Who is Amelia Hamlin Boyfriend in 2022 Amelia Hamlin Dating History Latest updates 2022 

Who is Amelia Hamlin Boyfriend in 2022? Amelia Hamlin Dating History Latest updates 2022 

Who is Amelia Hamlin Boyfriend in 2022? Amelia Hamlin Dating History Latest updates 2022

Amelia Hamlin is probably a name that rings a bell for those of you whose lives revolve around the drama that unfolds on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. She is the daughter of Lisa Rinna, who is an influential figure on social media. She is also active in the acting and modeling industries. Despite this, Amelia is best recognized for her seductive face as well as the one million people that follow her on Instagram.

It’s possible that Amelia may start to get more well-known and become the next Kardashian family in Hollywood. Is her love life, however, on par with that of the Kardashians in terms of drama and intrigue?

Keep reading to find out more about Amelia Hamlin’s current partner as well as her history of having affairs!

At this time, Amelia Hamlin does not have a boyfriend. Scott Disick, an American socialite who appears on Keeping Up with the Kardashians, was her boyfriend at the time. It’s interesting to note that Kourtney Kardashian dated Scott before breaking up with him. They even had children together: three of them.

BREAKING NEWS: Who is Amelia Hamlin Boyfriend in 2022? Amelia Hamlin Dating History Latest updates 2022 

Amelia Hamlin Boyfriend Scott Disick

When Kourtney and Scott got back together, everyone was rooting for them to succeed where others had failed. However, it would appear that Scott and Amelia are now in a stable relationship. Wow, Amelia has worked her way up to the position of becoming the new center of attention here!

Amelia and Scott are deeply in love with one another. Even Amelia’s mother, Lisa Rinna, has commented to the press on how “very happy” she is in her relationship with Scott Disick.

The fact that Amelia is already 20 years old is a source of anxiety for many of her devoted followers. In the meantime, Scott has reached the age of 38. Amelia received a large number of negative comments and unwanted advice to “break up with Scott” when she made the public announcement of her relationship on her Instagram account.

Amelia, on the other hand, did not appear to be bothered by her critics. Instead, she issued a message in response to all of the hateful remarks, asking everyone to take a deep breath and calm down. She also stated in an Instagram Story that she would never consider the viewpoint of “strange and judgmental” people and that she had no intention of doing so.

But as a youngster who lives with fame and large followers on social media, it is only natural that she is somewhat adept at responding to those fans.

On the other hand, the attitude of her mother is a completely different tale. Amelia’s response to Andy Cohen’s question regarding the age difference between her and Scott was, “How do you think I feel?”

Despite this, she continued to show her youngest daughter her complete and unwavering support.

“Listen, I will say this: Amelia is really happy now, and you really want your kids to be happy, so Harry and I are very glad that she’s happy,” I told Harry, “because you really want your kids to be happy.”

In addition, Lisa remarked that Amelia possesses “a lot of maturity for her age.” Therefore, despite the fact that she initially feels concerned, she is confident that her kid will be completely OK. To put it simply, age is nothing but a number.

Amelia’s father, Harry Hamlin, was also asked about his thoughts on his daughter’s relationship with Scott, and he shared them.

“My feelings about it, I must confess: the issue that’s been around the longest and causes the most friction is the age gap, which seems strange to me. On the other hand, whenever I dwell on that topic, I can’t help but think of both myself and Ursula Andress. When we had our son Dimitri, I was 14 years younger than she was, so I suppose I shouldn’t be complaining, right? During his conversation with People, Harry provided the following explanation.

It would appear that he is a caring and encouraging father, wouldn’t you say? If Amelia’s parents do not express concern regarding the age gap between their children, then there is no reason for other people to do so.

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Amelia and Scott Relationship

The love affair between Amelia and Scott is picking up speed. When they went to the Halloween party together in October of 2020, their rumor began to circulate there for the first time. Even while it wasn’t immediately clear that they were romantically involved, a month later, things started heating up significantly.

In one of the images taken by the paparazzi, Scott can be seen putting his arm around Amelia as she poses in a lovely bikini. Additionally, she gripped Scott’s wrist in her hand.

Not only that, but in order to commemorate Valentine’s Day with one another, they also took a trip together to Miami for their holiday. Once again, the images were taken as they were getting comfortable while they were at the beach. They posted an Instagram story together with the message “thankful for these folks” in order to set the record straight regarding the rumor. The two individuals unintentionally brought their relationship into the open.

Since then, it appears as though the media will never have enough of this couple. Their relationship is still a popular subject of discussion among a wide variety of people, including both those who adore them and those who have made negative comments about them.

Even though it hasn’t even been a full year since they’ve been together, the couple has moved on to a more committed stage in their relationship. On the 21st of December of the previous year, Scott and Amelia were houses searching in the city of Los Angeles together. When the couple was out looking for their new home, the paparazzi captured images of them walking around with their arms around each other and leaning against each other. Who knows, maybe they’ll tie the knot in the near future.

