantee that depositors will receive a rate increase at least once a year.

As of May 5, 2020, rates for the shortest CDs begin at 0.01 percent annual percentage yield (APY) and quickly grow to as high as 0.75 percent APY.


  • Many CD terms and choices
  • Creative options
  • Competitive rates


  • Significant penalties for early withdrawals
  • $2,500 minimum for CDs of fewer than 31 days

Individual Retirement Accounts

A variety of IRA options are available at BB&T Bank, including traditional, Roth, and rollover accounts. IRAs such as SEP and SIMPLE IRAs are also accessible to small-business owners who wish to set up retirement accounts for their employees.

Customers can fund their BB&T IRAs using any of their bank products, or they can choose from a variety of insurance and investment accounts. Depositors will benefit from the tax-deferred growth of their retirement funds in any case.


  • All types of personal and small business IRAs serviced
  • Wide range of funding options
  • Professional retirement planning specialists available


  • Investment professionals not employed by BB&T
  • Significant penalties for early withdrawal

Investment (Nonbank) Options

Nonbank investment options are available to BB&T Bank customers, who can choose from a diverse range of options. Clients can make investments in stocks, bonds, exchange-traded funds, insurance products, and other financial instruments through the bank’s trust company and brokerage affiliates. Even if professional counsel is available, more knowledgeable investors can make their own decisions on how to invest their money.


  • Wide range of investment products
  • Licensed investment professionals
  • Trust and estate planning services


  • Different affiliated companies for different investment products


BB&T Bank provides a diverse range of financing alternatives to fulfil your specific finance requirements. Mortgages with fixed rates and mortgages with adjustable rates are both available for house purchases and refinances. There are also home equity loans with set payments and no prepayment penalties that can be obtained. BB&T Bank can also assist you with financing automobiles, motorbikes, and recreational vehicles. If you’re looking for a personal loan, the bank can help you out with that, too.


  • Full suite of loan products
  • Large lending capacity
  • Competitive loan rates


  • Branches largely limited to the Southeast region

How To Bank With BB&T

BB&T Bank has more than 1,700 branches in 15 states and the District of Columbia. The bank’s website allows customers to open accounts and do most transactions online, using the bank’s mobile app, or at one of the bank’s numerous ATMs.


When it comes to banking conveniences, BB&T doesn’t skimp on anything. Many years have passed since it first began delivering online and mobile banking services to its customers. Customers may check their account balances, pay bills, make deposits, and transfer funds at any time using their laptops or smartphones, regardless of where they are.


When it comes to fees, BB&T is up front and honest with its clients. Every account has a fee schedule that is detailed and easily accessible. Although the bank’s premier accounts have somewhat high fees, the bank provides options for avoiding them.

Availability of Funds

The purpose of BB&T Bank is to make cash available to customers as quickly as possible after they have requested them. In most cases, cash deposits and incoming electronic deposits are credited to accounts on the same day that they are received. Payment for government checks, bank checks, and money orders is made on the following business day. Personal checks will take a little longer to process.

Is BB&T Bank Right for You?

BB&T Bank has grown to become one of the largest financial institutions in the United States. While this is advantageous for clients who need the strength and stability of a massive organization, it is detrimental for customers who prefer more individualized treatment.

The bank offers all of the accounts and banking services that you would expect from a significant financial institution. This, on the other hand, may render it inflexible in certain areas. For example, larger financial institutions may be less willing to grant exceptions for friends and neighbors. Customers who live outside of BB&T’s coverage area may choose to look for a local bank as an alternative.

Overall, BB&T Bank is a bank that is definitely worth investigating. With a huge number of current branches and ATMs, as well as features such as the opportunity to customize a financial dashboard, BB&T Bank may very well be the ideal financial institution for you to consider.

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