According to one of the credible individuals that Entertainment Tonight spoke to, “Amelia’s most serious relationship” is currently taking place.

Amelia did not post a lot of selfies or pictures of the two of them together on Instagram, but she did drop a lot of hints about their relationship. She snapped a number of racy pictures of herself in Scott’s bedroom, as well as in the living room and the bathroom. Although she did not state clearly where she was, we are all more than capable of assuming we know the answer.

Scott and Amelia Gray Hamlin broke up after dating for close to a year before deciding to pursue other relationships.

Was Amelia Hamlin Dating a Guy Who Isn’t All That Famous? Meet Mercer Wiederhorn

Amelia’s “most serious relationship” to this point has been with Scott, as has been stated previously. However, I was wondering if any of you were intrigued about who Amelia dated in the past.

She was romantically involved with Mercer Wiederhorn at one point. Since he started dating Amelia, his name has started to become more well-known, although he is not quite as well-known as Scott. On the other hand, he has a lot fewer than four thousand people following him on Instagram. But we can’t deny that Mercer is both hot and attractive; that’s just not possible!

On his Instagram profile, Mercer maintains a feed that is pretty pleasing to the eye. He enjoys posting images of himself engaging in various entertaining activities, such as golfing, hanging out in a bar, or simply unwinding in his room. In addition to that, he enjoys sharing pictures of the surroundings and the time he spends with his pals.

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How did he get to be Amelia Hamlin’s boyfriend if he didn’t come from a celebrity family?

In April 2019, Amelia and Mercer had a romantic relationship, however, they ended it in April 2020.

When Amelia’s mother published a photo of her daughter and Mercer attending prom together, it was the first time the pair had their photograph taken together. Later on, Amelia posted a picture that was quite similar to the one Mercer took, which hints that she enjoyed spending time with him. In addition to that, she referred to Mercer as “my love” in the description of the photo she posted. Just now, the relationship between them was made public!

Amelia and Mercer also went on a double date with her sister, Delilah Hamlin, which is another picture of the two of them together. On the other hand, Delilah was involved in a romantic relationship with Love Island star Eyal Booker. Both sets of partners appeared to be extremely attractive and obviously smitten with one another.

The shot was taken on a Sunday morning in Los Angeles, and it shows four of them visiting local farmer’s markets. Delilah was looking fierce in her all-black ensemble, which had an athletic vibe to it. Amelia, on the other hand, exuded a more feminine appearance by donning an eye-catching pink and white tie-dye sweater that was coordinated from top to bottom.

Mercer evened out his girlfriend’s attire by giving her a sweater in a bright green color and jeans in white, which made the two of them look happy and cute together.

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Who is Amelia Hamlin Boyfriend in 2022 Amelia Hamlin Dating History Latest updates 2022 
Who is Amelia Hamlin Boyfriend in 2022 Amelia Hamlin Dating History Latest updates 2022

Their immediate chemistry prompted the question: Was it Love at First Sight?

Hamlin didn’t mind at all when Mercer asked her about their first encounter with each other. Her account suggests that the two were the type of pair whose relationship was characterized by “instant chemistry.” Amelia first became acquainted with Mercer in Delilah’s apartments through Nick, Mercer’s closest buddy. “We were in the middle of watching a film. And then, like, I don’t know if you’ve ever had this experience, but when he stepped in, I don’t believe I registered what he looked like. I don’t know if you’ve ever had this feeling, but I have. Amelia reflected on her experience while listening to the Dear Media podcast and said, “So, I was just like, that’s the one.”

She also mentioned that at the time, she had recently ended her relationship with her ex-boyfriend and was getting ready to adjust to life as a single woman. However, Mercer was only standing in her way.

He goes by the name of Mercer. It’s a sweet-sounding name. I have such a deep love for him. I had recently ended my relationship with my ex-boyfriend, and I was feeling like I was finally ready to strike out on my own. Then, on another occasion, I found myself at the apartment that belonged to my sister. I had a few friends over while she was out of town, and one of my closest friends, Nick, announced that he was going to bring another friend of his named Mercer.

Mercer had the same sentiments as well. From the moment he laid eyes on her, he was powerless to deny his attraction to her. Do the two of you now think it’s possible to fall in love at first sight?

Amelia was taken aback when she realized that the reason she fell in love with Mercer was that he appeared to be “just like a normal kid.” Mercer is the complete antithesis of her existence, which consists primarily of constant interaction with well-known people and members of the press. On the other hand, I suppose that opposites attract, is that correct?

It is not apparent when the two ended their relationship. But if there is one thing that is certain, it is that Amelia began dating Scott in August of 2020 and has been completely obsessed with him up until this point. It would appear that Amelia does not understand what it means to be an “independent b*tch,” as she desired in the past.

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